November 9, 2012

Random Things

--Hi, I'm Sarah and seeing whereas I am pretty much the lamest blogger these days, I'm not sure why I thought it'd be a good idea to start a monthly link-up. Oh wait, yes I do - because I needed accountability to actually do some stuff I was pinning. Which has been good for me. But honestly? I suck at hosting link-ups. As was evidenced last month when it didn't work, and I never had the time to try to figure out how to fix the code because I was in over my head with 3 million other things. So yeah. Take this as your reminder that the Proof is in the Pin link-up is this Tuesday, the 13th. Join me. Or don't. There's a 50/50 chance I'll have it up anyway. Kidding!! Get excited!! Be there. Or else. (On this note I should step away from the computer. Do y'all feel my posts are progressively exposing my crazy more and more?)
--Family pictures for our Christmas card were on Monday. Which again would explain some of the crazy you've been seeing. We did survive, but our photographer's poor cat might never be the same again after Godzilla chased her around cackling like a mad scientist. This was the 3rd time we'd rescheduled, and the weather had gotten considerably colder since our original date 3 weeks ago. That being the case, the outfits might not have been the best choice for the weather that day. But if you've ever coordinated picture outfits for a family of 4? You know once it's set, you're not about to go through the stress of changing things again. The kids only shivered for a little while after we were done. I'm anxious to get them back and see if the teeth chattering is evident.

--My personal beauty guru Andrea shared with me the greatness that is Benefit Erase Paste after I shared with her my woes of sleepless nights and midnight black circles under my eyes. I picked some up at Sephora (she said it's at ULTA too) and I will say it's pretty much a miracle worker!

Well that's the best I've got for today. Have a great weekend friends...and get your posts ready for Tuesday!!


  1. I understand crazy... think crazy has been going around lately! Hope ya'll got one good picture from the adventure!

  2. manny chasing the cat made me LLOL so much I felt the need to come comment for real. Also I guess I need that miracle cream too!!

  3. I'm sure your Christmas photos will be darling...fingers crossed for no visible goosebumps! I'm super excited for your Proof is in the Pin link-up...I've been planning out my pins since last week :)


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