September 16, 2008

July/August 2008

July and August have absolutely flown by. Patrick didn't start work until August 18th, so we really thought we'd have a lot of down time....FALSE. :)

Sidenote: For those of you who may not know, we have moved to Oklahoma. It is absolutely beautiful here and the people are great! Patrick has taken a position through the hospital here where he will have his own clinic (just across the street from the hospital) and will do Family Practice and OB. My dad is building our new home, which is turning out to be more than we ever imagined!!! Here is the view from our back veranda...we are very blessed! :)
Okay, so back to July and August. The majority of our time was spent in the car. We had a few trips back to Waco so Patrick could finish up getting his private pilot's license - which he successfully received at the end of July. Hopefully one of these days we'll put that thing to use! Again, I'm so proud of him for reaching yet another of his goals! :)

My mom and I also did a lot of painting in our new house. The painter's for the house did a beautiful job throughout the house, which gave us a great place to start from. We did a faux finish in the great room/kitchen (we have an open floor plan), also did some color washing in our bedroom and Patrick's office, and finally we (or I should say she) striped the dining room wall! My mom is such a gifted artist and I'm so glad she was able to do this for us. We have had so many people comment on the fabulous paint job she did. :) I will post some pictures soon.
In addition to that, we spent a lot of time picking out light fixtures, sink faucets, door knobs, etc...who knew there were so many elements to a house? We've actually had a lot of fun with the whole process. My dad has been a total God-send as he has made this process actually enjoyable for us!

Patrick also spent a couple of weekends in July covering for another doctor who was in need of some time off due to them being short handed. Everyone was very welcoming and Patrick delivered his first baby in private practice his first weekend on call.

At the end of July, I signed up to be an Uppercase Living Demonstrator. Uppercase Living is a line of vinyl words and embellishments that you can apply to many surfaces to achieve the look of it being painted on. It's a product that I absolutely love, so I decided it would be fun to sell it!

Throughout all this, we were also able to spend some time with our families. We really enjoyed the last few months - they just went by too fast!

Patrick started work at his clinic on August 18th. He has a wonderful office coordinator and nurse, and he is really enjoying settling in and getting his practice going. Everyone here is so nice and has really made us feel welcome!

A friend of Patrick's from residency decided to come take a look here as Patrick has been heavily recruiting him. :) After visiting with his wife and their 3 cute kiddos, they have decided to come here next August! We are so thrilled about this. Patrick and Shane will have a practice together, and I'm excited to have Brenda and the kids here! They are such a neat family and think it's awesome that God is leading them here. :)

June 2008

Wow...this seems like forever ago. June was an eventful month for us. Patrick was finishing his last month of residency, I was teaching at a summer camp, and we both were preparing to move out of our condo in Waco. The Lord blessed us with the timely selling of our condo, and we closed on June 30th. That being the case, the movers came on June 22nd and hauled our stuff to the garage of our new home in Oklahoma.

On June 27th, Patrick had his residency graduation at Ridgewood Country Club in Waco. It really was a special and exciting night. I'm pretty sure he had the biggest "posse" there! We were so glad that many of our family members could make it. Each year they give out 2 awards for the graduating residents. The awards are voted on by the attending doctors, faculty, residents, and nurses. One of the awards is for the Best Teaching Physician, which is someone who takes the time to educate others on medical issues, etc. The other award is the Most Compassionate Physician, which is someone who can truly relate to patients and goes the extra mile with & for them. And wouldn't you know it....Patrick won them BOTH! Of course I thought he should've received them, but it was so neat to see him recognized by everyone else, and hear the stories of the lives he has touched. I am so incredibly proud of him and feel we are truly blessed!

We have arrived...

Well, we decided it's finally time to start a blog! Since moving from Waco, we've had a lot of people tell us we need to do so. So, yesterday I asked Patrick if he thought we should start a blog, and he said, "Sure...what's a blog?" Needless to say, he was (partially) kidding, but agreed we should do so, and also mentioned he needs a Facebook lesson from me...though I'm still learning myself. :) For his friends that might be reading this, believe it or not...he does miss ya'll very much and talks about you often...unfortunately his schedule just hasn't permitted him to stay in contact as he would like. Hopefully, however, that will change as we settle into this new chapter of our lives!

Since I've had a number of people ask what our summer has consisted of, I think I will make a post with a "re-cap" of the past few months, then try to keep everyone updated from there. This is all very new for me, so wish me luck! Happy reading. :)
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