July 10, 2013

My LASIK experience

This would be me in the 4th grade sporting my first ever pair of glasses, which oddly enough, I thought were the coolest thing ever. There is so much greatness in this picture I don't think I can begin to address it all, so we'll just focus on the glasses for now. Is it a problem that they covered well over half of my cheeks? Needless to say, glasses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started wearing contacts in middle school, which was life changing for sure! But I never could really see perfectly with contacts as I had strange vision.
So naturally, I've dreamed of the day when I could get LASIK. And it just so happens, that day came a couple of weeks ago! I had it done on June 21st and to say it was a life changing experience is an understatement. I did have to go without contacts for 2 weeks prior to the surgery, so that was a bit inconvenient. Have you ever tried floating in a lazy river with glasses? I can only imagine how cool I looked. And of course MB was obsessed with ripping them off my face. My glasses also give (gave!!) me horrible headaches, so it was a long 2 weeks. As Patrick would remind me though...just suck it up and keep your eye on the prize! :)

The morning of the procedure I started to get a little nervous. (I may or may not have studied Manny & Maeva's faces closer than ever before in the off chance that I was the first person to go blind from LASIK. I've never claimed to be normal.) But luckily everything happened so quickly that I wasn't able to get myself too worked up and it was just fine. :) I was there for 3 hours total I think, though the actual procedure took maybe 10 minutes. I thought it would be weird that I was awake through the process, but it wasn't at all, and was actually kind of cool. They had a lady talking me through everything and explaining what was happening and how much longer it would happen for. It really didn't hurt at all. There was one part that was a little uncomfortable, but only for a few seconds and it wasn't even my eye that it hurt, but some pressure on my face from the equipment I guess. But again, it wasn't bad at all. I was so pleasantly surprised!
Before I knew it, the whole thing was over and I was on my way home to rest, as they tell you to go home and sleep immediately thereafter. I was flipping through my phone the next day and saw that Patrick was kind enough to document my recovery for me. :) I really don't remember the picture on the left (and the fact that I'm posting these on the interwebs confirms the fact that I have no shame). We had just gotten home and I was doing my eyedrops before I could go to sleep. I had 3 different drops I had to use, but had to wait 10 minutes in between each one. So I was pretty out of it here, and Patrick said I was telling some really random stories. I always have interesting reactions to meds. :) Oh and I had to sleep in goggles for the next 4 nights, but the sunglasses were only required the first 24 hours. Thankfully, since I looked like The Terminator in them.

My recovery was amazingly easy. I would describe my immediate vision as seeming like I was wearing old contacts. I could see really good when I woke up that afternoon, and even better the next morning. When I went for my follow-up that day, I tested as having 20/16 vision! Absolutely mind boggling to me. Do you ever just become amazed at science? How brilliant do you have to be to invent this kind of stuff?! It really is something else. Just a random deep thought for the day.

Truth be told, the hardest part of my recovery was probably the fact that I couldn't wear eye make-up for A WEEK. And yes, I'm vain enough that this means I wore my sunglasses the majority of the time I was in public, even inside. I took this picture while waiting in the Wal-Mart checkout line one day. As if the people around me didn't already think I was crazy for wearing my sunglasses inside, I went ahead and confirmed that by taking a selfie (posing like a boss, might I add) while I was waiting. It's hard being so cool.
And of course Manny had a gazillion questions about all of this. I had to put eyedrops in every 4 hours for a week, and one day I went into his room to see him with his head tilted back and holding his sippy cup over his eyes. I said, "Manny, what are you doing?" And he said, "I do my eyedrops just like mama." I think my favorite though was the morning he was crying for his goggles "so Manny can sleep just like mama'. Only my child would think of this first thing in the morning.

So yes. It still doesn't seem like I can actually "see". I find myself at night starting to take my contacts out...it's so weird. The only thing I would say is my night vision can be a little sketchy, only noticeable really when I'm driving. My vision isn't bad necessarily, but definitely not as strong as during the day. I've heard this can be an issue. For my fellow LASIK people, did this get better for you with time? I'm about 2 weeks out right now. Would love to hear other's experiences as well!

So that's pretty much it in a nutshell. I know I'm not the first person to have LASIK and it's not a huge deal, but I've gotten a ton of questions about it so I said I would blog my experience. I really didn't know what to expect so maybe some of this info will be useful to someone considering LASIK. Or if not and you've made it this far? Congratulations for putting up with my ramblings. ;)


  1. nice laughs to start off my morning. but does this mean no more warby parker posts? I guess they do sell non-scrip sunglasses though (:

  2. First off I have that exact same picture from 4th grade, glasses, "laser lights", too big shirt, messy hair and all.

    Second I'm so jealous of everyone that can have their eyes fixed! But, I'm glad it went well for you! Garrett didn't have any problem and could see perfect right away, his mom had a little more trouble with her eyes getting tired, it got better though so hopefully yours will too!

  3. I had PRK back in 2009 and it was money well spent. It's similar to LASIK but just a little more invasive. I pretty much had to sleep and stay indoors for a week- that recovery was blissful! LOL

    Congrats! I am sure I'm going to have to get mine redone one of these days because my eyes aren't as sharp as they were the first time around after having Andrew.

    Oh! And keep using your eye drops and the night time vision will improve. Also- Sam's Club sells the systane eye drops for like $17 a double pack- which is a great savings!

  4. I've always been legally blind and wore contacts, but my freshman year in college my eyesight fell off the charts and I had to switch to gas-permeable lenses which were dreadfully painful (and not good for the eye makeup!). As soon as I was elgible for LASIK I jumped on the opportunity. 2 MONTHS letting my eyes adjust with glasses was awwwwwful, but within an hour of leaving the eye surgery I could already see better than I had ever been able to without contacts! For the first time in my life, I saw leaves on trees as opposed to just big blurs of color! It was the most wonderful thing! It's been ten years and I'm still in awe of being able to see and so thankful that I was able to have the surgery. The night thing took a little while to get adjusted to, but now I don't notice any difference at all! Yay for never having to stick anything in your eyes again!

  5. Lasik is my DREAM! I have 20/200 in both eyes! So you know my contacts are always in and those glasses are never seen outside the house. I love that you admitted the worse part for you was not being able to wear eye makeup for two weeks. That would be the same for me! And I'm dying over your vision the next day...20/16!?! LOVE IT! How exciting for you!

  6. Uh! I wanted to have it done but I'm too big of a chicken. I went for the consultation & they lost me when they started telling me everything that COULD go wrong & that because of how bad my vision is there's a posibility I'll still have to wear contacts. My hubs had it done 9 years ago & loved it! I'm not usually a crazy person about these types of things but my eyes are different!

  7. My sister had LASIK done a year again November 1st. She was the same way. She hated going out in public without makeup to make matters worse she had to work a week without it! She hated every minute of that! She had some problems seeing at night more than day time. It has gotten better not like it was shortly after but she said she had more problems at night that any other time. But she has always had trouble with lights and driving at night the glare she said is still there not as halo ish as before buy still visible. But she said it took a few weeks for her eyes to adjust to the lights at night when driving. She said it was the best thing she ever did. She had a football shaped pupil they corrected during hers and she was seeing much better that day! She did get some polarized ray ban sunglasses and said it made even a bigger difference in how well she saw during the daytime!
    I would love to get it done one day. My vision is not very bad, I can almost see without my contacts or glasses but not very well. Maybe one day I will get it.

  8. i love this post mostly for the pictures. i know you follow me on pinterest....so don't be surprised if you see some of these gems pop up in my pinterest feed.
    love you!

  9. My Mom had LASIK over ten years ago and she has always said besides have her children it was the most miraculous experience of her life. Congratulations! Love the Walmart picture! :)

  10. My stepmother has said her Lasik was life changing for her! I was concerned, because it seemed like she had to put eyedrops in her eyes for MONTHS afterwards, but she says it was worth it!

    I wear glasses, but not contacts since I only need my glasses when I'm on the computer. The thought of getting LASIK terrifies me! Dude, it's a laser in your eye! ACK!

  11. Hey great post. Thanks for sharing this experience. From what you have posted, except from the morning of the procedure, you didn't seem to have gone through any of the anxiety I'm going through right now. I'm scouring the internet for experiences of others for reassurances. And as one of the other comments here say, "It's a laser in your eye". I'm however thinking of going for it after some reassuring conversations I had with the doctors at an eye center here at Washington. Hopefully, the results would be positive and I can say goodbye to my contacts and glasses forever.

  12. If you are experiencing problems from LASIK surgery such as, dry eyes, halos, star-bursts, glare, blurry vision, double vision, etc.. you may want to check out the site http://www.lasikfailures.com

    They specialize in the treatment of post-LASIK problems (without further surgery).


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