March 2, 2011

{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday: Playtime!

When we visited a different church a few weeks ago, their nursery had a ball pit and Manny LOVED it. So when I got a $10 coupon from Amazon Mom in my Parenting magazine, I knew what I wanted to look for. I found this beauty for only $18.15, so after my coupon it was only $8.15! Manny has so much fun in it and I think it's a deal even at $18.15!

 AND Manny is CLAPPING!! It is beee-yond cute. :)
And one more picture of my big boy. My mom got him this cute little truck and Manny just pushes it around like a big kid! I can't believe he's so grown up. Playtime is so fun with my little guy! :)


  1. I love these pictures! You are getting really good at photography Sarah! :) And I want that ball pit for my son! yay

  2. Cute pictures and a good deal. This play pen looks like it doubles as an indoor pool :)

  3. That ball pit looks awesome! Manny is adorable!

  4. Gotta love a good deal!! Cute ball pit....we did the same thing for Cooper and he LOVED it too! He actually still goes down in the basement to look for it. I have several bags of the balls down there for a yard sale if you're interested I could just ship them to you instead. As he got older we put his little slide half-way in and he would slide into the balls---so many giggles happened in that pool!

    The picture of Manny cute...and he looks SO grown up!

  5. oh my... he is so cute. That black and white is amazing. You are really taking some great photos with your camera!

  6. We just set up Dec's ball pit last night too. Love those sweet cheeks!! He's a cutie!!

  7. Why don't you just look at all those pretty little teeth! Jubal has just gotten his two bottom teeth.

  8. That B&W looks like he's praying. Go, Manny, go! :)

    These are so sweet, Sarah. Luke turns 3 on Sunday and it's so bittersweet. I know you're appreciating every second with Manny and that makes my day! XO!

  9. Those seersucker pants are adorable! And love that B&W picture!

  10. That is the coolest "toy" to buy a baby! A ball pit! WOW! He will love that for a long time!
    He is just cute as a button!
    I'll bet you just have the most fun all day!

  11. he is simply precious! want to squeeze him!!

  12. Love the pics! Jackson absolutely ADORES his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ball pit. It was a great investment, haha :).

  13. These pictures are too cute! I love the action or whatever that you used on the ones in the ball pit! And the one of him clapping... PRESH! It looks like he's praying!! Sooo sweet.

  14. Love his smile in the first two pictures. What a handsome little man! And hooray for good deals!


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