August 1, 2013

Cousin Fun

Last week was a crazy and fun week! I volunteered to watch my sister's kids for her so she and her husband could go on vacation. Her kids combined with mine meant we had ages 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. Which equals LOTS of fun! Manny and MB were giddy to have their cousins here. One night after dinner we went out for fro yo, which the kids loved.

One day I was doing stuff around the house and I noticed things had suddenly gotten very quiet, so I went looking for the kids. And I found them like this. Fully clothed, playing in the shower, having the time of their lives. So I basically said oh well and let them carry on. They were already wet, and it was keeping them entertained so....why stop now? :)
Of course what they all really wanted to do was go up to my parents house. So Wednesday afternoon I got up the courage to load all 5 kids and make the 3 hour trip north. They did surprisingly well, and we only had to stop once. For a bathroom break - for me, nonetheless. I seriously contemplated wetting pants when thinking of the thought of taking all 5 kids into a gas station. However I ultimately decided against it, and we survived our pit stop thankfully. I will add that on the return trip I drank next to nothing in fear of having to stop because of me again. :)

When we got there, my sister gave MB this hat she made her. It was her first time knitting and I think it turned out just adorable!!
It was the last weekend for the amphitheater, but I didn't get to go up much because some of the kids got sick and it was just crazy. My sister sent me this picture of Manny all dressed and ready to go one night. He's so cute in his little costume!!
Last time we were in, my mom took pictures of the kids all dressed up in their costumes. These are a pic of a pic so poor quality, but these pictures seriously are the cutest!!

Jenny took these pictures of the kids playing like little jumping beans...their energy is non-stop!!

Here is MB playing peek-a-boo with my sweet daddy. Sometimes she growls when uncovering her stinking cute.

We had such a fun week and Manny and MB are so sad that their cousins had to go back home! I miss them too. Yes, it was little crazy, but we had a lot of fun and I can guarantee there was never a dull moment! :)


  1. it looks like y'all had a blast this past week!

  2. You are such a fun aunt! I would have freaked out with that many kids. I'm still so excited every time I see a new post. :)

  3. Hi Sarah! I am a new follower, I just found your blog through my friend Lindsey at the BMT Blog. Your littles are so cute! I just started a new blog for a new phase of my life, come check me out at

    I am so glad that I found your blog and I cant wait to read more! =)

  4. Thanks so much Lindsey! Looking forward to checking out your blog as well. :)


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