May 9, 2013

Confetti Birthday Invitations

As I mentioned, I'm doing a joint party for Manny and Maeva this year. With their birthday's being only 5 days apart, and given that they are young and truly don't care...I decided this would be easiest for everybody. It was a bit of a challenge deciding on a theme that would work for both of them. I like for the theme to have some personal significance to them, or a reflection of what they like or their year consisted of. When thinking all these things, I kept coming back to a "Bebe Sawyer" themed party. 
For those that might not know, my parents have a dog named Sawyer. Manny is absolutely obsessed with Sawyer, and seriously talks about him multiple times a day. And then from the time we brought Maeva home from the hospital, Manny has called her Bebe Sawyer. And it caught on with everyone else, to the point that we call her Bebe Sawyer more than we call her Maeva some days. So it's safe to say that Sawyer/Bebe Sawyer have been a big part of our last year and I thought it would be cute to go with. 
So the key was figuring out how to make this a "fun" theme, and not just a dog party. I decided a silhouette of Sawyer (who is an American Bulldog) along with a confetti theme would be the way to go. When the invitations arrived and I opened them, and Manny shouted, "Sawyer!" I knew I'd made the right decision. I actually glittered some of the confetti pieces with glitter glue, and it looked really cute. I patiently let them dry, and when I picked them up...the glitter glue just fell right off. I guess the texture of the card didn't work well with the glitter glue perhaps? Gotta love when projects are a waste of time.

I always like to include a picture on the back of the invitation. I'../../2011/04/mannys-1st-birthday-invitations.html">one I took of Manny for his first birthday, but between bad weather and the kid's sicknesses, it just didn't work out. I ended up using this picture taken by Amanda Rice Photography which I think turned out SO cute! A couple of weeks ago we did a "mommy & me" mini session, and this is from then. I should have the rest of the pictures back soon and am so excited to see them! But more on that another day. :) 
For the labels, I did this design with one concept in mind of applying the label. Without boring you the details, that concept didn't work, so I decided to just use washi tape. I would've preferred the design spaced out more, but I'd already printed them so just left it. I do think the washi tape made for a cute touch though!
However. I have no clue what happened, but apparently something was not acceptable with the format of the design. Turns out someone at the U.S. Postal Service took the time to handwrite all off the addresses on the envelopes. No clue why they didn't just return them - though I'm glad they didn't. I did ask a lady at the post office if the format was okay before printing all of them, and she said who knows. All I know is I hope it wasn't my mail carrier that had to hand address all of these, because if so, she's probably going to leave a bomb in my mailbox very soon.

These invitations were definitely a little different for me, and didn't turn out quite as I'd thought. Still yet, I'm pleased with them and even more pleased to have them checked off my to-do list. :)


  1. These look awesome, well done mama!!! And the silly postal service... x

  2. Love them! They look so cute - and I love the way the dog ties in:)

  3. You are so talented!! They are adorable!!

  4. Great job!!

    That giltteryness is amazing!!!

    I once learned that the zip code must be the farthest to the right on the lowest point on your address label. Anything that reads as text will be read a a zip code and I believe they read from the bottom up..which seems completely backwards to me...and I'm not sure if that is ALWAYS the case or if that info is old, because I learned it a looong time ago.

  5. Sarah - you are so creative & talented! Seriously jealous of your ability to make everything so cute!

  6. Love it. Can't wait to see pictures of the party

  7. So cute! I love the theme and the invitations are adorable. You might have the Feds reading your blog now though since your using phrases like bombs in my mailbox :)

  8. You are soo creative! HOpe you are doing good!

  9. you are so creative! love how unique these are!! and the PO can be so weird sometimes... when i mailed libbi's invites last year, we made makeshift envelopes out of brown lunch bags (it was a picnic theme). i mailed them all on the same day/same mail run/same postage, etc. and 1/2 of them were returned "undeliverable" (WEEKS LATER!!) while the other 1/2 made it safely to their destination. not sure what that was about...??? it was a fun time trying to decide if people had just not RSVP'd yet or if they'd never actually received their invitation. can't wait to see all the party details...i'll live vicariously through you :)

  10. too cute! and I am stealing the glitter on the card kids birthdays are in September and November and I already want to work on invites and know the about planning in advance! ha!

  11. Love the invitations ! Your amazing ! Cute photo of the two of them :)

  12. What an adorable picture of the two of them. The invites look awesome. I can't wait to see all the pictures from the party. I'm sure it will be fabulous!


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