September 6, 2013

Five on Friday - 9.6.13

A little late, but I thought I'd share 5 random things on this lovely Friday afternoon!

1. {Car Seat} Well I think the time has come to graduate MB from her infant carrier to a convertible car seat. We have the Graco MyRide 65 for Manny and like it for the most part. The only thing is it's kind of a pain to move. From time to time, we need to switch the car it's in and it's like an act of Congress to do so, so I'd prefer something a little easier to move. Any recommendations? And where did you buy to get the best deal? I the only one royally creeped out by this Dora car seat? It's like there's a peeping Tom in your back seat at all times. Now watch I'll end up with this one day. :)

2. {Bump2Buff} My sweet friend Tiffany just started a new blog called Bump2Buff where she is sharing her weight loss journey, workouts, eating tips, and more! She is a wealth of info and is such an inspiration to me as I'm still working towards getting healthier. I am so excited she's going to be blogging specifically about health and fitness. I've chatted with her via email before about this kind of stuff and she keeps it simple and most importantly makes it seem doable for anybody. So thanks for the inspiration Tiffany! Be sure to check her out if you're looking for some encouragement too. 

3. {Proof is in the Pin} I've been feeling rather crafty lately, and have been fairly productive with doing some Pinterest projects. So I think I'll start doing a monthly post again, still the 2nd Tuesday of the month. I don't think I'm going to do the link-up anymore, but if anyone else wants to join in  you can always leave your link in the comments. But I've had my mom a few people tell me they miss the monthly recaps of my Pinterest projects so I thought I'd try to start sharing again. :)

4. {Craft Night} Along that note, I have been thinking for awhile that it would be fun to host a Pinterest party, and am probably going to go ahead and put one together. I know I've asked before but I can't find the post (why don't I tag my posts??) but if you've hosted or attended a Pinterest party, I'd love to hear more about it, or if you blogged it please share the link too. And if you live in the OKC metro and would be interested in attending, shoot me an email at sjg_ou at and I'll keep you posted of the plans!

5. {Target Chairs} And it wouldn't be a proper post without a picture of my cute kiddos, now would it? So I thought I'd share a picture of them lounging in their new chairs from Target that I bought with the last of their birthday gift cards. I thought they were a steal at $35 each, and they are a hit with these two.

That's all for today...happy weekend friends!

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  1. that dora chair is creepy every time I see it. but I do like that she has cup holders. that's one thing I wish ours had, so make sure you get that feature (if possible).
    can't wait to read your friend's blog. i need some inspiration, because momma needs to lose some lbs!
    ugh, i would love to craft with you!! how fun would that be!?! :)
    can't get over how big your munchkins are getting! wait, is that an oxymoron? :)

  2. Car Seat: We have the Britax Roundabout 55 in my car (an Acura TSX) and it fits great rear facing and wasn't terribly expensive. It was highly recommended by a friend who is a car seat technician!

    I got it from when they had a sale and I also went through ebates so I got $ back on it too. :)

    And thank you for sharing that Target chair tip! I was looking for something similar for Andrew's big boy room!

  3. -OMG that Dora seat is so creepy!!! We have the Safety First Air 65. We absolutely love it and it's highly rated on all the Consumer Reports lists. Made by the same company as the Maxi Cosi Pria- which is an awesome seat too, just more $$.
    -A craft night would be so fun, my friends and I have said we'd plan one for months:)
    -Love those Target chairs!!

  4. That Dora seat is going to give me nightmares. She's creepy enough, no need to turn her into a car seat! I just finished researching seats for Harper (she's huge. She needs a convertible already!) and we're going with the Chicco Nextfit. Word on the street is they are coming out with new colors next month, so I'm trying to hold out until then, b/c I'm superficial like that. All that to say - if you have any car seat questions, email me! I feel like I know everything there is to know about alltheseats.
    And I think you should do your pinterest party in Dallas so I can come, too. ;)

  5. You should check out the Chicco Nextfit. Great fit, great seat, but it's also one of the easiest to move from car to car, and still secure properly! The easiest one out there is the Clek Foonf, but it's also $400, so not sure if you want to spend that much.

  6. I'm officially creeped out by that car seat. Officially. It's going to be in my nightmares tonight. Thanks. On another note, we're looking at switching Bug's car seat too. There are just so many to choose from and it's so complicated!

  7. Creepiest seat EVER. And I for what it's worth, I second the recommendation for the Chicco Nextfit. We got it in June and just love it. And it's a piece of cake to install.


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