March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Cheesy Manny with my niece Gabi
Umm, do you SEE that new smile Manny is sporting? He started smiling like that about a week ago and now cheeses like that pretty much all.the.time. Is it just me, or does he look like the joker?! It's so funny and I just love it...he's such a mess.

How is it already mid-March?! This month is just flying by. Happy St. Patty's Day! Manny also turned 10 months old today! I have been extremely busy this past week, and have a full week ahead still yet. We spent last weekend in Oklahoma City and got home late Monday night. Then yesterday we came up to my parent's to throw a surprise 40th birthday party for my sister Jenny. It was SO fun...I will post about it soon.
And we're headed to Dallas tonight...and from there to Waco this weekend for the baby shower I've been talking about!
We are having lots of fun, but! Fortunately Bubs has been a great sport. We moved him up to a big boy car seat yesterday and he loves it. No more back bends and wrestling matches come time to get in the car seat...yeah!! :)
I have lots to blog about and hope to catch up soon. For my memory, some of the things I need to post about...project 365 from last week, Manny's 10 month post, baby shower details, my sister's surprise party, and for that matter...I just realized I never blogged about my surprise 30th party...oh my word. HUGE fail. Nice Sarah. Real nice. It's been what, almost 4 months since that happened?! That is horrible. We'll blame it on old age, mmkay?
Well I've got lots to do before we hit the road to Dallas. Happy St. Patty's Day from my little Good Luck Charmer! :)


  1. His outfit is adorable!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. He is so stinkin cute!! I love his smile! Tee hee!

    Gotta love the bigger carseat! Hated those back arching days! Still does it but not as bad.

  3. You get mom of the year award for the cute green outfit. I on the other hand? Do not.

    Fail fail fail.

    Anyway...his toothy smile? SO CUTE.

  4. Loving his outfit and is grin!! Too cute :) Hope you get a minute to just breathe this week!!

  5. Happy St. Patty's Day! What a cutie!


  6. That shade of green is definitely his color! So cute!! And how many teeth does the boy have now!!? Looks like several. What a sweet smile he has!

  7. He is so cute and his outfit is adorable! happy saint patricks day!

  8. Ha! That cheesy grin reminds me of someone I know ;) Maddox throws his head back, wrinkles his nose, & shows his teeth when we say "cheeeese"! Cutest thing I've seen him do yet! Happy 10mos, sweet lil' man! Is it me, or are the months getting shorter?!?! If I still lived in Dallas, I'd find a way to get our boys together :) Have a great trip!

  9. One of my favorite parts of watching little kids growing is how they change little things like the way they smile. My oldest went through probably 30 different laughs before she settled on one. So much fun to watch and document! :)

  10. If I had a $ for every time I say that Luke "is a mess" I would be rich!

    So, so glad you're getting to enjoy that too, Sarah. :)

  11. pure cuteness - and that outfit!

  12. We just switched to the bigger car seat too and Maycee Belle still throws the back-arching fits! haha

    That new smile is adorable!

  13. I love his new grin, and he looks so cute in his St.Patty's day attire!

    Wow are busy. I am tired just reading this!! I hope you get to rest in between it all :)

  14. Oh, his smile is ADORABLE!! Love it!


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