August 14, 2013

Father's Day 2013

We spent Father's Day weekend this year hanging out with some of Patrick's college buddies that were in town. We hadn't seen one of the families since our wedding, so it was great to see them and get to know their kids. Sunday morning we went to church with them and then out to lunch. On top of all that, Patrick was on call so it was a pretty full weekend that just flew by. On Sunday night, I took Patrick to see the new Superman movie because he had anxiously been awaiting it's release. However, we were a little disappointed in it. Okay he was majorly disappointed. He had such high expectations, and felt let down. To the point that when we got home, he put in the final Batman movie to lift his spirits. See also: he might be a little too invested in movies. :)

Of course I had to do my traditional DAD pictures. Please remind me why I thought it was such a good idea to start said tradition?! Quite the chore trying to get these pictures. MB was less than thrilled to be sitting on the grass, but I didn't want to try to retake the picture of her & Manny once I got a blanket. Manny had been running and playing so was a bit of a sweaty mess. :)

Some of you might remember me posting last year about my ridiculous fear of THE frame I use to frame the DAD pictures no longer being available and how sad I would be. Well guess what?! I was right!! I had to use a different color and style this year, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Patrick likes it and says it doesn't matter, but he hasn't hung it with the other grouping in his clinic yet. I'll be curious to see how it looks since it will be totally random. But at least that relieves the pressure of the "great frame dilemma" for the years to come. :)

And just for fun, because I always love to look back at the previous years to compare!


And 2012!

My oh my, crazy how fast the years have flown by!


  1. I did the same thing for the hubs's first Father's Day! Except, instead of putting the pictures in a frame, I had them printed on a mug. He loved it, and it's definitely something we'll have to do on a yearly basis as well :)

  2. I love your "DAD" tradition! The pictures are adorable - I especially like this year's "A." I feel your pain on the picture frame thing - Hobby Lobby stopped ordering the shadow box frame that I use for our travel flag/picture wall. So I have seven countries in one frame and poor little Italy is going to look stupid. I'm trying to figure out how to order it directly from the company but so far, no such luck.

  3. That is SUCH a great idea!! I might start doing that because Patrick is a big coffee drinker. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you! And that is such a bummer on the shadow box frame. :( I'm so jealous of all of your travels - you guys are so fun!!


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