August 23, 2013

Manny's 1st Day of MDO 2013

It's hard to believe it, but this little cutie started "the big kid class" at Mother's Day Out on Tuesday. We LOVED his teacher last year and have been really sad to leave her. But we've been talking a lot about the big kid class and he was excited to check it out. Apparently all day he kept asking the teacher, "But where are the big kids?" Poor buddy didn't think of himself as a big kid...which is fine by me!
He wanted to carry his nap mat and lunchbox himself since he's "big now". These are the same SheShe Made ones we got when he started MDO 2 years agao and they're still in great shape!
Before I left, I asked the teacher to take a picture of us together. (Also, if you look on the far left of the picture, you can see MB's little foot photo bombing. So cute.) When I squatted down next to him, he immediately reached his little bitty arm around my neck to hug it tight, and I'm not gonna put a lump in my throat right then and there. After this picture, he gave me a kiss and quietly but bravely walked into his new class, only pausing once to look back over his shoulder at me. I left before I did something silly like cry. But as soon as I got in my car and pulled this picture up, the tears started flowing. Didn't expect to get that emotional about it AT ALL. But this picture just melted my heart. It's a moment I always want to remember. It was so simple, yet so sweet. I just love him to pieces and while it makes me sad sometimes with how fast time is flying by, I so enjoy watching him grow. He was so nervous to go to the new class, but he was trying his best to be brave, and he just seemed so old to me in that moment. I know, I know...if this is me now, what will happen when he actually starts Kinder? I know I'm basically crazy mom status and I proudly own it. No sense trying to hide the obvious here. I'm flying that flag high, friends.

I sure do love you Manny Martin and am so proud of the kind, polite, and brave young man you are becoming!
xo, Mommy

August 15, 2013

Maeva's 1 year & Manny's 3 year Stats

Manny & Maeva on the day of her 1st birthday :)
In case it's not obvious, I'm finally getting around to catching up on several things I'd been wanting to make sure I posted on the blog. As is such, I realized I never posted the kids stats from their 1 year and 3 year well visits. We didn't get around to having them until almost a month after their birthdays, so I guess it's technically plus one month.

Maeva Beth & Mommy on her 1st birthday
MB weighed in at 18 lbs, which is the same she weighed at 9 months too, and is the 30%. She was 27 3/4 inches tall, which is the 5%. As her doctor said, short and round. :) Poor sissy! Mama can relate all too well. Her head measured 17.5 inches, which is the 34%. She got a couple of shots but fortunately wasn't upset long.

Manny & Daddy on the morning of Manny's 3rd birthday
When the doctor saw Manny, he said, "Wow, you're getting big and tall!" to which Manny replied, "No, I'm not tall enough." The day before we'd been at the water park and there was a water slide he wanted to ride (though I don't think he actually would've had they let him) but they told him he wasn't tall enough. So he carried that chip on his shoulder for awhile. :) Anyway, he weighed 39 pounds, which is the 96%, and was 38.5 inches tall, which is the 67%. Though I think the height was a bit shorter than he really was because he didn't want to cooperate much, so it was more of a guess.

But overall, the visits were short and painless. So incredibly thankful for healthy check ups for both of my babies!
I also had to include this comparison picture of Manny on his birthday taking cupcakes to school. He was such a baby last year!!! And this year a crazy little boy with unruly hair. :) As sad as it makes me to see it happen so fast, I sure do love watching him grow!

August 14, 2013

Father's Day 2013

We spent Father's Day weekend this year hanging out with some of Patrick's college buddies that were in town. We hadn't seen one of the families since our wedding, so it was great to see them and get to know their kids. Sunday morning we went to church with them and then out to lunch. On top of all that, Patrick was on call so it was a pretty full weekend that just flew by. On Sunday night, I took Patrick to see the new Superman movie because he had anxiously been awaiting it's release. However, we were a little disappointed in it. Okay he was majorly disappointed. He had such high expectations, and felt let down. To the point that when we got home, he put in the final Batman movie to lift his spirits. See also: he might be a little too invested in movies. :)

Of course I had to do my traditional DAD pictures. Please remind me why I thought it was such a good idea to start said tradition?! Quite the chore trying to get these pictures. MB was less than thrilled to be sitting on the grass, but I didn't want to try to retake the picture of her & Manny once I got a blanket. Manny had been running and playing so was a bit of a sweaty mess. :)

Some of you might remember me posting last year about my ridiculous fear of THE frame I use to frame the DAD pictures no longer being available and how sad I would be. Well guess what?! I was right!! I had to use a different color and style this year, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Patrick likes it and says it doesn't matter, but he hasn't hung it with the other grouping in his clinic yet. I'll be curious to see how it looks since it will be totally random. But at least that relieves the pressure of the "great frame dilemma" for the years to come. :)

And just for fun, because I always love to look back at the previous years to compare!


And 2012!

My oh my, crazy how fast the years have flown by!

August 13, 2013

Insta Recap - Week of 8.5.13

This last week I didn't take as many pictures as I probably would have in a normal week because we were super busy preparing to go out of town! We were on the go a lot and things were just hectic. It was worth it though, because likely at this very moment (I scheduled this week's posts ahead of time) Patrick and I are relaxing on the beach KID FREE thanks to my awesome sister Rachael! :) Here are my insta pictures from last week. As you might notice from the lack of Manny pictures, he was QUITE busy! :) He doesn't like to be in pictures much lately, but would rather take them, which always ends up....interesting.
MB has decided standing up in her high chair isn't enough, and now immediately climbs on top of the tray while cackling, while I'm busting my way across the room to get her before she topples over. Gonna have to duct tape this little Houdini down.

I have been dying to try her hair in pigtails, but my skill level isn't quite there. I finally managed to get them done, but taking a picture of her was a chore. Have I mentioned she's walking now? Wild child!
So yes, my first attempt at piggies was exhausting, but she sure looks cute! I posted on Instagram asking for help on how to get her to sit still so I can fix her hair, and I got a lot of great suggestions. So here's to hoping I will get better at this hair fixing stuff soon!

My friend Nicole that I used to teach with when we lived in Waco was in town for a quick trip to visit her family. We were able to get together one afternoon at Chick-fil-a and it was SO much fun to chat, catch up, and see each other's kids! We were reminiscing on when I lived in Waco and we got together and crafted all the time...prior to either of us having kids, of course. :)
We walked in, I set Maeva down, and she immediately made a beeline for the play place. Within seconds, she was almost to the top!
I seriously can't believe how adventurous she is. She was having the time of her life just crawling all around like a boss!
And if this isn't indicative of my kids' personalities, I don't know what is. We have my one year old flying down the slide on her own, and then my 3 year old requiring an escort by me. In all fairness, he eventually went on his own. Partially because of how brave his sister was being though.

One day I went to change the laundry over, and came back to see the kids had gotten into my book stash, and Maeva was reading Unglued and Manny reading Draw the Circle. Manny was saying, "I'm trying to read Sissy! Stop talking or I'm taking you to baby school!" I'm not sure where he got the idea of baby school, but he threatens to send her there multiple times a day now. As you can see, she seems terribly bothered by that. :)

August 12, 2013

Dancing Fun

Manny and Maeva absolutely LOVE the song "Hey Ho" by The Lumineers. It is our "magic" song that 99% of the time I can turn on and it will instantly turn their mood around. They both get giddy and start dancing, swaying, singing, or sometimes all of the above. Here is a short little clip I took the other day while they were eating a snack. Manny had requested the "Hut" song, as he usually does many times a day. It's so funny because he tries to sing along. He won't sing if he sees I'm videoing though so I haven't caught it on camera yet...but it's so sweet and it just makes him seem SO BIG to be singing along to a song!

And I had to share one other clip of Maeva. It doesn't matter how many times in a row we play this (sometimes so many I want to pull my hair out, but hey - whatever keeps them happy!) but she starts yelling like this almost every time. It's so funny.

They are so much fun together, and are really starting to play and "hang out" together more. I couldn't love them more!!

August 9, 2013

Insta Recap - Week of 7.29.13

Monday morning Manny woke up with a wicked case of bedhead. He looked in the mirror and said, "I don't want Manny's hair like this. I want to be a boy!" Made me SO sad. But then I asked him if he wanted to get a haircut and he said NO, so I guess the curls are safe for now. Whew. 

MB was having a bit of a rough day, so we facetimed with my niece Gabi as that usually makes ANY day better. Poor Sissy Priss still couldn't be perked up and just couldn't shake her Tommy Boy cry face.

My sister Jenny came to hang out with us for a few days, so on Wednesday we headed to a local water park.

We had a GREAT time, and the kids loved the lazy river! MB kept trying to dive off my lap head first. Girlfriend has no fear. Which my parents so lovingly like to remind me they once knew someone like that. :)

We had so much fun hanging out with Aunt Jen!

On Thursday we did a little shopping. MB has started taking an interest in my phone. She doesn't want it to play on it or watch things, but she likes to pretend she's talking on it. Seriously?

That night, my sister insisted Patrick and I go on a date while she kept the kids. Don't have to tell me twice! :)

It was quite comical when I came out of my bedroom dressed and the kids both came racing over to me. It's like they saw I was dressed in real clothes and panicked, knowing that meant I was about to leave.

On Friday morning, we met Megan and Eli at a local museum to let the boys play in the children's area. Manny is quite the hipster these days! He loves to lead Eli around like a boss. Who am I kidding - he loves to lead ANYONE around. Including Maeva, whom he tries to convince she's a horse and fashion a "lead rope" out of the closest thing he can find to make do, which is usually one of my exercise bands that he seems to find no matter where I hide it. Have to watch this one closely!

Friday afternoon called for a FaceTime date with Gabi. Manny asks to go see her all the time, and since that's not realistic, we're very thankful for Facetime! Would you look at how he just gazes at her? He loves his Gabbers.

Saturday was Patrick's birthday, and the main thing he wanted was to go to brunch at a new restaurant called Whiskey Cake. He is OBSESSED (to put it mildly) with their chicken & waffles. Such a weird combo but yes it's good. I don't have the love affair with it that he does, but I did like it.

We had some friends join us too and had a great time! And I love that Eli wanted to get sunglasses like Manny. :)

And I have to save the best for last. When I was picking out a birthday card for Patrick, Manny asked what I was doing. When I told him, he wanted to pick one out too. I'd already picked one up from the kids, but decided I should let him pick his own since he wanted to. Well he is obsessed with donkeys, so when he saw this one he insisted on it. I tried to persuade him otherwise, but nothing could draw him away from the "donkey card". He loves it SO much and is still talking about his "special special" card for daddy.  I decided to let the language slide since he can't read yet, and Patrick couldn't have loved the card more. Such a fun memory. :)

August 8, 2013

Teacher's Favorite Things Template & Printable Update

I can't believe it'2011/08/teacher-favorites-free-printable.html" target="_blank">first posted this free printable. Thanks to Pinterest, it has been downloaded over 7,000 times since then - and that doesn't even count all the sites that are sharing it as their own and not directing people here to download it. Oh wait - did that sound bitter? I hate when my passive-aggressive comments come out wrong. ;)  All joking aside, I don't mind sharing...I'll just never understand why people don't give credit, though I suppose some people really don't know any better, and let's face it - it's gonna happen when you put your stuff on the internetz for free and don't watermark it. But I digress.

Around this time of year, I get quite a few emails asking for me to customize it. As much as I would love to do that for everyone, there just isn't enough time in the day. So, I did something I should've done a long time ago, and finally dropped it into Word (I originally designed it in Photoshop) and made a version that you can edit yourself! I saved it as a really old version of Word, so hopefully it will work for anyone who wishes to edit it. You can download the Word template for the favorite things list here. (Update: I know several of you had problems with this. I believe I have emailed it to anyone that requested it, but please let me know if I missed you. Also - the link is fixed as of August 2015 so hopefully will be working for you all now!)

I also updated the version I'll be giving Manny's teachers this year. So if you're interested in just using a pre-made one, you're welcome to download that version (which is the same as the example you see above) here.

Happy Back to School time!! :)

August 1, 2013

Cousin Fun

Last week was a crazy and fun week! I volunteered to watch my sister's kids for her so she and her husband could go on vacation. Her kids combined with mine meant we had ages 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. Which equals LOTS of fun! Manny and MB were giddy to have their cousins here. One night after dinner we went out for fro yo, which the kids loved.

One day I was doing stuff around the house and I noticed things had suddenly gotten very quiet, so I went looking for the kids. And I found them like this. Fully clothed, playing in the shower, having the time of their lives. So I basically said oh well and let them carry on. They were already wet, and it was keeping them entertained so....why stop now? :)
Of course what they all really wanted to do was go up to my parents house. So Wednesday afternoon I got up the courage to load all 5 kids and make the 3 hour trip north. They did surprisingly well, and we only had to stop once. For a bathroom break - for me, nonetheless. I seriously contemplated wetting pants when thinking of the thought of taking all 5 kids into a gas station. However I ultimately decided against it, and we survived our pit stop thankfully. I will add that on the return trip I drank next to nothing in fear of having to stop because of me again. :)

When we got there, my sister gave MB this hat she made her. It was her first time knitting and I think it turned out just adorable!!
It was the last weekend for the amphitheater, but I didn't get to go up much because some of the kids got sick and it was just crazy. My sister sent me this picture of Manny all dressed and ready to go one night. He's so cute in his little costume!!
Last time we were in, my mom took pictures of the kids all dressed up in their costumes. These are a pic of a pic so poor quality, but these pictures seriously are the cutest!!

Jenny took these pictures of the kids playing like little jumping beans...their energy is non-stop!!

Here is MB playing peek-a-boo with my sweet daddy. Sometimes she growls when uncovering her stinking cute.

We had such a fun week and Manny and MB are so sad that their cousins had to go back home! I miss them too. Yes, it was little crazy, but we had a lot of fun and I can guarantee there was never a dull moment! :)
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