January 31, 2013

These two.

As if it's not obvious, my days are full lately. Yes, we have a lot going on, but most importantly I've got two pretty cute kiddos that fill my days. A lot of these are pictures I have marked to use for Project 365, but the jury's still out on how I'm going to do that this year. So today I wanted to go ahead and share some of my favorites of these two little characters. 
Manny is just dying to play with Maeva, or for her to crawl and move around I think. But then again maybe not? She's a lot easier target when she's sitting still. One day I stepped out of his room to take something to Maeva's room. I just so happened to overhear him say, "Let's play Batman Bebe Sawyer." (For those that might not know, he has always called her Bebe Sawyer. My parents have a dog named Sawyer that he loves, and for some reason he thought she should be Bebe Sawyer. Go figure.)
Manny is obsessed with wearing my heels lately, and is frighteningly good at walking in them. I couldn't stop laughing when I walked in the living room from the kitchen the other night to see this. And yes, MB is just chilling. She had a bit of a diaper rash so I thought I'd let her hang out like this for a while. 
He's quite the pro at bossing her around. They both love this toy microphone, and he will sing to her in it, then occasionally she'll be lucky enough to get a turn. But he mostly just shouts "Sing Bebe Sawyer!" the whole time.

Manny loves to crawl around and pretend to be a dog or a moose, sometimes even a bear. But basically he likes to growl or bark. I wanted to take their picture yesterday, and well, you see how that turned out. Maeva is shocked at his craziness too. :)

Actually she's pretty smitten with him, and likewise him with her. It is so cute because he rarely walks by without patting her on the head. He doesn't even stop sometimes (though often he does - he pretty much smothers her). But he will just be playing and will swing by just to rub her head. It's so sweet...in moderation, of course. Not that we know what moderation is around here. 

Manny always has his doctor's bag ready to go and likes to make sure MB is in good health. I have a series of pictures of him giving her a check up that are hilarious. Patrick wants me to frame them for his clinic, so I'm going to try to do something along those lines. Just wish they weren't with my phone! I need to be better at getting my big camera out.

When Manny is present for a diaper change, things go one of two ways. Either they play and smile and giggle, or MB decides she's tired of being smothered and covers her face with her hands. To which Manny starts shouting, "Stoppa pushin' me Beeb Sawyer!! Momma, tell Beeb Sawyer no pushin'!" A glimpse into my future, I suppose. :)

They really do love each other, and I love seeing their relationship develop and grow with each day that passes. Yes, they keep my hands full and sometimes make me think I might go crazy. But seriously. To say I'm blessed is an understatement. 

January 27, 2013

DIY Cupcake Stand

So I am donating a custom party package to a local silent auction. I am working with another girl that makes amazing cookies, and we're combining our services for this item. Since we needed a way to display the items, but ours are custom so there's not actually anything to display yet, I tried to think of a fun way we could do so. I decided a cupcake stand would be cute, so planned to finally make one that I had pinned a long time ago. Unfortunately my original pin was a dead link (trying to get better at checking before pinning), but luckily I was able to find it quickly by searching. I say luckily because I'm really not so sure I have faith in the search feature on Pinterest. But I digress. The cupcake stand I'd pinned used some platters from Dollar Tree, but when I went to my store they were out of them. I knew I used to have some of them somewhere in my craft stash (such a hoarder) so started digging around looking for them when I got home. While doing so, I came across these wood plaques I bought (for another project on "the list") and thought they would be perfect. It was quick and simple to make, and I love the way it turned out. Here are the details:

What you need:
--3 wood plaques (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby for a couple dollars each. I used the 5" Circle Wood Plaque, 5x7 Rectangle Wood Plaque with Clipped Corners, & 9x12 Shield Wood Plaque )
--candlesticks (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
--paint (I used Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze spray paint from Hobby Lobby - shocking, I know)
--E6000 glue (Hobby Lobby or Micheal's)

1. Paint your wood plaques and candlesticks. I used spray paint and the plaques took more coats than I anticipated. I probably should have sanded them first maybe. 

2. Allow paint to dry completely. Apply E6000 glue to the edge of the candlestick and press down on to plaque. After I applied the glue, I put a canister on it so it'd have some pressure on it. I let it sit over night since I wasn't in a hurry and wanted to make sure it set good. Sidenote: I've had this tube of E6000 since the days of crafting for my wedding (7 years ago!) and it's a little wrinkled, but still works great (much like me). It doesn't take much of this stuff to secure something.  
And that's it! I feel like I should have a number 3 because it seems silly to list 2 steps...but that's really all it is. Like I said...nice and simple. Perfect.
I dressed it up with some cute party supplies from Target. I made the toppers of course, but the little banner, striped straws, and snack cups are all in the party section at Target. SO much cute stuff right now! On the day of the auction the girl doing the cookies will also add a few to the bottom tray to finish it off. I think it will be pretty cute, if I do say so myself! ;)

Today I am sharing this with the following lovely ladies!

January 23, 2013

My Little Lamb

I am a total sucker for jackets with ears on them. So when I saw this little jacket on clearance at Target, I couldn't resist. Manny loves when MB wears it. He always says she's so silly and makes lamb (sheep?) noises at her.
She has started making this face and it totally cracks me up. It's like a total look of shock and horror. But she just does it out of the blue. I haven't found a way to make her do it yet, but when she's sitting there talking and playing, if you give it a couple minutes she usually ends up making it. 
I mean seriously. I could just squeeze her apart. Actually I pretty much do. Luckily she tolerates me.
I like to think of this picture as her presidential portrait. Sitting so straight and tall and looking refined. Her bangs are getting really long and I've started clipping them to the side sometimes with a little bow. And I kind of love it. A lot. :)

January 22, 2013

A Fun Weekend of Christmas Festivities

I think I'm starting to get inspired to get caught up on blogging a few things. Think being the key word. But I figured since nearly a month has passed since Christmas, now is the time to write about Christmas if I'm going to. We had a great Christmas season this year but man December just FLEW by. 
The first weekend in December we were able to get out and do some fun Christmas related activities. On Friday night, a friend told me about a special event going on downtown on Saturday where there would be reindeer there. Well Manny is obsessed with reindeer, so I knew we needed to go! Patrick had to do a little bit of work Saturday, so we decided we'd go in the afternoon after Manny's nap. When I got Maeva dressed that morning, I put this cute little reindeer outfit on her that I had bought at JcPenney's a few weeks before. Well Manny FREAKED out and wanted a reindeer shirt too. So I decided I'd try to make one during his nap. I already had this applique, plus it was fairly similar to the style of hers - and more importantly, SIMPLE - so I went with it.

It didn't turn out quite as cute as I hoped, but all that matters? He LOVED it. Mission accomplished. We finally got loaded up and made it downtown. Patrick was still at the hospital as things were taking longer than he'd anticipated, but he was going to meet us there. Of course downtown was crowded, so I ended up parking in a parking garage, loading the kids in the double stroller, and pushing that beast up the on-ramp because the elevator wasn't working. It was getting close to closing time but there were still 45 minutes left so I decided to push through, mainly because Manny couldn't stop talking about seeing the reindeer. We finally make it to the building hosting this event, only for a security guard to step in front of my stroller and inform me that they weren't allowing anybody else inside because they needed to close at 5 and there were already too many people inside to be able to accomodate more and close on time. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was *thisclose* to breaking down in tears. It felt like an act of Congress to get there, only to be turned away? Not exactly what I had planned. Plus I was sweating like CRAZY since the random December weather decided to pull out a 70plus degree day, and after my trek through the parking garage my scarf and sweater weren't exactly helping the situation. But back to the security guard. When he told me that, I think I stared at him blankly for about 45 seconds before finally saying, "Seriously?" Luckily my friend Megan walked out right then (they had gotten there before us and made it in before the security guard cracked down) and said we weren't missing much, especially since the reindeer were already long gone. Manny was bummed, but only for a few minutes because he saw Eli and there were other fun things to do.
We decided to go check out the ice skating rink, and the boys were enamored with it. Manny kept begging to go skating - I didn't even know he knew that word?! Patrick eventually made it down to meet us and we just walked around for a bit and enjoyed the awesome weather. There's a cool motion water pool down there that Manny would've stayed at forever if we'd let him.

Maeva was content in her stroller, just riding along and smiling at everyone. People kept stopping to say how sweet she was, and of course I loved it. :)

We took some pictures in the sleigh, where the reindeer once were. But I'm not bitter. We ended the night with dinner at Abuelo's and all and all it was a perfect day. (How can it not be after Abuelo's?)
On Sunday after church, we decided to swing by the Christmas tree farm to let Manny pick out a tree for his room. He had so much fun running around and checking out the trees, and was all about getting right in there, cutting it down, and hauling it off. This was the perfect age to start this tradition with him! I wanted to get a picture of the kids in their adorable matching SheShe Made outfits, but there wasn't really a good spot for it. Manny tried to hold her for a second but they quickly went crashing down, and I decided not to push the matter as poor MB was a little shook up from her tumble into the dirt. :)
Then that night, we went with my parents to a production called Journey to Bethlehem at a nearby church. It was a long night but the kids were great sports and of course Manny loved seeing all the animals!

I really can't believe all this was only like a month ago...seems like forever ago. Time is a weird thing. There's my deep thought for the day. ;)

January 17, 2013

Maeva Beth {6 & 7 Months}

Dear Maeva Beth,

Well months 6 and 7 have come and gone....and you actually turned 8 months old a few days ago! Really, really not sure how this is possible sister. But since I never posted a recap for months 6 & 7, I thought I'd go ahead and do that and hopefully I'll get back on track with month 8. Thanks for understanding my dear. ;)
These last couple of months have been pretty rough on you. It seems like we've had a week on, week off with either being sick or just miserable from teething. You're still generally a very happy easy-going baby, but you just look so pathetic sometimes - like in this picture. You were NOT in the mood...but you humored your momma cause you're sweet like that.
When I was taking your monthly pictures, your brother decided to join us, with his underwear on his head nonetheless. You just looked at him like, well - like he was crazy. He definitely is an entertainer and makes both of us laugh many times throughout the day. Manny still calls you Bebe Sawyer, but around Christmas started calling you Bebe Jesus too. I'd find myself correcting him and saying, "No Manny, it's not Bebe Jesus, it's Bebe Sawyer." I tend to forget your name really isn't Bebe Sawyer, but it's Maeva. Trying to work on calling you that more. :)
At your 6 month check-up, you weighed 16.4 pounds (55%), were 25 1/2  inches long (35%), and your head measured 16 1/2 inches (41%). I think you might have gained a little weight since then, but you've definitely grown taller. Soon enough (too soon!) it will be time for your 9 month check-up and I can't wait to get your stats then. Your chubby little wrist rolls here are SO cute.
We started trying to give you cereal and a few other foods shortly after you turned 6 months, and you had no interest in them. I didn't push it, but tried it a few weeks later and you're getting a little better at it. You still don't get really excited but will tolerate eating if I work with you. You still nurse about every 3-4 hours during the day. Sometimes you'll go 5 hours, but that's rare. You are a great napper most days, but still like to wake up at night. Every month I say I'm going to break that habit, but then every month I end up being a pushover. Right now I'm managing how things are, so I figure we'll get there eventually.
You have 3 teeth now, and are working on a few more!You are just looking like such a big girl lately and I can't believe how much you've changed looking at these pictures from the last 2 months. 

You are a pro at sitting up, but you have no real interest in trying to crawl just yet. Your daddy says it's because you're a little lazy, but I think it's just because you want to stay mama's little baby. I'm cool with that sister.

You absolutely love your jumperoo, and will jump in it for quite some time. You just keep a simple steady pace and look around smiling. It is the cutest thing. It does, however, tend to cause you to have a blowout. I guess all that jumping makes you have to go potty or something...almost every time. Crazy.

Here is a comparison to Manny at 7 months. You guys definitely have the same nose!

You are such a sweet sweet girl Maeva Beth. People stop us everywhere we go because you just love to smile and talk to other people, and they notice your sweet spirit too. I love you so much baby girl!!


January 14, 2013

DIY Easy Meal Planning Board {Free Printable}

Anyone that knows me that cooking is not my strong point...to say the least. I think a lot of it has to do with my lack of planning. Granted, you're not going to catch me preparing any gourmet meals anytime soon. But I do have a handful (and I do mean a handful) of recipes I can prepare excellently. However, I never seem to have the right ingredients on hand so we end up having sandwiches or cereal. Again. I've tried meal planning before, but it always seems like so much work trying to decide what to make.

But then last summer my friend Megan made a super cute menu board, and I knew it was exactly what I needed to kick me into gear. I was so excited and planned on making it within the next week or so. I even bought the frame I would use, and left it sitting out in my laundry room in hopes it would motivate me to get started on this project. Instead, it just got in the way and cluttered things up. When will I learn? Needless to say, something about the new year has gotten me on a craft kick, and I decided last week was the time to get started on the menu board.

I love the concept behind this menu board because I think it will be easy and practical to actually use and organize our weekly meals. Basically you make meal cards listing all of your regular meals, and then you can just pull the cards out when you're planning for the week. I can never remember the 5 things I can make, and now they are right in front of me, so no excuses! You can visit Megan's blog here for a full tutorial of how to make one with one quick trip to the craft store. I did my version a little different than hers, so read below for details.

Here's what I used:
--11x14 frame (mine was off-white from Hobby Lobby but I spray-painted it Ocean Mist, also from Hobby Lobby)
--Mini Clothespins (also can be purchased from Hobby Lobby or The TomKat Studio - I spray painted these too)
--Hot glue gun & glue sticks
--Cups or boxes to hold menu cards
--Paper Punch (optional) purchase at Hobby Lobby or The TomKat Studio
--Menu background printable (below)

1.  Download the Menu printable here. You can have it printed as an 11x14 print 1-hour at SAM'S or Costco for just a couple dollars. Other photo places will print this size but I don't know of any that will do it in 1-hour service. (If you are interested in a printable personalized with your name, you can purchase it in my etsy shop here.)
2. Place printable in frame. Using your hot glue gun, glue the clothespins on to the glass in the appropriate place.
3. Next, glue your card holders on to the glass. I made this one day when I was sick and didn't feel like leaving the house, so I just looked around to see what I could use. Luckily I'm a hoarder and had these snack cups from Target that I decided would be perfect. I cut them in half, reinforced the bottom with some packing tape, and glued them to the glass.

4. Write or type out the items you want to include on your meal cards. I printed mine off on cardstock, and cut them out with a 2" punch I had from Hobby Lobby. You could also just cut them out in a square, but this was actually quicker and easier for me - especially since I am the world's worst cutter.
5. Place all your cards in the holders, and when you're ready to meal plan simply go through the cards and choose your meals for the week!

A few things to note: 
--I just did Monday through Friday because those are the only days I cook (on a good week).
--Megan suggested making notes on the back of the cards of key ingredients for that recipe you may not keep on hand, and that way it makes it easier to know what to put on your grocery list. 
--I made a "leftovers" and "eat out" card because realistically, those will be used at least one or two times a week. I did, however, resist the urge to make 5 "eat out" cards.
--I punched out several blank pieces of paper so I can write in new recipes to try. If we like it, I'll print it out so it can "officially" go into our regular rotation.

So we will see how this goes! Last week was my first time using it, and I loved it so much. Organization just makes my heart happy. Hopefully I can stick with it!  :)

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January 8, 2013

The Proof is in the Pin {Volume 5}

I have no sense of time these days. Zero. It is seriously flying by, and I just can't seem to keep up. So when I got a text from my friend Miranda last night about linking up for Proof is in the Pin today, I almost responded, "That's not til next week." But decided to first glance at my calendar. Sure enough, today IS the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Shoot. I wasn't kidding when I said I had no business trying to host a link-up. I seriously don't. But I'll continue to add it at the bottom because I do enjoy seeing other people's stuff. Luckily I have a few things to share today, even if I am a little late getting this posted. :)

Pin #1 - Wired Burlap Banner: When I came across this wreath I was obsessed with the banner. So I decided to make a Valentine's wreath with a banner like that. Finding the style of the wreath to put it on proved to be a bit of a task. I tried a yarn wreath, but that lasted all of about 5 minutes because in the words of our beloved Sweet Brown...ain't nobody got time for that. Actually I'm just too impatient and envy those of you that can make yarn wreaths. Maybe one day. So after a couple of other options I won't bore you with, I found a straw wreath in my abyss of a closet and decided to just wrap fabric around it. I cut my fabric in about 3 inch strips and hot glued the ends on after wrapping it. Pretty simple. The banner took a little more time, but I love it. You can find the full tutorial on how to make it here.
The only thing I did different is I didn't use freezer paper to stencil. I just printed my word and taped it underneath the burlap, and traced it. Since the burlap is basically see-through, it worked fine to do it that way. Oh, and I bought my burlap ribbon in the floral section at Hobby Lobby.

Image via
Pin #2 - Crack Dip: This is one of our favorite easy dips. I've made it so many times you think I'd have it memorized, but oddly enough - I don't, and always end up having to search for it on Angie's blog. So I finally went ahead and pinned it for easy reference. Here is the recipe. Though I really need to lose it because I can't.stop.eating it. (Hence the name, I suppose.)

Image via
Pin #3 - 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta: I pinned this a long time ago and we finally tried it recently. I don't know if I made it wrong (very possible - not a chef) but we were not fans. It was really thick - too thick - didn't look creamy like the picture at all and it definitely didn't act as a "sauce" for the pasta. More like a block of butter. Okay maybe not that thick. But it wasn't what I was expecting. We also thought it was too lemony. Like I said, I'm sure it's something I did wrong, so if you've made it maybe you can give me some insight. You can find the recipe here if you'd like to try it.

Well that's all for today! If you have anything to share, you can grab the button if you'd like and link-up below. :)

January 3, 2013

Snow Day

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and holiday season. I took a little blog break the last couple of weeks to just enjoy the holidays. I had good intentions of getting the blog completely caught up before the year was over, but then I decided...who cares? And all I mean by that is, I'm pretty sure nobody is sitting on pins and needles waiting for Project 366: Week 49. :) So I decided to just have some down time and I'd finish up when I finish up. Maybe that will be this week, maybe it will be next. As weird as it may sound, I'm still kind of trying to get in my blogging groove. So there's that. We're all sick this week...kind of came out of nowhere and it's just been blah. I'm ready for us to get healthy and back into the routine of things! The crafting bug has also bit me hard and I've done a few projects for the first time in awhile, and had so much fun doing them! Hopefully I'll get around to sharing them soon.
We had a fun surprise last Friday -- we woke up to snow starting to fall! Within a few hours, we'd gotten a few inches and it was so pretty. Manny has been in snow one other time, when he was about MB's age. So this was his first time to experience it where he actually cared. He kept asking to go play in the snow, so we got all bundled up to head outside. I wanted to take Maeva's picture before we went out because she was wearing an adorable outfit my parents got her for Christmas. Of course Manny decided he needed to "join her".
Eventually he got distracted and decided to scale the back of the couch instead, so I did get a picture of just this sweet little girl. Cannot handle her cuteness!!
Manny was blown when we first went outside...he just kept looking up to the sky trying to eat the snowflakes. Then he got mad when he realized his boots were covered in snow, so that took some quick talking to get him distracted. He really didn't want to play outside very long because he said he was too cold. Of course when we came in he begged to go back out, so we went out once again, only to come right back in...so yeah, we were done at that point.
Maeva girl was as content as could be hanging out in the laundry basket in the snow! I didn't keep her out that long because it was just too cold and though she had about 27 layers on, I still don't have a good winter coat for her. Oh and neither of the kids would keep gloves on for longer than 2.5 seconds, so that was fun. 
I have gotten so bad about taking pictures with my actual camera anymore, but I decided this was definitely a time I should put my laziness aside and put the camera to use. I took pictures for maybe 3 minutes tops, but I love the moments I captured in that short time. Manny is turning into such a little boy, and his profile is still the sweetest thing to me. He is so funny and I really need to do a post on some of the things he says and does right now so I won't forget. 
Of course Maeva girl was all smiles for her photo shoot. She really just enjoyed being outside and taking in the newness of her surroundings. Her profile is too much for me to handle too. These kids are something else, that's for sure!
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