December 13, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Time for a little recap of our Thanksgiving week! My niece Gabi was out of school so got to spend the week with us. The kids adore her and we had so much fun with her here!
As usual, Manny was running around the house pantsless and in his rain boots. Gabi stopped him and said, "Manny, say cheese!" He stopped, turned around and struck this pose. Um...okay?!!
On Tuesday, Manny's school had a little "parade" where they walked the halls with their Thanksgiving floats and sang a few songs. Manny was unsure of it all and was so shy. I ended up walking some of the parade with him because he wanted me to hold him. You can see one of the pictures he's about to play with his belly button. He still does that for comfort. :) He is definitely growing up, but I still see my baby boy from time to time and I love it!
Unfortunately Patrick was on call Thanksgiving week for not only his group, but it was also his week to work with the residency program. Knowing it'd be a really busy week for him, he told us to just go ahead and go to my parent's house without him. I was sad to leave him but it ended up being really busy so he said it was for the best. We decided to go out to eat Wednesday night before we left town to "celebrate Thanksgiving." Haha! The weather was gorgeous though and we had fun eating together before we left for a few days. 
Thanksgiving meal was amazing as always - my mom is the best cook! She made these individual pies in a jar fun and cute! I love this picture of my sister Becky and MB. So sweet!
I loved the kids in their matching SheShe Made outfits!! They looked so cute and I wish they could still wear them. I always get sad when they wear seasonal outfits for the last time...haha!
When we're up staying with my parents, my dad always takes Manny with him in the morning to feed the animals they have at the amphitheater. My dad put this sweatshirt on Manny one morning because it was a little cold, and he took these pictures of him feeding the birds. Manny LOVES doing this and thinks he's such a big shot!
We did a little light shopping on Saturday. The mall was crazy so we didn't stay long, but of course Manny had to ride the carousel while we were there. Talk about making me dizzy. Luckily Gabi was there to ride with him most of the time so I didn't get sick.

And with that - I'm almost caught up! (aside from Project 366, which doesn't count.) I'm just so ready for things to slow down a little bit so I'm not always whining about being behind (which is annoying anyway - sorry). I know it's silly, but it's really something I want to do (and enjoy doing) as far as keeping things documented on the blog. Maybe I'll make a New Year's resolution to do better at it - haha!! That's funny. Happy Thursday! :)


  1. Manny looks like a Jedi from Star Wars in that sweatshirt!

  2. Based on the "strike a pose" picture, I think Manny and Connor could be great buddies!

  3. Girl, I still need to blog about the pumpkin patch, thanksgiving, etc. I am SO behind and I hate it. I love Manny's pose with his "serious" face!! He is hilarious! MB is such a beauty!


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