February 21, 2013

A Fun Valentine's Party!

My friend Katie hosted the cutest Valentine's Day party and I just had to share some pictures of it. Katie is party-planner extraordinaire and went all out making this such a fun party!
The food spread was absolutely amazing. You can't tell well from the angle of this picture, but those fruit skewers were shaped like cupid arrows!
I love how she used scrapbook paper for the place settings. Such a cheap but fun touch.
Those cupcakes you see? They were actually little bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes and were absolutely delightful. The sugar cookies were amazing too. I did my part sampling everything.
She made the cutest backdrop of floating hearts where the kids had a little photo booth dress up fun.
Manny really wanted a pair of sunglasses and this was the only pair availabe...so he totally rocked them. He also loved the Mickey Mouse hands that were in the dress-up bin...it was funny to watch him walk around wearing them. I'm sad I didn't get a picture with Maeva or Katie but I just forgot with so much going on.
The strawberry lemonade was great, and she even had a special champagne treat for the mommas!
There was a craft table with supplies so the kiddos could make Valentine's, and it was SO well organized! Manny absolutely loved it. Isn't Katie's daughter Chloe such a doll? She's so sweet and sat there and colored for the longest time.
When I said Katie thought of every detail, I wasn't kidding. She even had a large blanket set up on the floor with a bunch of pillows and toys so the babies would have a place to hang out. The party was in her neighborhood clubhouse, which has tile floors, so I thought it was incredibly thoughtful of her to make sure to have a place for the babies so I didn't have to lug MB around the entire time.
And to top it off, she sent us all home with yummy favors: a sucker for Manny, a bag of some awesome puppy chow for Patrick & I, and a bag of puffs for Maeva that said "We pink puffy heart you for coming!" Seriously - how cute is that?? Thanks again Katie for throwing such a fun party and letting us be a part of it! :)


  1. you are too sweet and i'm so glad y'all came! and I always chuckle when you compliment my party planning skills bc YOU are the party planning QUEEN! haha :) like-minds i guess!

  2. That is my kind of party :) I love Valentine's Day! Very well done! I love the heart background and little cups of pasta salad!

  3. wow, that is a great party!! so so fun!!

  4. LOVE the new blog design!! I'm so glad you shared these photos. I saw a few from Katie on fb, but it's fun to read about all the little details. She did a great job!

  5. SO cute!!!! I wish we all lived in the same town! I'm not too far, but it's a little tricky getting anywhere with my two rascals haha


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