August 13, 2013

Insta Recap - Week of 8.5.13

This last week I didn't take as many pictures as I probably would have in a normal week because we were super busy preparing to go out of town! We were on the go a lot and things were just hectic. It was worth it though, because likely at this very moment (I scheduled this week's posts ahead of time) Patrick and I are relaxing on the beach KID FREE thanks to my awesome sister Rachael! :) Here are my insta pictures from last week. As you might notice from the lack of Manny pictures, he was QUITE busy! :) He doesn't like to be in pictures much lately, but would rather take them, which always ends up....interesting.
MB has decided standing up in her high chair isn't enough, and now immediately climbs on top of the tray while cackling, while I'm busting my way across the room to get her before she topples over. Gonna have to duct tape this little Houdini down.

I have been dying to try her hair in pigtails, but my skill level isn't quite there. I finally managed to get them done, but taking a picture of her was a chore. Have I mentioned she's walking now? Wild child!
So yes, my first attempt at piggies was exhausting, but she sure looks cute! I posted on Instagram asking for help on how to get her to sit still so I can fix her hair, and I got a lot of great suggestions. So here's to hoping I will get better at this hair fixing stuff soon!

My friend Nicole that I used to teach with when we lived in Waco was in town for a quick trip to visit her family. We were able to get together one afternoon at Chick-fil-a and it was SO much fun to chat, catch up, and see each other's kids! We were reminiscing on when I lived in Waco and we got together and crafted all the time...prior to either of us having kids, of course. :)
We walked in, I set Maeva down, and she immediately made a beeline for the play place. Within seconds, she was almost to the top!
I seriously can't believe how adventurous she is. She was having the time of her life just crawling all around like a boss!
And if this isn't indicative of my kids' personalities, I don't know what is. We have my one year old flying down the slide on her own, and then my 3 year old requiring an escort by me. In all fairness, he eventually went on his own. Partially because of how brave his sister was being though.

One day I went to change the laundry over, and came back to see the kids had gotten into my book stash, and Maeva was reading Unglued and Manny reading Draw the Circle. Manny was saying, "I'm trying to read Sissy! Stop talking or I'm taking you to baby school!" I'm not sure where he got the idea of baby school, but he threatens to send her there multiple times a day now. As you can see, she seems terribly bothered by that. :)


  1. HOw sweet are these pictures! I dont know how they make stuff child proof when in fact the child can work it but it is the adult who cant. Oh the highchair game its scary because you dont want them to fall but you just cant stop them.
    looks like a fun week

  2. James is the same as Manny in the play places. Will would go through them at lightning speed it he was tall enough to climb up but James (almost 4!) has no use for them.


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