November 7, 2012

Saying Good-Bye to the Crib

A couple of weeks ago our world changed in a big sad way. I was just settling back in from a 3am feeding with Maeva (I know, ridiculous) when I hear Manny start SCREAMING his head off suddenly. It wasn't a cry, it was a scared scream. I went into his room, and he was standing there with tears running down his face trying to climb out of his crib. I asked what was wrong, and he said he was scared and wanted me to hold him. (or hold you as he actually says.) It was so sad...I really could sense the fear, and am pretty sure he'd had a bad dream. It absolutely broke my heart. So we finished the night with him in our bed - which basically means sleep for nobody. Amazing.
The next day, I went to put him in his crib at naptime and he started panicking wanting out and saying it was scary. I felt so bad for him and just let him nap in our bed by himself, and he went right to sleep no problem. And that's basically what happened for the next week. He'd brush his teeth, and before we could even do anything else, he'd run and get in our bed and go right to sleep. A couple of times we tried putting him in his crib, but he still seemed really scared, and not like he was faking it. So we let him fall asleep in our bed, then we'd move him to his crib. He'd still wake up screaming crazy around 5 or 6, which was early for him.
So after a week, we decided to transition his crib to a toddler bed. This was harder for me than I anticipated. I just wasn't ready for him to be out of his crib! He slept so great there (not always, but we eventually got to that point) and I just wasn't ready for this move. But it definitely seemed to be the time for the change. So Patrick transitioned the crib, and I also took Manny to Target to pick out some new bedding. We thought maybe a change would make things better. He was excited at first, but that lasted all of 7 minutes. We could still get him to sleep in there with a little work, but it was exhausting. We knew we needed more changes, so the hunt for the perfect bed began.
And don't kid yourself - I was totally stalking Craigslist for a Thomas bed. Yep, it might be a bit much but if it meant he would go back to sleeping good? I would embrace that bed as if it was made of gold. There was no way I was buying one of these new, but I never found one on Craigslist for a decent price, so I guess it wasn't meant to be after all. 
The more we talked about it and looked around (and the less we slept), we decided he needed a regular twin bed rather than a toddler bed. He'd just gotten too big for a toddler bed and would wake himself up moving around at night...and once he woke up? Well then he'd end up sleeping in our bed in the shape of the letter T. Again...amazing.
Somehow in all our searching, we came across fort beds...and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen Patrick quite this excited about something in awhile. We stumbled on this particular fort bed on craigslist for a fraction of the price, and Patrick was giddy. We had decided we'd probably do it, when we had the foresight to actually measure how it would fit in the room. Yeah, not so much. So as sad as it made me, I had to crush Patrick's hopes and dreams and say no to the fort bed. Maybe one day.
We had seen this bed at IKEA awhile back and thought it was cool. However, we don't feel comfortable with Manny sleeping up top just yet so filed it away for another day. Then I was looking on the IKEA website, and saw that it's actually a reversible bed, and the bed can go either high or low. I was headed to Dallas that weekend anyway, so we decided to go for it!
And a million pieces and a few hours later, the bed was ready to go. He was SO SO excited about it...he actually gasped and started clapping when he saw it. It was so cute!
He was ready to go to bed and kept telling us bye so we'd leave the room. He looked like such a big boy!
Annnnd this is what I found when I went to check on him later that night. I least he's sleeping, right?! He's such a mess. Thankfully we've come a long way since then and he sleeps great in his bed now. Or I should say WAS sleeping great. Then Daylight Savings Time happened, and we're back at square one basically. So amazing. Except not. I'll sleep one day, right? And that would be the end of the longest most rambling story ever. Can we blame the fact that this doesn't make sense on sleep deprivation? :)


  1. i am with you, i am not ready to move levi either! he has never tried to climb in or out of his crib, so he's staying put for now :) jacob was just shy of his 3rd bday before we moved him, so we'll probably do the same with levi. so come may '13 i'll then have 2 munchkins in my bed! yes, jacob still comes to our bed every now and then. we used to walk him back to his room, now we just say get out. HA! :) parents of the year!!

    love the last picture of manny! so funny!

  2. love the last picture, hilarious. I have kids similar in ages and daylight savings time is horrible. Moms everywhere need to sign a petition or something right?? :-)

  3. We so feel you on the sleep thing. Besides having a 5 month old who also gets up once a night (after a WHOLE MONTH of sleeping 11-12 hours), we also have the 2.5 year old who doesn't love sleeping. ha! We've always gone through phases where he'd do well all night but get up early or do crappy and night and sleep a bit longer. We had MAJOR progression when we moved him from his crib to a bed a little before he turned two. It was awesome. Aside from the occasional walk into our room during the night (which he rarely does anymore), things are going well. But oh trust me, we feel you on the DST thing -- 5 am hour is EARLY. Exhausted. :)

  4. Oh we're there too! I'm not ready for my baby girl to graduate to a big girl bed! It won't be long though... maybe only a matter of weeks... I think she's ready but I'm still dragging my feet. She's not climbing out yet... thankfully but I still think she'd sleep better with more room to sprawl! Pray you get some uninterrupted sleep tonight!

  5. Bahahaha!!!! I just got the biggest kick out of this post!!! Love it!

  6. Hi-lar-i-ous! You have to file this under "we'll laugh about this in 10 years and cry about this in 20 years". I love how Manny decides when he's ready to do something and then clues yall in. This kid is destined for GREATNESS!Good luck with that! :)

  7. Poor Manny :( That makes me sad that he had a bad dream. Cooper went through something similar...actually still is kind of going through it, although he is now back to sleeping through the night, until about 5am, which is pretty normal for him. But we still have to lay down with him to go to sleep :/ We are getting him a full size bed this weekend. I never in a million years thought I'd be getting my TWO year old a full size bed. I always swore that he'd be in his crib until he was 13. But he's just too big for his crib, which is now converted to toddler. ANYway, longest comment ever, but I can totally relate to this!

  8. Ha ha! he is such a cutie!! Hope he's sleeping better!!

  9. This post cracked me up! Love it! Manny is such a character! I know my day of toddler bed conversion is coming, ugh. I hope sleep gets better in your house soon!!

  10. Hopefully this second go 'round won't be hard as the first time since it is only the time change. It messes us all up. Next thing you know, Maeva will be in her own bed....even I can't even bear to think about that! yikes!

  11. It's crazy how our kids are in the same place. We just transitioned Chase to his toddler bed a week and a half ago. Everything was going great until Daylight Savings Time. And the baby's waking up more at night too. We'll sleep someday, right????


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