July 27, 2013

Becky's Time to Shine 40th Birthday Party

Last month we had a special party to celebrate my sister Becky turning 40! We did a 40th party for my sister Jenny a couple of years ago, and thought it was a fun way to celebrate her special birthday so wanted to do the same for Beck. We decided to go with a gold/glitter theme as it is so fitting for Becky. I designed the invitations and printed them on a sheet of gold vellum.

 Then I cut out a piece of glitter cardstock just a little larger than the invite, and attached the invite to the cardstock with a decorative brad. I got all of those things at Hobby Lobby and they were really simple to put together.

I made an individual cupcake stand covered in glitter via a tutorial I had pinned awhile back. We decided not to do a cake since we were serving parfaits and cookies, so just got a fancy cupcake for Beck and this was the perfect way to display it.

Here's Beck holding her little cupcake stand. Isn't she gorgeous?! I hope I can look that good by the time I'm 40. :)

Of course Manny had to help Becky blow out the candles. :)

We also used an idea via Pinterest to display pictures. I bought a helium tank at Hobby Lobby, along with some cream and gold baker's twine to tie on the balloons. I printed the pictures using the Printacular app and picked them up at Walgreen's the same day. They cost a little more that way, but it's convenient for procrastinators. ;)

We printed pictures from over the year's and she along with everyone else really enjoyed looking at them. I love this idea so much and will use it again in the future!

My mom made a couple of cute glitter jars for flower and candle holders. They were so pretty! She also put together some parfaits and we had Eileen's Cookies, per usual. We served shish kabobs, rice, and a fancy salad - can't remember what exactly. My mom put all of that stuff together. :)

Here is the birthday girl with little MB.

And here are some of the girls! We had so much fun just hanging out and eating and chatting.
And then there's Maeva. Who, since being exposed to the greatness of sweets at her first birthday party, nearly hyperventilates at the sight of a sweet treat. She was growling at Patrick here so he'd share some of his parfait.

Beck, we love you SO much and had such a fabulous time celebrating you!


  1. This really nice arrangement of beautiful balloons, flowers, cakes and snacks. The decoration of 40th birthday party should be really something like this.

  2. I love seeing all the pics from EVERY party you throw. What an awesome party planner you are!


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