June 11, 2013

A little of what we've been up to

As much as I thought (hoped?) things might slow down after our busy May, they definitely have not. Between the party, Memorial Day, my sister's 40th Birthday Party, and just our everyday life, I have SO much I really want to blog about. Yes, I know I say that often, but the other day I had to look something up on the blog because I really couldn't remember, and it was so nice/fun to be able to reference it. Because my memory these days? It's in a sad, sad state. I know it has to do with me "trying" (and often failing) to multi-task. So here's to trying to get back in the routine of blogging. Again.
Last week Manny went to Garden Camp, which is kind of like a mini VBS at the church where his MDO is. He kept calling it Garbage Camp though. Not trying to be funny - he just thought that's what I was saying. I didn't think much of it til the 2nd day when his teacher told me he kept correcting her, and eventually had all of the kids in class calling it Garbage Camp too...so we had to address that. :)

We made our first trip of the summer to the pool, and MB loved it! She looks way too big here.

Last week I worked an event for an organization I'm a part of. We sat down to eat when we were done, and someone took our picture. Let me just say I am so extremely awkward at random photos, and always end up in odd poses. Like here, where it looks like I'm about to chest bump my friend. So there's that. It was a really fun night though!

And now this week, we are down in Dallas staying at my sister's having some fun family time. Manny and Ellie (my niece) are taking swimming lessons, which has been quite the adventure. I'll post more on that if when we survive finish them. This is his first time doing lessons where I leave him...I guess that means we're both growing up! :)

June 5, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend & MB's Dedication Day

I'm going to pretend like it hasn't been almost a month since this happened and write about it while I still remember it! Yes, I'm ridiculous. It's okay as long as I realize it, right? Mother's Day weekend was a busy one for us, as it was also Maeva's actual birthday and baby dedication day at our church. On top of that, Patrick was on call but we still managed to fit a lot in for a fun weekend. 
On Saturday, Patrick and Manny went to an air show. It was a last minute decision as Patrick didn't know if it would work with his schedule to get to go, but I'm so glad it did. The boys were so cute headed out on their little "date", and Manny was so excited.  

I may or may not have nearly fainted when Patrick sent me a video of them going on a plane ride with one of his co-workers. Of course Manny loved it, but it slightly unnerved me. I know they were safe, but still...a bit much for me. :) Patrick has his private pilot's license but doesn't get to fly near as much as he'd like, so I was glad he got to go do this for a day as I know he really enjoyed it. Manny still talks about it and their fun day at the "airplane zoo".

On Sunday morning, Manny greeted Maeva with a birthday song. He'd been practicing it all.week.long, so was excited that the day was finally here. She wasn't feeling very social when she first woke up...wonder where she gets that. :)

And here we are before heading to church. They are both just getting so big it's crazy. 

Our church had baby dedications that day, and it was extra special to get to dedicate Maeva to the Lord on her birthday! We feel so incredibly blessed to get to raise our kiddos, and couldn't do it without the strength and guidance from the Lord.

After church, we went home for naps, and then headed to the park to play and fly a kite. We ended the day with "birthday snow cones" and some sweet Mother's Day cards and a bracelet for me. It was a simple weekend full of fun family moments...I really couldn't ask for more.
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