September 27, 2011

Sheets, Fair Fun & Project 365: Week 38

I know this is random, but what kind of sheets do y'all recommend? We are in desperate need of new sheets, so if you have some you love I'd like to hear about them please. :)

This weekend we decided to head out to the fair! Let's be real...I was going to try all the food. And of course the family fun was a plus...but that food. Some think it's gross, but I get giddy with excitement over fair food! I started off strong with a corn dog and fresh squeezed lemonade right when we walked in the gate, and I certainly was not disappointed. We had a lot of fun just people watching and checking out all the sites. We looked at the Clydesdales for awhile...Manny was fascinated. They are so beautiful and just huge! I love watching them prance...I know there's an official name for it, but I can't think of it. They also had a little petting zoo where you could feed the animals. They had goats, llamas, kangaroos, a zebra, and a few other things. The zebra looked depressed and never would come to the edge...poor guy. But it was fun to see Manny interact with the animals. He wasn't sure about some of them, but liked it overall.

Then when we were leaving there, The Village People were coming on stage, so we decided to check that out for a little bit. Talk about entertainment! A.) How OLD are these guys?! and B.) Definitely some of the best people watching I've experienced in a long time. Am I the only one who likes to people watch? Anyway, we only stayed for 2 songs but Manny really liked it. In the bottom right picture he was jamming out to Macho Man but it was hard to get a picture because he wouldn't sit still. Great times at the fair...I'm so glad we went.
September 17 - This is me and my friend Cassie right before the wedding I was in that day. The bride paid for us to have our make-up done, and I will say I gasped when I looked in the mirror after she finished. I thought it was way too much make-up, but I got used to it and it photographed well I think. I need to get better about actually doing my make-up (I don't mean this much) but I'm just not good at it....specifically eye make-up. If you have any tutorials you'd recommend, please do share!
September 18 - We stayed at a hotel in Tulsa so we wouldn't have to drive home after the wedding, and this is my dad and Manny at breakfast the next morning. It was a little cold so I tried to get Manny to wear his hood, but he was not going for it.
September 19 - My brother, sister-in-law, and their daughters Lani & Laci came to OKC for some appointments. You might remember Laci got a cochlear implant last November, and next month she is going to get the other ear implanted. She is the funniest thing, and Lani is so sweet and mature...I just love them both to pieces. We were able to have lunch with them while they were here, and it was so much fun! Manny was sad to see them go.
September 20 - We found a great new grocery store to shop at, and Manny LOVES it because it has a car thing in it. He steered both steering wheels almost the whole time. Anything with a steering wheel he loves right now.
September 21 - This was the day we were at the park and saw the dog. Shortly after that, Manny was running and took a little fall, so Patrick picked him up to calm him down. I couldn't resist this picture of them cuddling.
September 22 - Manny shopping at Target and munching on some Earth's Best sweet potato cinnamon puffs. Those things are good!
September 23 - We went to the mall this evening and Manny was riding in the stroller. A sales lady walked up to us with this firetruck buggy thing and offered to let us use it. We said no, that's okay...but Manny had other plans. Yes, we gave in and let him ride in it and he was absolutely thrilled.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I think fair food is pretty amazing I'm not gonna lie :)

  2. Adorable!! Seems like Manny had a great time at the fair. I second @ Katie's comment!! One of the my favorite reasons to go to the fair is the FOOD!! :) Looking forward to taking my little one this year...Texas State fair opens this FRIDAY...can't wait!!

  3. Cute pictures from the fair!! I don't know the brand name of our sheets, but I love them. I think they are from Kohls. I would suggest getting at least 600-750 thread count! They will be much softer! :)

  4. Great fair pictures! We finally bought some sheets from Potterybarn when they were offering a great deal and now I dont know if I will ever be able to buy the regular sheets again they are wonderful!

  5. Oh those buggies shaped like cars and trucks! Last year on our vacation Ava had a perfectly good stroller at the outlet mall and was a holy terror - so I paid for one of those dumb buggies and got to shop in peace the next 2 hours! Money well spent! Glad you guys seem to be settling in well in OK! I LOVE seeing Patrick more b/c I know that means he's not working as much! Happy for y'all, friend!!!

  6. Looks like fun at the fair. Really cute photos.

  7. Love some fair food!! Vinegar Fries!!! Cute Pics!

  8. Love your blog:) I found it while I was pregnant with my 1st son and was looking for new mommies with baby boys in the bloggy world.
    I buy all my sheets from the Company Store catalog (or their online site). They have such a wide selection of colors, styles and are always great quality. With the holiday season coming up, I love throwing some cute decorative sheets on the adds just a little bit more festivity every time I turn back the covers. Last year, Target had the cutest and CHEAPEST set of flannel Christmas/winter themed sheets. They were surprisingly soft, and I ended up buying several sets b/c I knew anything that inexpensive would not stand up for the next season.


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