March 31, 2011

Embrace the Camera

As  I mentioned yesterday, last week we went to the park with my nieces and nephew. Manny was so chill and actually let me wear him in the k'tan...which he hasn't done in ages! He just cuddled in and it was SO sweet. My sister Jenny took some pictures of us, and I just love them. I cherish these moments that he'll snuggle with me...they are passing by all too quickly.

And of course I have to include a daddy picture...these are always so special to me. :) I took this picture when Patrick got home from work yesterday. Manny always gets SO excited when he sees him walk through the door, and Patrick loves to cover him in kisses and make him squirm. It is so sweet. :)

Stop by Emily's and Embrace the'll be glad you did! :)


  1. These are the sweetest pictures ever!! What a little cuddle bug!

  2. I love the black & whites! Those of you & Manny are priceless! Love how natural they are.

  3. Aw! The pics of you and Manny are so precious!!

  4. These are beautiful pictures!!

  5. These pictures are INCREDIBLE! So sweet. Gotta love the cuddles :)

  6. Those are gorgeous pictures! Definitely frame worthy!!

  7. Gorgeous Gorgeous photos...I am your new follower! I would appreciate it if you came and checked out my blog too~ Thanks!

  8. These are some of my favorite picturs of your sweet family. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a great sister to take such beautiful photos! He is so handsome.

  10. Fabulous!! What great moments captured!

  11. Lovely shots. Snuggling is one of my most favorite things of mamahood.

  12. These photos are so beautiful!


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