May 3, 2010

Baby Shower

We have been so blessed with amazing friends and family who are excited to celebrate E's arrival and shower us with love & gifts. I had another great shower recently and thought I'd share a few pictures from it. I really want to get better about documenting everything so I can print my blog as a book for a sort of family scrapbook. Has anyone done that yet? I've seen quite a few companies that are doing it now...if anyone has any feedback on who they've used I'd love to hear your experience with it.

Anyway, of course a shower for us wouldn't be complete without a monkey or two. :) My friend Susan threw this shower for me and it was so cute! Here are the invites:
She bought me SO much cute monkey stuff, and had it strung on clothes lines around her house. Here is a shot of one of the lines and a few other things. Aren't those slippers the best?!
I had some great little helpers opening gifts! They were so cute. :)
I got so many great and unique gifts...this boy is so spoiled already!

Then came this huuuge box, which made the kids and me all giddy. :)
This box was from my friend Nicole who lives in Waco. She is one of my great friends I used to teach with, and since her and a few of my former teacher friends couldn't make it up to the shower, they sent me this amazing gift. I open the box, and this is the first thing I see. If you can't read it, just click on it to see it larger - SO sweet!!
Underneath the letter was a HUGE stack of for each month the first year of E's life, as well as a present for his 1st birthday!!!
Here I am trying not to be emotional...but girls seriously blew me away with your thoughtfulness and generosity!!
Is that not the most clever idea ever?! Nicole is SO creative and crafty...I miss our craft sessions from when I lived in Waco. I've been bugging her to start a blog, so here I am calling you out on it Nicole! Go for it! :)

And for the record, I only opened the gift I was supposed to at the baby shower. Yes, it is VERY hard for someone nosy like me to not open the others, but Patrick has put the box away and I've promised not to cheat. Now one more thing to look forward to on his one month birthday! :)


  1. gifts of the, that's a grand idea- and as hard as it'll be (ok already is) ;) to wait, it'll be such a riot each time!

  2. Wow. . . What a great idea about the gift for every month. Looks like it was a great shower. :)

  3. I LOVE all the monkey stuff. SO cute!!! And what a cool idea - a present for every month!! I might just have to steal that one....

  4. Adorable clothesline! And what an amazing your friends! I love the "every month" gift idea! How fun! And you always have something to look forward to! Yeah!

  5. So sweet of those girls to do that. I'm with you it would be so hard for my nosey self not to peek. The baby shower decor is amazing! He'll be here before you know it!

  6. Oh my...I teared up just reading that. How unique...I would never have thought of that! Sounds like wonderful friends to me!


  7. That is such a clever idea. Looks like this monkey has lots to look forward to!

  8. You are SO blessed!!

    Love that monkey garland!

  9. LOVE all the monkey business! What a creative shower theme.

  10. First, love the invites. Seriously adorable! Love, love, love the clothes line with the Paul Frank shirts!!!! And what a sweet idea! How generous (and how fun will that be???)

  11. It looks wonderful. What great friends you have :)

    I have to admit, every time I see a sock monkey now I think of you. LOL before you bought that giant one I never really thought about them before(but my kids have one since my MIL said every boy needs a sock money) but now I keep hoping to find a giant one somewhere because it was adorable!!

    What a blessed baby you have :) Already so many people that love him!!

  12. OMG! I made your blog!! Secretly that's the only reason I did it! Lol we love you and can't wait to meet E! And yes, you've got me seriously thinking about starting a blog. I got all giddy reading the comments about the gifts, I want to be blog-famous like you!!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sock monkeys! I almost did C's first birthday sock monkeys! What a cute idea...month birthday gifts! I need to meet your friend Nicole! She sounds amazing!


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