February 13, 2013

Valentine's Pictures

I think this picture of Maeva is one of my all-time favorites. I cannot look at it without laughing. :)
One of my sister-in-law's best friends recently started a photography business, and every time I see her pictures on Facebook I've wished she could take the kid's pictures. We're not in the same town as her, but it just so happened we were going to be up visiting my parents (somewhat near her) one weekend when she was doing Valentine's Mini Sessions, so I immediately signed up for a spot.
We actually stopped at her house on our way home that Sunday for the session, and both of the kids had been napping and weren't in the best of moods so I was curious to see if we'd even get any decent pictures. 
 I was beyond thrilled when I saw how many great ones she got!
Even though Manny mostly stuck to his fake smile, I still love these pictures. :)
If you're in need of a photographer in the Northeastern Oklahoma area, I highly recommend you check out Amanda Rice Photography. Her prices are ridiculously cheap - I keep telling her she needs to raise them! Not that I want her to, but it's just rare to find someone that does such great work for such a cheap price. I have a few more pictures I used for their Valentine's card, but I will wait and post those tomorrow since I don't think all of our family has received them yet. :)


  1. OH HOW PRECIOUS!!! You, without a doubt, have the cutest kids in the world. Happy Valentine's Day to those sweet little faces :)

  2. Oh my gosh these are the cutest pictures ever! I love that first one of MB

  3. These are great pictures! Your sister-in-law's friend is quite talented (:

  4. Oh my!! I am dying over the picture of them together. So sweet! Your kids are precious!!

  5. The pictures are beautiful! The one of Manny nuzzling Maeva's little forehead melts my heart. And the one of Maeva rocking the geek chic glasses? To DIE for! I can totally see that being the baby picture she chooses for her senior yearbook tribute one day. Adorable!!!:) Wish I lived in OK so I could use this photographer. She is wonderful.

  6. I love the picture of Maeva with the glasses! She looks too cute!

  7. Oh My Lands....how cute are these pictures!! They are both precious

  8. Your children are just as precious as can be!!

  9. Holy smokes! That 1st pic is ah-maze-ing. and hilarious!! :)

  10. Absolutely precious, Sarah. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  11. Your kids are so stinkin' cute -- seriously you have adorable babies! Love the Valentine photos!!!


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