February 11, 2013

DIY No-Sew Baby Legs

Blue Steel
Okay, so this is more of a post to show off some pictures of my kids, but I thought I'd share the reason for why I took these pictures to begin with. I'm a huge fan of Baby Legs. Maeva has tons of pairs, yet I find myself always wanting to buy more. The other day I was putting a pair on her that were gifted to us, and I noticed the bottoms weren't hemmed. Upon further inspection, I realized they were actually adult knee socks and the bottom had just been cut off. Who knew?! Not me, that's who. I'm sure the rest of you are shaking your head at my revelation of this old news...but in the event some of you were living under a rock with me? Welcome. I'm here to share this little tip with you.
Go buy yourself a few pairs of cute knee high socks. Target has a bunch of fun prints for $2.50. Then use a pair of scissors to cut them off just above the ankle. Since the fabric is knit, it just kind of rolls up naturally, especially after you wash them.
As you can see, they are not a clean, polished finish, but I don't mind them somewhat unfinished.

I suppose I could spray some No-Fray on the ends, that is if I ever find what I did with my can of that. I've got to get a better system for organizing my craft supplies. And by that, I mean I can't keep chunking stuff in the closet.
Actually I suppose if I was really ambitious (I'm not) I could try my hand at stitching the ends of these. But it literally probably would be my hand. I'm not so great at that kind of stuff. So for now, we'll stick with our no sew baby legs. MB seems to love them. :)


  1. She has such pretty blue eyes. Your children are gorgeous littles. :)

  2. I love targets knee high socks, I've made the girls so many legwarmers. MB eyes are beautiful

  3. I do that for Charley all the time. She has the pink chevron ones too:). I also just realized that I can double her skinny chiffon flower headbands so there are two or three flowers of whatever color combo I want! So fun!

  4. Beautiful babies. The no-see idea is cool too ;)

  5. Your kids are gorgeous!! Thanks for the sock tip! I didn't know that either!


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