December 12, 2012

Birthday Weekend Fun

A couple of weekends ago, we went down to Dallas to celebrate my niece Ellie's birthday. She had a princess tea party, and my sister did such a great job putting it together! She even bought Maeva a Snow White princess dress so she could dress up too. I mean, seriously? Cannot deal with the cuteness here!

 Manny absolutely adores Ellie. Like seriously obsessed. So it came as no surprise that he wanted to be front & center in the action at her party! It seriously took me aback how grown up he seemed "following along", running, playing, and cheering when the group (of ALL girls) cheered. He was having the time of his life. He talks about Wawa's (what he calls Ellie) princess party all the time and asks to go back to it. So sweet. :)

He even played pin the crown on the princess (or something like that) and also tried to hit the pinata. I loved watching him wait his turn for each thing, and then he'd be real bashful but still do it. He just had to be one of the big kids!
This picture makes me laugh so much. Rachael was explaining the game they were about to play and Manny was trying to weasel his way to the front, not to be left out of course.

Sunday was my 32nd birthday. Kinda sounds old, huh? So on Saturday night, my mom, 2 of my sisters, and niece Gabi had a girl's night to celebrate my birthday. We ate at Mooyah (LOVE this place - best burgers and sweet potato fries ever!!) and then went to the movies. We saw Pitch Perfect, which took me back to high school and was so hilarious. On Sunday morning, Manny & Patrick surprised me with Panera bagels (my fave!) and flowers. It was so cute to hear Manny say happy day-day to me.

I love weekends like this just spending time with family...I am thankful for another year with them, even if it does mean I'm getting older. :)


  1. that manny is a ham! so cute! and maeva in that snow white dress is so precious! happy belated birthday! 32 is not old! at least you're not 37 :)

  2. Cutie pie in a snow white dress is not good for my baby fever:)
    Happy Birthday!!!!!


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