December 11, 2012

The Proof is in the Pin {Volume 4}

Well it's time for my monthly Pinterest check-in! While I'm still not completing lots of pins, I am, at the very least, getting my 3 pins in for this purpose. So that's good. :) My 3 this month are kind of simple, but I actually love that. I love looking through the pins that others link up and get a little too excited to find something to pin that someone else has had success with. Pinterest is an awesome place, but there's also a whole lotta craziness on I always appreciate the truth from an actual person rather than a caption of "One pinner said this is the world's best pin and changed their life!" (Don't even get me started on that - ha!) End rant, on with the show!

Pin #1 - Glowing Christmas Tree Photos: I saw this pin last year, and never tried it. Knowing a little more about my camera this year, I decided to give it a try. This post gives you tips on how to get those awesome glowing Christmas tree photos.  I tried the same settings she did, but didn't get near the results. I had my shutter speed at 1/30, used a 1.8 mm lens, and my ISO was set to 1600. In her picture, she used an ISO of 3200, but 1600 was the highest my camera would go and I definitely think that made a difference. I also think the fact that my house has carpet and hers has wood floors could also make a difference. I think next time I also need to get back further. I didn't actually pull out my tripod - I just rested the camera on the couch so I was working with what I had. Anyone else have suggestions? I'd like to try this again and play with it some more so I'd love any feedback or tips!

 Pin #2 - Rolo Stuffed Cookies: I see something with the word "Rolo" in it, and pretty much immediately pin it. Slightly obsessed. This recipe recommends using sugar cookies or snickerdoodles, but my grocery store was out of both so I got peanut butter cookies. Yes, I'm aware I could have made the dough from scratch, but if you really think that's a possibility for me? Then clearly you don't know me well. Pre-packaged for the win - every time. :) I actually made these to take to a neighbor that just had twins, and ended up having to make more because we kind of liked them. Very easy to make and they seem "fancy" to me. Or at least then you can't tell it's just a pre-packaged cookie anyway. I did read the comments on that post, which recommended dipping the Rolos in flour, so I did that. I also sprayed my cookie sheet with flour spray and had no problems with them sticking. Will definitely make these again!

Pin #3 - How to Tie a Tulle Bow: I came across this pin while searching for an easy way to tie bows on my Christmas gifts. I had the tulle on hand (you can get it at Hobby Lobby by the fabric section) so I decided to try this method. The tutorial is here, and is very simple to follow. I think it's one of those things that will get better with least hopefully. :) I'm HORRIBLE at bow making. Horrible. But this was simple and I think looks fairly decent so I'll probably try it again. (Notice the fancy bow on the package in the background? Told you I need help.)

Well that's all for today! If you have anything to share, you can grab the button if you'd like and link-up below. :)


  1. Ooh, I'm very interested in the tulle bows! I'll have to try out that tutorial!

  2. THANK YOU!!! I desperately need bow help too and I think this will do it!!!! WOOHOO!!

  3. love it.. love the tulle bows!
    and I love that you are actually doing what your pinning.. i am such a slacker but you inspired me a little ..thank you!

  4. TOTALLY forgot to do any Pins this month. Ugh. But I love the ones you chose - the Christmas tree pics look amazing and I am loving the tulle bows! Super cute! :)

  5. Yay for the tulle bow!! I bought lots of tulle this year since most of our gifts must travel and have been winging it. Who knew there was a tutorial?!?!?! Thanks for sharing!! I love your tree pics by the way, you'll treasure them years from now whether they are "perfect" or not.

  6. I did the tulle bow (I am horrible at bows too) and on the second try it actually looked decent (the first one was awful) ha! thank you so much for sharing!


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