April 30, 2014

Costume Party Invitation {Manny's 4th & Maeva's 2nd Birthday Party}

I can't believe it, but birthday party season is upon us once again! Since the kids' birthday's are only 5 days apart, I'm going to get away with a joint party for as long as I can. It saves money & is easier for the most part, so it works well for us. However, deciding on a theme this year didn't come quite as easy as last year's confetti bash. What to do when you're faced with the challenge of throwing a joint birthday party for your son & daughter who have extremely different and unique favorite things that don't go together at all? Throw a costume party, of course!  So thankful for my BFF, event planner extraordinaire, who helped me shape this "vision", if you will. :)

I like to include a picture on their invite, and as luck would have it, Candice had a Minnie Mouse costume Maeva was able to borrow. MB loves Minnie...not quite as much as Spiderman, but she does love her. :) Her newest love is Cookie Monster. I hope you can see her Cookie socks in some of the pictures. She basically demands those on a daily basis...so that's fun to deal with. Manny mostly requested a Ninja Turtle birthday party, but he also loves Superman and Dusty from Planes...so those made his costume of choice, too.  
I took a ton of pictures because I never know what I'm going to get with them...so I just keep snapping. I put this collage on the back of the invite as they were some of my favorites, too. We laughed the whole time I was taking these pictures...and a few people stopped to watch us too. I'm sure we looked crazy. :)

 A few more of my favorites...MB biting Cookie...she loves to "chomp" him.
But then she decided to pucker up and give him a kiss. 
Here she asked for another cookie...and mean mommy said no. She was not happy, despite the fact she still had one in her hand. 
Manny was full blown ninja mode, so a lot of my pictures didn't quite turn out. He was too busy fighting the bad guys. :)
 Traveling on to a different location for more pictures...MB not happy about the cookie situation still.

And finally, some kisses for her daddy. She is such a daddy's girl - she asks for a kiss every morning when he leaves for work. :) I sure do love my kids and their silly, unique personalities! Couldn't be more the truth to say...never a dull moment here. And I wouldn't have it any other way. #mostdays :)


  1. What a great idea! I love that all of their loves are included!

  2. love MB and those snacks! and you are too creative my friend. i also love that you let them have their own unique personalities and incorporate it into their party. such a fun mom!
    also - these pics? some of my favorites. ever.

  3. Thanks friend! It's always something off the wall with them. ;)

  4. Aww thanks so much friend!! Can't argue with the fact that my kids are pretty stinking cute. ;) This was definitely a fun photo shoot! Not sure how the party will play out but it's out a bounce place so am hoping it will be nice and simple. :)


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