May 6, 2013

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

So I took a bit of an unintentional "blog break", so here I am, per usual, saying I have lots to catch up on. Same song, different day. I have tons I want to blog about, but first things first - I seriously cannot believe this sweet girl will be ONE in less than one week. How?! No clue where this year went, and honestly...she just doesn't seem "old" enough to be a one year old. But since the calendar tells me that's about to happen, I've started making plans as such.

My best friend and I had been talking about having a little getaway, and decided the last weekend in April was the perfect time to do so. Our getaway wasn't fact it was only about 15 minutes from my house. :) But we decided our idea of a "getaway" would just be to get a hotel room and craft and prepare for our kid's upcoming birthday parties. (Her daughter's party will be the day after Manny & MB's.) SO.wild, right?
When I called to book the room, I was asking about the room sizes and if there would be space to set up a 6 foot table. Yes, Candice has a portable one. She doesn't mess around. So the guy on the phone wanted to know what we were doing with the table...and I said...sewing. What on earth?! Why did I say sewing? It was the weirdest thing ever, I like heard myself saying it and was thinking - who is talking? Needless to say, he fixed us up with a very spacious room. And when we went to check-in, it was the same guy who had made the reservation. He was like, "Oh yes! You guys are the sewing ladies." And then asked us if we could sew a couple buttons on some of his shirts. We couldn't stop laughing. I know he thought we were crazy with our cart of random supplies.

We had a fairly productive night...actually I really didn't as the 2 main projects I tried to do were a bust. So then I basically decided to sit on the bed and do nothing. Which was actually quite fun. :) Patrick brought the kids to the room before bed so I could nurse MB. I'd only been gone about 3 hours at that point, but you would think I'd been gone 3 weeks. Stage 5 clingers through and through. It was pretty sweet though and Patrick said they were fine once they left, so that made me feel better. 

The next morning at breakfast, I'm getting a cup of orange juice when I hear an older man behind me say, "Well I'll be darned." I turn around to see him staring at this pancake machine. I'd never seen one either, and was very amused. As was he...pretty sure he watched the pancake machine for about 10 minutes, while occasionally shaking his head and mumbling "Well I'll be darned."

On Sunday afternoon, we took Manny to "Extreme Animal Racing" they hold once a year at our local race track. They had ostrich, camel, and zebra races, along with the regular horse races mixed in.

It was a long and drawn out process, and we ended up leaving before the zebra and camel races because we'd already been there 3 hours and it was hot and crowded. Manny loved the ostrich and horse races, however, he was a little disappointed to miss the zebra races. Almost every day since then, he has asked to go to the zebra races. Oops. Guess we'll be counting down the days til next year's zebra races. And googling zebra racing videos in the meantime.

To brighten his spirits, we stopped and had dinner at Santa Fe so he could have his beloved "moose peanuts". Perfect ending to a nice, fun weekend. :)


  1. My little girl has also just turned one and I cannot believe how time flies... I saw a pancake machine in Bangkok for the first time and I was in absolute awe - so clever! x

  2. You should eventually get the movie Racing Stripes, about a zebra trained to race. Your little guy is sure to love it if he likes zebras. It is rated PG

  3. I don't know it's the second kid thing or what but Gunner seems like too much of a baby to be almost one. My first one seemed much older at a year than Gunner does.

  4. That sounds like a fun little girls night away!! I may have to plan that with a friend!!

  5. So funny! The sewing thing totally sounds like something I would've said & I can't even sew on a button.


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