February 7, 2014

Five on Friday {2.7.14}

It's been awhile since I've done a random post, so what better time to do so then Five on Friday?!

1. Coastal Scents Eyeshadow: I heard about about this Revealed palette from Andrea (of course) and read the review she mentioned here. I couldn't believe how close this was to the Naked palettes! I am no beauty blogger, but I do love a good deal. So I had to order this, and lucky for me it was on sale for $9.95 when I did. I think even at regular price ($19.95) it's a great deal considering how much a Naked palette is. It shipped super fast too!

2. GoTandem App: My sister Rachael told me about the goTandem app, and it is SO cool and perfect for me! Something I'm really trying to do is incorporate scripture more in my every day life. I'm doing a reading plan that has helped me stay on track, but I also like this app because you can fill out a questionnaire on your spiritual life and areas you are struggling in (anxiety, depression, finances, worry, etc.) then set it to send you scriptures regarding those topics. So an alert pops up with a relevant scripture for you to meditate on. You can have it send up to 12 alerts a day, or just one if you'd prefer. I'm doing 3 right now - morning, noon, and night - and I love it. 
3. Fun Friends: Our life group had a going away party for my friend Jaclyn the other night. We went bowling and it was so much fun. The girls decided to take a picture, and of course an old school cheer pyramid was the way to go. ;) Jaclyn, I'm so very sad you are leaving us!! We will miss you tons.

4. Swim Lessons: Maeva has started taking swim lessons. It's a Parent/Tot type class, meaning I have to get in the pool too. So that's fun. Unfortunately she is not too excited about said swim lessons. The first class she screamed the.whole.time. The second class, she screamed about 75% of the time. Then the very next day, we went to a swim party for my niece's birthday. Well wouldn't you know, Maeva LOVED it. I did all the same songs/drills we do in swim class and she laughed and smiled through them. I couldn't believe it really, but was glad to see her loving the water! We have our third class today, and if girlfriend even tries to scream and cry I'm calling her bluff. She's way too dramatic.

5. Winter Weather: My mind is kind of blown with how COLD it has been here. The last few days it's been around 7-14 degrees most of the day, though colder with the wind chill. We are supposed to get another 6-12 inches of snow early next week, and I'm not even sure what to think about that. I'm so ready for summer - heck, even spring! Or just temperatures that don't make it impossible to stay outside for more than a minute without getting frostbite. We went outside for a bit yesterday, though we were out a fraction of the time it actually took us to get dressed to go out. We made some snow ice cream too, which Manny loved because he's all about being "Mommy's BIG helper" and this was something he could basically do on his own. Snow ice cream reminds me SO much of my childhood. Good memories. I hope that's what Manny recalls years from now rather than mommy's crazy eyes when cabin fever has set in. ;)

Happy weekend friends!! :)

February 6, 2014

Valentine's Teacher Gift {Free Printable}

I wanted something quick, easy, and inexpensive for Valentine's teacher gifts this year, so of course I turned to Pinterest. I came across this pin and thought the idea was adorable. Every teacher has hand sanitizer sitting out, so why not have a cute bottle? I needed the tag in a different size and shape then the pin I'd found, so decided to design something on my own. If you'd like to make these too, here's what you need:

--Hand Sanitizer (Dollar Tree has some)
--Cardstock or sticker paper to print design (free download below)
--Glue or tape
--Washi tape (optional)

1. Download and print the label by clicking here. I printed mine on matte presentation paper, but you could also print on sticker paper - I just didn't have any on hand, and this worked fine.
2. Cut out labels.
3. Remove sticker from front of the bottle.
4. Place label on the bottle. Mine had some sticky residue left, so I didn't have to use any extra glue since I was going to secure it with washi tape too. If you don't have sticky residue left on your bottle, I would just use some glue or double sided tape to attach the label to the bottle.
5. If you're feeling fancy, finish it off with some washi tape. Mine actually came from the office supply section at Target and they don't call it washi tape - I think paper tape? But same concept. It's in a 4 pack. Target also is carrying washi tape in the scrapbook section now, but I've had this for awhile. You can also find washi tape at Hobby Lobby and Michael's too.

Manny helped me put these together and it was quick and easy, and most importantly - these were cheap and they're DONE. :) Thanks again for the inspiration Simply Sprout!
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