March 10, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

1. Let's start by embracing the camera, shall we? Patrick took these pictures of Manny and I before we went shopping last weekend...before Manny decided he was really sick. :) Fortunately he is doing much better now though!

2. Thanks for all of the sweet comments on the water bottle labels! I've had some people ask me if I print my stuff at home. And yes, I almost always do. I have a nice printer but it's definitely not top of the line. However, the trick is the type of paper you print it on. I use Epson Matte Presentation Paper. It is more expensive, but is definitely worth it. I used to have a $50 printer and using this paper would make all the difference in the world. I have purchased it at Wal-Mart before, even though that link says they don't have it in stores...but it definitely isn't in every store. I'm sure you could also get it at Staples or Office Depot, etc.

3. I wanted to give you guys a HUGE thank you because you helped Manny win the Valentine's photo contest!! We won some fun prizes and when I get them in, I think I will pay it forward and have a little giveaway. :)
4. As you can see, the baby shower planning is coming along. Thanks for your feedback on games. It seems the popular vote is baby shower bingo...which is funny, because that's also what I did at this same girl's bridal shower. :) I think it's a good way to keep people involved, and definitely a safe bet when it comes to an unfamiliar crowd. Anyway, I thought I'd share the bingo board I made in case anyone else wants to use it too. You can download it by clicking here.

Well, I'm headed to a local consignment sale. I can't believe it's already time to stock up on summer clothes for my nearly one year old! Wish me luck. :)


  1. what a gorgeous picture of you & your almost ONE YEAR OLD!!! still can't believe it!!! so glad to hear Manny is feeling better :)

  2. Ooooo I love a good consignment sale!Just found your blog. love it!

  3. Love the pics of you and your boy - They are so good!

    About the bridal shower bingo - did you just do something similar to this baby one, as in the types of gifts thing? My sisters shower is Saturday and I don't have any kind of games planned. Yikes!

  4. Wonderful pictures of you and your little man. I am so glad he is feeling better! Have fun shopping :)

  5. manny is adorable as always! i quickly noticed your braid - LUUURRRRVVVEEE! :)

  6. I love those pictures of you & your little man! I am totally loving your braid - I can never figure out how to do that so its cute. Yours is adorable!

  7. Great pictures of you two!

    Glad Manny won! He frankly was the cutest picture, so I'm not surprised! :)

  8. That picture of you two is beautiful!

    I'm guessing you are talking about the Growing Kids Sale?? Me and my sister in law always go too. I love a good deal!

  9. I hit up a consignment sale last night and wracked up! Have fun!

    I emailed you back :)

  10. Sarah,
    Your picture is beautiful! And when I scrolled down I thought I was looking at a friend of mine. Her name is Angie and I'm going to print your picture off and show her! Unbelieveable how the resemblance! HA!
    The labels are adorable and I'm also got the download for House of .....can't wait to do that one too!
    Thanks for sharing all the cute ideas...Is OK warming up? KS is coming around!

  11. These are great pictures of you two. Glad your little man is feeling better.

  12. So cute. I love the photo of you two together!


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