November 9, 2012

Maeva Beth {5 Months}

Dear Maeva Beth,

You are already 5 months old sweet girl! While I'm late getting this recap posted, I did actually take the pictures a couple of weeks that's progress, right? 
I  just can't get over how the months are flying by. You are definitely growing and changing, but I don't realize how much you are until I see old pictures. You have your 6 month appointment next week and I'm anxious to see what you're tipping the scales at.
You are officially a full-time crib sleeper now - or maybe I should say crib "resider". You are waking up more again and I need to stop with the excuses and do some sleep training! It's just that you've been sick, your brother hasn't been sleeping good, and're so darn cute that when you smile at me it's hard not to pick you up. You're definitely a charmer and you know it. It seriously blows me away that you straight cheese at me when I come in you're room in the middle of the night. You are such a silly girl!
You like to scrunch your nose up and make gasping noises. Which is awesome when I'm driving down the road and think you're choking in the back seat. Not funny sister. Let's try a new trick please.
You are a giggling fool! Mostly at your daddy, but Manny has figured out how to make you giggle now too. He makes monkey noises or tickles your belly and you just love it.
In fact, the day I was taking your pictures your brother caught us in the act and decided to join us for the photo shoot. I love this picture of him tickling really just adore him. Most of the time, anyway. This picture makes it look like you have teeth, but you don't have any yet. You do seem to be showing some pretty serious signs of teething, so maybe soon?
You have really started interacting and playing this month. You grab everything you can get your hands on and we've officially entered the stage where it's challenging to eat or do anything with you on my lap. Sometimes when your brother is smothering you as usual, you like to pull his hair or grab his cheeks. He gets so mad but I can't help but laugh. I predict quite a few scrap sessions in the future.
He does love you so very much though. He talks about you all.of.the.time. He is a bit extreme in the "ways" he shows you he loves you, but for the most part he's pretty nice...I think he just doesn't know how to control his excitement sometimes. You are such a good sport. And you are most DEFINITELY always Bebe Sawyer. I'm sorry sister, but even your daddy and I have picked up on that nickname from your brother. He actually likes to say it in a sing-song voice, and's just catchy. Your cousin Livvy likes to call you Mavie-girl, so I've taken to calling you that some as well.
Here is the monthly comparison. I've said it before and it still holds true this look more like Manny does right now than when he was the same age as you. You guys are definitely looking more and more alike each day. 

We sure do love you baby girl! I can't believe 6 months is just around the corner...I hear that's when things with 2 kiddos will really start to get interesting. Take it easy on me, okay? :)

I love you baby girl!



  1. Such a sweet post. She is growing so fast. Where did you buy the monthly onesie stickers you used for both kiddos?

  2. So sweet!! It seems like you just had her! I love her dark hair and blue eyes! pretty girl!

  3. Presh, presh, presh. Love how expressive Maeva's little face is becoming - especially around her big brother. You can tell how much they love each other!:)

  4. Her eyes! Her hair! Gorgeous! I love love the first one of her and Manny, so sweet! I cannot believe he is wearing underwear. How is he that old? We are FAR from that at our house, I think...

  5. She is such a doll. I agree she looks like manny now. Those pics of her & manny together are so sweet!

  6. You need to get her into baby modeling STAT!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. She is so stinkin' adorable! Love her little chunky legs! Reminds me of my girl's!


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