November 21, 2012

Beach Trip 2012 {Part 2}

So over 3 months ago we went to the beach. And I first posted about it here. And made an empty promise (to myself) that I would post pictures from my camera soon. I guess it's about time I actually get them posted because if I don't before the holidays? It will never happen. So these pictures aren't necessarily anything exciting; I just wanted them included for the blog book. And maybe one day? I'll be comfortable enough with the fact that this is my blog and not feel stupid posting millions of family pictures and justifying it. But I digress.
I wanted my mom to take some beach pictures of us, which of course, is easier said than done. Finding the right time and actually being presentable and not in beach clothes posed a small problem. But we managed to pull together one morning, and had a very quick photo session. Manny was only interested for about 3 whole seconds, then ran off. But we did get some good pictures after all!
I also took some pictures of my mom & dad right after our photos. Unfortunately it was getting too bright by that point so it was a little challenging to take them. They are the cutest them so much!!
And that night, I took some pictures of my sister's family. It was a last minute decision but I think they turned out great...such an adorable family!
My dad arranged for some kayak rentals, and we had so much fun playing in them. Manny wanted to go for rides all day long. 
Manny really enjoyed checking out the seagulls and also playing on a wake board.
Just some random pics from the trip. The two on the top right where the night we got there. My dad took Manny down to the beach but Manny did not want to come up, so dad had to carry him up against his will. You never know with that kid. :)
This is from the day we went to Apalachicola. I cannot get over how much Maeva has changed in 3 short months!!
And a few others from playing in the fountain and posing (or trying to pose) for a family picture that day. Never a dull moment.

And with that...I'm finally done with our family vacation recap. :)


  1. Girl, your WHOLE family is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You can post whatever you want on your blog, 'dems the rules ;)

    I really like the pics of your parents--still happy after decades of marriage. It's inspiring (:

  3. Priceless pics, Sarah! Your family is precious!

  4. Quit feeling guilty about posting too many photos! We like to see your beautiful family!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Nothing like pictures on the beach.

  6. A gorgeous group, my friend! Sure hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. XO!

  7. Looks like a wonderful vacay! Beautiful pics!

  8. Looking at all your beach pictures makes me wish I was somewhere warm and sunny and with sand! Beautiful family pictures. I love the ones with Manny's funny faces. :)

  9. Such amazing photos of your beach trip !!! You and your family are all beautiful !!!

  10. I've been a little MIA on my blog but needed to stop by and say Congratulations (a little late) and also your family is so beautiful! Hope all is well <3

  11. Beautiful pictures! I've been following your blog for quite some time just never posted. I LOVE following your sweet little family and life. I was wondering what program you create your photo collages in. I've read a post of yours saying you use an older version on Photoshop. I am in the market for a program but can't afford the big dog Photoshop so I was thinking either Elements or Lightroom, advice? I want something to help me make collages for pictures that I can print and frame. Also wanting something to do some light party printables. Nothing too crazy though. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Thank yo so much! You are too sweet. I create my photo collages in Photoshop, but if you're looking to make collages and designs I'd recommend Elements. I don't know much at all about Lightroom but I'm not sure you can do collages or designs in it - I think it's just for editing pictures, but I could definitely be wrong. You can get a great deal on Elements this time of year so I'd be watching on Amazon. Definitely download a free 30 day trial from the Adobe site before you decide.

      Hope that helps - good luck! :)


    2. Sorry to interrupt but if you're looking for a cheap (aka free) way to make collages, you can use Google's Picasa. If you download the program, it is super easy to do simple edits and create collages.

      If you think you DO want to purhcase photoshop, I'd suggest taking a class a local community college - I did and was able to get the student price for Photoshop which was about half price!

    3. Thanks so much for your input Daisi! Always love when other's share tips!

  12. Also Sarah - your family is TOO cute! I love the personal photos, so no need to justify :)


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