November 25, 2013

Random November Updates

Well hello there! Remember when I decided to blog every day in the month of October to help me get back in the habit of blogging? Oh Sarah, so young, so naive. I'd give myself about an F- on the success of that endeavor. Here we are well over HALFWAY through November and I haven't blogged once. This is me, hanging my head in shame. I don't know when I'll manage to fit in everything I want to do, but maybe one of these days it will happen. 

November has been a fun and full month for us! We took family pictures with Amanda Rice Photography and that basically aged me 10 years. Maeva was NOT in the mood AT ALL. Yes, she was getting over pink eye and an ear infection, but come on sister. It was a mini session. Was 15 minutes too much to ask? Apparently yes. Yes it was. Not even the world's largest supply of fruit snacks could calm her down from the fits she threw during the pictures. Girlfriend has a bit of a stubborn streak and there was no talking her down. But I kid you not...the minute we were done? She was all giggles and smiles. So I'm not buying the feeling sick act really...I think it was more like feeling stubborn. Oh well. Luckily Amanda is super talented and still managed to get some good pictures of us!

Manny, on the other hand, was working that camera like he owned it. His hair was prime time fine that day too.  She got soooo many adorable ones of Manny. I finished designing our Christmas card yesterday. Not sure why, but I am horrible at coming up with designs for my own stuff. I can do it for other people without thinking too much, but I get so uninspired with my own stuff it seems. So it's not my favorite design ever, but they're ordered and nobody will care one way or the other...and most importantly, they're checked off my list. :)

I love that puffer vests are back in...I was a big fan of them back in the day. However, I've always been a little self conscious in them. About a month ago I picked up a quilted vest at Old Navy as it's not too puffy and I thought it'd be a nice way for me to ease my way into wearing them again. Needless to say, the day I wore it, Manny started calling me Big Mama. Coincidence? I think not. 
Maeva girl has a little bit of a tomboy in her, thanks to her big brother I think! She loves playing with cars, trains, and planes, and it's so cute to watch her make the zooming and whirring noises. Recently she has fallen in love with Spider-Man, and carries around one of Manny's little figurines everywhere. She also goes and gets his Spidey pjs and socks and brings them to us wanting to wear them. She saw Spider-Man bubble bath at the store the other day and kept saying "Pease pease pease" until I finally put it in the cart. Cracks me up!
At the same time, she is also a bit of a girly-girl and loves carrying her purse around all the time. And pretending to talk on the phone too of course. :)

Last week we had Manny's Thanksgiving feast at school. They made them cute little costumes and they had quite the meal to celebrate. MB ran around swiping food from anybody she could find. That kid and her appetite!

She always wants to wear his backpack when we pick him up from school. She thinks she's such big stuff!  

Manny is still loving school so very much and I love hearing his stories from the day. His class is called the Friendly Frogs, and apparently their time-out spot is called the Sad Lily Pad. I learned about it from Manny, who was telling me about a classmate who had to go there. There is not much cuter than the way he says Sad Lily Pad...this kid is so expressive!

Here's to hoping I blog at least 2 more times this month...otherwise I will break a new record for the least I've ever blogged....such an overachiever I am! ;)
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