March 30, 2011

Project 365: Week 12 {Fun with Cousins}

Wow, what a week it's been! My sister Rachael is a few weeks away from having her baby, so I offered to take her girls for the week so she could get some stuff done. We had SO much fun, and now I'm sad that my house is so quiet...Manny really misses his play buddies too. :) We found out Monday that Manny has another ear infection. We're praying he can recover from this one and stay well...if not, we'll be looking at tubes in the future. So on to the recap of our week!
March 19 - We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe with Jenn, Ashley, and their cute kiddos. Manny was a little overwhelmed by all the action in there, so he cuddled in with it bad that I loved it?! He just doesn't really do that anymore so I soaked it in. :)
March 20 - We had such a fun time at the baby shower!
March 21 - This is the day I picked up my nieces Ellie & Olivia and we headed up to my parent's house in Oklahoma. Olivia was so funny and wanted to wear her sunglasses everywhere we went all week...upside down and all. :)
March 22 - I took the kiddos to have lunch with my nephew Hayden at his school. The girls were in awe at the cafeteria chaos.
March 23 - My best friend Candice was in town visiting her parents so we had some fun hanging out with her and her daughter.
March 24 - We headed back to my house on Thursday. As soon as we walked in the door, the girls ran and jumped in the ball pit. They played in there was quite the hit.
March 25 - On Friday, we went to a bounce house and had so much fun! Manny was brave enough to go down a slide with Ellie. Though it's hard to tell from this picture, he loved it. :) I also need to mention that you'll notice Ellie in her black dress almost every day...she always wanted to wear it, so I just washed it each night. I didn't figure it was worth arguing with a 4-year-old about. :) So don't worry Rach, while she did wear the same thing almost all week, at least it was clean each day - right? :)

Of course I took a ton of photos last week, so I have to share a few more. :) On Tuesday, we were at my parent's and went with them to feed the animals...they have a camel, miniature horses, and donkeys that they use for their outdoor amphitheater. The kids LOVE being up there and playing around!

Ellie stepped on something and hurt her foot...she was not happy about it. I love the expression on her face here!

 The kids had so much fun at the park Wednesday evening. It was a beautiful sunset!

And some more pictures of fun at the Bounce House! Ellie was fearless and wanted to go on all of the big slides. Manny and Olivia loved jumping and playing too.

It was SUCH a fun week...there's nothing like family time! :)


  1. All the pictures are soooo cute! It looks like y'all had a great time. I've never known anyone that had a real live camel before!!

  2. Yep...looks like fun! Great photos to remember it by.

  3. Look at how big he is getting!!! So good to see a picture of your sweet face! Looks like a good week!

  4. Amazing pictures!! And your little guy is getting so big!! Praying for relief soon about his ears!

  5. Is that Bounce House in OK? We're new to the state and always looking for fun things to do.
    Barb M.

  6. Amazing pictures as always! These last few make me want to take my Sweet Bean to a bounce house party or have one of our soon! Looks like so much fun!



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