March 4, 2011

Baby Shower Invitations & A Question

I am deep in the heart of planning a baby shower for my sweet friend Nicole (the one who threw me a Sip & See in Waco) and having so much fun with all things pink! I mailed the invitations last week, and wanted to share them here with you guys.

I made a little 4x4 booklet and used a rhinestone brad to bind the pages together.
 The first page is the basic invite...time, date, rsvp, etc.
 The next page has registry information and directions for what to do with the following page.
 I will collect this page at the shower and use them to make a Blessing Ring for Nicole.

This is not the first time I've made this particular invitation. I made a boy version for my friend Kellie's baby shower, and thought it turned out super cute, too!
I know not everyone has Publisher, but if you do, here are links to download the templates I used to make the invitation: cover and booklet inside.

Here are links to free downloads of some of the fonts I used: Champagne & Limousines, Zebra, Marcelle, My Own Topher. If you don't have these fonts on your computer, the file won't display the same. You can always use different fonts; you just might have to adjust the sizing a little bit. 

And while we're on the topic, what do you think of baby shower games? It seems people either love or hate them. Please share your thoughts - including games you loved (or hated!) below. Thanks friends...have a great weekend! :)


  1. Sarah you are a genius!!!! This is AMAZING! Oh my goodness!

  2. Wow...the card is just so cute! You are one talented lady! :)

  3. These are so perfect! I love the design and colors. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. I love the cards! You are so talented.

    I don't love baby shower games. I think it puts too much stress on the attendees. I think it is fine if it is a group that knows each other well, but if not it can be a little awkward.

    How about bingo? You could do a purse or diaper bag bingo? With who has what items sort of thing?

  5. The only game I have liked is the one where you guess the celebrity baby names. It seems to not make anyone uncomfortable :)

  6. Ps love the invites! Goes without saying :)

  7. Wow Sarah, the invitations are just beautiful. You are so creative!!!!

    About baby shower games, I was just at a baby shower last weekend and thought they had way too many games. I don't mind one or two but more than that seems to frustrate the guests. I like games that are incorporated with the opening of the gifts, like Baby Bingo. It's easy to play and it makes for a fun activity while watching the couple open the gifts. Just my thoughts.

    Have a great shower, you have done an amazing job so far. Can't wait to see the rest!


  8. i would seriously pay you to show me how you work your magic!! :) those invites are amazing!

    i'm in between on baby shower games. i guess the one that doesn't make the guests uncomfortable would be baby bingo.

  9. Those are fabulous!! I love them both. You did such a great job, Sarah! I am dying to know the "Blessings" font - did you list that one?

    So fun!!

  10. Love the invites!! I dont care for shower games. I like to just sit and visit with everyone. I went to a shower once where we did game after game and it was nuts!

  11. My sister in law put together a wonderful shower for her sister and put together Baby Jeopardy ... she had all kinds of baby topics to choose from and since there were many that attended that didn't have any children, she added a topic for them too - with questions about reality shows, music, etc. She said that she got most of the questions from the paperwork her sister received from her OB.

    She assembled it on poster board and used sticky notes ... it was very cute and very fun!


  12. You are so creative, the invitations are adorable!! I am not a huge fan of baby shower games, but we played one at one of my showers for Jett and I can't even remember what it was!!

  13. Wow- those invites are super cute! I wouldn't do more than two games, for sure! I think incorporating it with opening gifts is fun. Just don't do that game where you melt candy bars in diapers and have the guests sniff them to see what type of candy it is....SO tacky! lol Stick with the basics if you're going to have a game. Celebrity baby names was a good idea someone else mentioned...have fun planning and let us know what you decide to do!

  14. Just wanted to say I think Manny looks too too cute on the she she made site! That's a great little model you have there!

    Oh, and the only game I like and think others can tolerate is baby bingo--you've probably seen it but it's a blank bingo card and guests fill in the spaces with items they think mommy will receive then mark them off as she opens. First one with 5 in a row wins ( i usually do centerpieces as prizes). It helps people actually pay attention at gift opening time.

  15. *Famous babies --- you list a baby name from a famous couple and then leave a spot for the ladies to fill in the famous couple's name, pretty fun!

    *Guess the baby food --- take labels off and put a letter on the top of each jar, by looking the ladies have to guess what kind of food it is (make sure to make yourself a key!)

  16. Hello Hello... here are my thoughts & a question (go figure)

    Baby shower games to me are uncomfortable for the guests. However at my shower the hostesses gave each guest a baby item when they walked in the door. Then read the CUTEST little story aloud and used the word play on the products. When their product name came up they would have to come put it in my basket. I can send you a copy of the "story" it was so cute. And I got SOOOO much useful and practical stuff. For example -- like one line said, "After having harper, miranda will be able to {tuck} her shirt in again" and the person with the tucks pads (haha) had to come put them in.

    So it got them involved and passed some time w/out being awkward. But then again-- I may have just loved it because it was MY shower :)
    My question is... did you print the cards out yourself (and if so, on what)? or take them to a print shop?

    And it goes w/out saying the cards are fantastic!

  17. You are so talented, love them!

  18. The invites look great :) Your so creative !

  19. absolutely beautiful. Awesome job on the invites! Im a "like games sometimes" kind of girl. The one that I LOOOOVE is where you measure the mommy's belly and then get everyone to estimate with ribbon how large around she is. I loved this because I saved the ribbon to show how big I was and put it in Lauren's baby book so she could have it one day. Having a poll on how large and long the baby will be is nice too. You can save that and see who won when your child is much older. Those aren't cheesy games to me.

  20. What's the font for the BLESSINGS? It's so beautiful.

  21. The font and the color of it perfectly matches the color of the card...hope they enjoyed there baby shower party

  22. I feel that baby shower games are a MUST, especially if it's for a first time Mommy! For the last shower I went to, we played the animal babies game (there was a list of adult animals, and you had to say what the baby is called. Some were easier than others-- everyone knows that a baby cat is a kitten, but do you know what a baby eel is called???)

    Another game we played was were given a list of baby terms, and there was a pile of candy bars, and we had to match the candy bar with the term, like "baby laugh" was a Snickers bar, and "Doctor's Bill" was a 100 Grand bar.

    Have fun! I love planning baby showers!

  23. wow what an awesome idea ! love how it turned out.

  24. LOVE this so much. may have to steal this idea next time i plan a shower!!

    also, as far as games. i HATE the string one where you guess how big the mama is. i always overestimate and then the mom hates me for making her fatter. it never ends well. haha

    i did a funny one once where you put different chocolate candy bars and melt them in diapers and then everyone passes them around and smells them to guess which candy bar is in each diaper. makes for some funny pictures :)

  25. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! You are amazing! AMAZING! Seriously! Can you guys just move on up to NWA so you can be my personal craft assistant?!?! I should have had you do Cilla's birthday invite! They would have rocked. They were pretty cute, but you would have made them uber cute!!!!!

  26. Oh my gosh!!!! That is so adorable!

  27. Hi Sarah, just wanted to say thank you for the instructions for these invitations! I just made some for my sisters shower and I am so excited!! You can see them here!

    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! Keep creating!


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