February 18, 2013

DIY Cheap Specialty Frames

I am a huge fan of the specialty shaped luxe frames that are all the craze right now. I am not, however, a huge fan of the hefty price tag that comes with them. I was thrilled to see Hobby Lobby start carrying a few types of the flourish shaped frames. They don't have a huge selection right now, but it's a start, and I'm certain it will continue to grow. In the meantime, I've come up with another option for an even cheaper alternative to the fun specialty shaped frames. I want to do a gallery wall in Maeva's nursery (will it still be called a nursery if she's 2 when I finish it??) so I decided to make a few for it. I was able to make these for less than $3 each and love the way they turned out!

What you need:
--wood plaques (I purchased all of mine at Hobby Lobby for $1-2 each on sale.)
--mini clothespins (Hobby Lobby or TomKat Studio)
--paint (I spray painted mine but craft paint would also work.)
--hot glue/glue gun
--sawtooth hangers & nails (I bought mine at Target for about $2.)

1. To begin, paint your plaques and clothespins. I laid all of mine out on a piece of cardboard in the garage and went to town with spray paint. I clipped my clothespins to the side of an old magazine because I think that'../../2012/07/diy-instagram-photo-display.html" target="_blank">here if you're not sure what I'm talking about.)

2. Once dry, grab your pack of sawtooth hangers and with the help of your handy assistant, nail the hangers on the back of your plaque. Be very careful not to turn your back on said handy assistant who has a tendency to get hammer happy.
3. Using a hot glue gun, run a strip of glue on the back of the clothespin, then press it down in place on the plaque. I went ahead and clipped a picture in the clothespin before I glued the clothespin down so I could position it accordingly. 
And there you have it! Some frames perfect for a gallery wall on a budget. I haven't actually put together said gallery wall, but now that I have these finished? Maybe that will happen in the next month or 6. I also added a piece of glitter cardstock (from Hobby Lobby) to one of the frames. You could do the same with patterned scrapbook paper for a different look. If it's regular scrapbook paper, I would probably Mod Podge it down. I just hot glued this piece of cardstock to the plaque because it's super thick and durable.


  1. I LOVE this idea! It turned out adorable.
    I bought two huge frames like that in Canton for $50 (for the pair). They are all over Canton right now for much cheaper than you can get at Hobby Lobby! I know you have family in Dallas, if you haven't visited Canton, you should go!

  2. Love this idea. Michaels sells these. I need to go get some for my girls room & house. I love frames like this but can't justify paying so much for them, thanks for the awesome idea

  3. Yes!! Doing this for Lizzy's party. You are a genius!

  4. LOVE this!! I will be doing this in Kynlee's room for sure...and probably Jaxon's ha!! Thanks for sharing and being so creative!!

  5. Okay, so I officially wish that we didn't live states away from each other because I need a craft-making-buddy and I'm pretty convinced that we'd be perfect together! ha!! Love these frames!

  6. Super cute, Sarah! Now I know what I'm going to look for next time I go to Hobby Lobby! Thanks for linking this up to Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!


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