September 7, 2011

Manny's 1st day of MDO

Yesterday was Manny's first day of Mother's Day Out, and it went great! I was more emotional about it than I thought I'd be, BUT I didn't cry when we dropped him off, so that's good...ha! The night before when I was getting his stuff ready it just hit me how fast time goes by. Cliche', yes, but it's so true, and I know he'll be starting kindergarten before I know it! He wasn't really in the mood for pictures, but he looked SO cute in his SheShe Made outfit.
We also got the cutest gear for him from SheShe Made...he was definitely styling for his first day! Thanks so much Ashley...we (and everyone else!) love it. :)
You might have noticed in the pictures above that Manny had two tubes of ointment in his hand. He is real funny about choosing a random object each day and that's what he likes to take with him everywhere. Well yesterday he decided the tubes of ointment would be his sidekick. I had to laugh when I saw him grab the ointment and his backpack and drag it to the front door...he was ready to go! :)
When we got there, he went right in and started playing with toys. He didn't cry at all, which made me so happy! It would have been really hard to leave him if he was crying. The director is great and sent me this email after he'd been there a little made me SO proud! :)
Here are a few more pictures of the day. Top left is another of him ready to leave...he stood at the door forever waiting on us. The top right picture is right after we dropped him off and he ran over to play. I took it with my cell phone and zoomed in so it's really grainy. The bottom left picture is from when I came to pick him up. He was coloring and it was SO cute. And I didn't notice this til looking at these pictures just now, but if you look closely the first toy he picked up when I dropped him off was Minnie Mouse, and he still has her with him at the end of the day when he's coloring. :) Can't say I'm surprised since he's always attaching to something.
The last picture is just of his report for the day, and so of course I had to document his first "report card". Yep, I'm totally, without a doubt, "that mom".

Two things I do want to ask about:

1. You'll notice from his report card that he didn't nap at all, which I didn't expect him to really. You know how you'll see kids asleep in strollers, or falling asleep in exersaucers or playing with toys? Well that has NEVER been Manny. If there is any kind of activity going on, he can't sleep. He naps great if he's in a room by himself, but I'm so worried he's never going to nap there. He doesn't take a paci or stuffed animal or anything, so that makes it hard. They were very nice about it but I was just wondering if anybody has had a similar experience with their child? I know it was his first "group napping" experience, so it will take some time...but if you have any input I would love to hear it.

2. He also barely ate any of his lunch or snack. In fact, if they hadn't sent the report home, I would've thought he didn't eat anything at all because the containers basically were full. They don't feed him anything - only items I send, so I know he didn't eat other stuff. I know it could have just been the whole first day experience causing him not to eat. But again, if you've had a similar experience I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks friends, and happy Wednesday! :)


  1. My son bearly eats a thing at MDO either! Not sure why - he just never really has. I have a snack for him when I pick him up and he gobbles it up. If you figure it out- let me know!! ;)

    He may get the hang of the nap thing after a bit!

  2. Just like Megon, I'm not sure how much he eats at MDO. Some days he is really hungry when I pick him up and sometimes not. I do totally bend the rules for breakfast on days that he goes so he at least goes with something on him stomach. Nothing like ice cream or anything, but a PB&J usually is his choice since he sees me making it for lunch.

    Whenever there is a change in room, or change in the semester, it takes Alex a class or two to settle back in to napping. Usually because none of the other kiddos were napping either. I have found it usually settles back within a day or so. But, if he isn't napping, he always goes to bed earlier simply because he's wiped out. Either way I don't sweat it.

    Enjoy your time to yourself!! It is amazing how much they learn from going to MDO! And the pics are too adorable!!!


  3. Oh isn't he the cutest little thing! I adore his attire for the day. All matchy, matchy!!

    BTW, your necklace? Is that the monogrammed necklace? Where did you get it?

  4. Cutest boy! He is so sweet! I'm so glad he had a great first day.

    Hayden wouldn't nap at school for the longest time. He too is that kid that doesn't fall asleep just anywhere. It took some time, but Hayden finally started napping at school. His teacher said he'd look around at the other kids and finally he realized he was supposed to sleep! heehee!

    As for the eating part...Hayden eats better at school than at home. I bet Manny just needs time to get adjusted. There is just so much action!

    I love the report card, our school doesn't do that. IT's a great idea!

  5. WOW!! Manny looks so cute!
    Can I ask where you get all his clothing and belongings labelled with his name? I live in South Africa and will be looking to purchase items online - any suggestions?

  6. Oh. my. word. That is the CUTEST outfit for his first day and the cutest gear. The picture with the tubes of ointment is absolutely precious. It took Carter MONTHS before he slept well at daycare, but he always ate just fine. :) I'd say give him a few days to adjust - bet he'll be great! :)

  7. Oh. my. word. That is the CUTEST outfit for his first day and the cutest gear. The picture with the tubes of ointment is absolutely precious. It took Carter MONTHS before he slept well at daycare, but he always ate just fine. :) I'd say give him a few days to adjust - bet he'll be great! :)

  8. Did the napmat come from SheShe? I love how coordinated he was!

    Ellie never eats at MDO either. I guess she is just too busy. It worries me to death but she always eats a snack when we get home and a great supper!

  9. Hey! Glad he had a good time! That's such a sweet post and as always very sweet pictures. Noah sleeps okaybut he never eats much either.. Seems its a pretty normal thing. Question for you now.. Howmuch was his nap mat. I went to their website and I didn't see any. I need one for Noah but don't want to spend a fortune.

  10. Aww, I'm glad he had a good day!!! I can't believe he just walked in and started playing! So cute! And it must have put you a little more at ease :) Today was Cooper's 3rd day of daycare and he screams when I pass him over :( He does fine and has "great" days but it's hard to leave him when he's screaming and reaching for me. Aren't those little tables they put them in soooo cute? I love them!

  11. Emeline is IDENTICAL to Manny in that she will not sleep anywhere other than her crib, and if something cool is going on (other kids, toys, etc) she won't bat an eyelash about sleep. So I get it.

    And how many days a week is he going? We don't have any MDO programs close by...they are all over 30 minutes away ;( I'd love E to go 1-2x a week, that'd be AMAZING. But, no cigar.

  12. Hey Sarah,
    As soon as I decided Scout was going to start MDO, I started napping her the way they nap at school. At her school, they lay on a mat with quiet music, so we did this during naps at home. After a little practice, she now does great at school. Also, her "lovey" is one of my well-worn shirts. That way she has a little of mommy during naptime! Manny might like that too!

  13. I'm glad you guys all survived the first day of MDO! I am in love with the TOMS on his feet and his outfit overall was beyond adorable!

  14. I have no advice because E always eats! But I do know she has to be separated to sleep. I don't know if they can do that at MDO though....

    how cute is he with all of his gear?! Love!

  15. You just made me tear up. I am packing up to move, and I just threw away the two years worth of daycare "report cards" from my daughter's daycare provider. I'm fighting the urge not to dig them out of the garbage right now.

    I'm going to pretend that I didn't read this. I haven't looked at them in three years, I'm not going to miss them.

    I need to remember to take pictures of stuff to remember them!

  16. Cilla has never hardly napped at MDO. She is like Manny, she needs her bed in her room and to be all alone. She has never been one to fall asleep in the stroller and pretty much since we put her in big girl car seat she has not slept in the car! Some kids just need their routine, I guess!

  17. His new gear is adorable!!! And those mini Toms, oh my gosh, so cute! Seriously I'm going to have to buy mine some Toms for the winter because they look so adorable on Manny!

  18. This is so sweet! Evie won't really nap anywhere else either.. I'm always amazed at those kids falling asleep in their exersausers! Crazy! Hopefully he'll get the hang of it though!

  19. Awww. So sweet. The boys won't nap anywhere else either. Hopefully he will get used to it.

  20. I just love the picture of you and Manny at the top. It is so sweet! Also, I'm loving the shorter hair on you. You have such a beautiful face (to match your spirit I might add) and the shorter hair showcases that beauty! Hope you all are settling in nicely. Moving is so tough :(

  21. he is so cute! I bet he will have so much fun making friends! My girls have never been the best nappers at school but I do know that they have gotten better with time!

  22. first of all, he looks adorable!!! and i hate to be a debbie downer, but when libbi was in school and they had to, she never did. she wasn't fussy or cranky, she just never napped because there was WAY too much going on for her to lie down and sleep. now that she's at home, (since school is over at 1) she naps every day. maybe once he adjusts, though he'll start napping???? and same thing with the food - she eats lunch at school and somedays she'll get in the car and start requesting items from her lunch box like she's starving (and she probably is, because everything is still there!) and then other days, she eats every single little thing i send. TODDLERS! just when you think you have 'em figured out, they make sure they switch it up on you.! :)

  23. Adorable pics! Can you tell me where you got his outfit and gear??


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