November 16, 2012

Manny's School Pictures {2012}

Manny's school pictures were a couple of weeks ago, and we just got them back. This is a picture of a picture, so not great quality, but I cannot get over how big he looks!! I had a cute outfit picked out for him, but as usual, he begged for a Thomas shirt. So I decided to let him have his way and wear a Thomas shirt because this truly is what his life is about right now. (And lucky for me his SheShe Made shirt makes Thomas pretty darn cute.)
They took them on a day Manny doesn't go, so I took him up there just for pictures. I was surprised that he actually sat down and posed. But I'm glad he did! Pretty sure I'd never have it quite that easy if I tried to photograph him.
I'd set Maeva down to help Manny get situated for pictures, and when I turned back around she was surrounded by a bunch of little boys. As soon as Manny noticed this, he ran over there and started shouting, "No! My Bebe Sawyer!" (yes he still calls her that) I told him we needed to be nice and not yell. Well now during his daily ritual of looking at pictures on my phone, this is one he almost always pulls up and says "Be nice to Bebe Sawyer." He's such a mess. But I do have a feeling he might be an over-protective big brother!
Next was the group picture, and oh my word...his class has 10 kids in it and you should've seen them trying to get them all to cooperate for the picture. Herding cats? Is that the phrase? I was so proud that Manny stood there quietly waiting. I looked over at one point and he was HOLDING HANDS with the little girl next to him!! I couldn't get over it. They held hands for at least a few minutes and I'm not going to share the crazy mom flash-forward moments wedding day that went through my head
Needless to say, one minute he was hand holding with this sweet girl and the next moment? He had dropped to the ground and was flailing around like he was being stabbed with needles. NO clue what triggered it - probably my previous proud moment that he wasn't acting a fool. His teacher was like, "Wow, I've never seen him do this!" To which I didn't know to be proud or ashamed. I mean, I'm glad he doesn't normally act like that at school but man...there's nothing like not being able to calm down your raging toddler. That being said...I have no group picture to show because we left. I didn't want to hold things up and I wasn't able to bribe reason with him to get him to cooperate for the picture. Disciplining in public places is so hard for me at this age. But that's a whole different bag of issues. Love this kid and his strong spirit...we're too much alike!! :) 


  1. So adorable Sarah!! He is too funny!! I love the over protective big brother. Maeva will appreciate it one day :)

  2. I LOVE your personality! I know we don't personally know each other, but it shows through your blog. And Manny is a mess. He has me laughing daily. :)

  3. Love the pictures and the cute shirt. The first time I brought my baby to my 2-year-old's class, the other kids ran over to her just like in your picture. My son did not like that and he pushed his way through saying "No! No!"

  4. Oh my heavens... He looks like he's headed to high school! So big! And so cute! And very toddler-rific!

  5. Are our boys so alike because they are so close in age? Their personality similarities are uncanny and I feel awkward that pretty much every time you say something about Manny, I'm all THAT'S JUST LIKE COOPER! Ha. Isn't it so crazy how they will remember specific things, like when he goes to that picture and repeats what you told him? Of course, then they don't remember most of the other things you tell them repeatedly. Like not running across the kitchen counter.

  6. It's so great that the school pictures were outside. No crazy background. He looks adorable in his Thomas shirt.

  7. Oh My gosh! So funny! His picture turned out so cute. Cant wait to get that arranged marriage working!

    1. Yes ASAP! Tell HH not to be threatened by the hand holding. It meant nothing to MM>

  8. I love reading your posts on Manny because I am pretty sure him and Hays are one in the same. I don't know if they would be good friends because they are SO much alike!

    And what's up with Thomas? I do not understand why little boys go crazy over him!

  9. Such a cute picture. I can't wait to get kaylees school pictures back

  10. Adorable pictures!! My 3 yr old nephew has started kissing one of the little girls in his class! He comes home & announces to his mom "I kissed Presley today!". They're so funny!

  11. this post!!! I had to laugh b/c seriously - Manny & Cannon must be long lost brothers - they are soooo similar! I had to give up on the idea of ever volunteering at his school - he was the school freak show last month at a little festival they had where I was helping out. It was NOT a pretty sight - very similar to yours lol. And yes his teachers said the same thing - they had NEVER seen him like that...too bad I see it almost daily - ha! Maybe things will improve next year! :)

  12. Could that first picture of him be any sweeter? Adorable! His Thomas outfit looks precious:) And, I'm just gonna say it: I think Bebe Sawyer is pretty much the coolest nickname ever. Love that Manny calls Maeva that!!!

  13. Could that first picture of him be any sweeter? Adorable! His Thomas outfit looks precious:) And, I'm just gonna say it: I think Bebe Sawyer is pretty much the coolest nickname ever. Love that Manny calls Maeva that!!!

  14. isn't it crazy how much they've stepped up school pictures?!? geez these are way better than any of mine were!

    and disciplining in public? i break out in upper lip sweat even thinking about it. this age is HARD.

  15. OOO, he is an absolute KNOCK OUT. :))


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