October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

As I mentioned the other day, I still have things to blog about that I will eventually get to. But we went to the pumpkin patch this weekend, and I wanted to blog it while it was fresh on my mind and before it falls into the abyss of things I need to blog about. This post is going to be major picture overload, but I want all of these in my blog book so I have to include them. :)
I loved the kids in their matching SheShe Made...though MB's thighs made it a little tough to keep the dress pulled down. :)
I tried to get a picture with Manny but he had no interest in being with me...all he wanted was his Gabi! We were walking in and they were checking out all the leaves.

It's always awesome having Gabi along on things like this because not only is it fun to have her around, but it's also kind of like having a nanny as she's all about taking care of the kids. Love you Gabbers!!
Oh Manny. This face says it all. And that hair. Looks like a hair piece gone wrong. Guess it's time for another hair cut. Hold me. Any volunteers?
We met Megan and her family there. Manny and Eli were running around like crazy per usual. They are so funny together!
Both of the boys were less than thrilled that we made them stop to take a picture. Eli looks like he's cheesing here but he's actually mid pterodactyl scream. These boys are so much fun!

Manny is still obsessed with horses so I was curious to see if he'd want to ride the horses. He loved watching them, but was unsure if he wanted to actually ride.
His sweet face here melts me. He looks so grown up lately but I see the baby in him here and I love it. Is that wrong?
But of course, he got excited after a few minutes and totally enjoyed the ride.
 MB was pretty chill the whole time too. She loves being outside.

The tire swing was quite the hit. Manny wanted to stay on it forever!
I think he looks like such a big kid swinging. It was making me a tad nervous.
But Patrick was having too much fun also so I decided it would be fine. They were so cute.
Manny finally got off the tire swing, but as soon as another kid wanted to get on he charged over there yelling, "Mine!!" So that was awesome. It was a fun place but I'm sad they didn't have kettle corn. Because at the end of the day, food is what it's all about...right? :)


  1. "It was a fun place but I'm sad they didn't have kettle corn" BAHAHA!! You got some great pictures!

  2. Following your blog now and catching up! Is Gabi your sister?
    The pics are so sweet!

  3. Absolutely loving their outfits. Super cute pictures. I love the last few of Manny on the tire swng

  4. So cute!! Your family is adorble!

  5. Love the kiddos outfits!! Such a cute family!!

  6. Great pictures! M does look so big on that tire swing! And MB is super precious! Love the matching outfits too!

  7. i love all of these pictures! and i laughed at the dress/thigh issue ;) e had that all the time!

  8. I love the pure bliss on Manny's face while on the tire swing! It melts my heart!

  9. Love the tire swing pictures!! I need to get on the ball and get us to a pumpkin patch!!

  10. Great pics! The kids are just too cute! Maeva's eyes are gorgeous!!

  11. I came across your blog as I was searching for a tutorial on burlap banners. Took a look around and just wanted to let you know that you have a beautiful family.
    I'm glad I found you. Feel free to stop by my site anytime.

  12. I burst out laughing at the Kettle Corn comment. I love you, girl! After my own heart :)

    And? Your kids are too freaking cute I want to eat them with a spoon. In a non creepy way, though. Swearsies. Goodness.

    Glad it was a great time ;)

  13. Please tell me if the brightly colored chevron blanket can be ordered. Is it a blanket underneath your daughter in her stroller? Love the brightly color of that chevron pattern.


    1. Hi Pam,
      Yes, that is a blanket! I bought the chevron fabric and sewed it myself. It's a little rough. :) I think you could probably find one like it if you searched for rainbow chevron blanket on etsy. Hope that helps! :)

  14. Sarah! You look so beautiful in all the pics! Love them all!

  15. How fun! Where is this pumpkin patch? I've been looking for a place to take the girls that isn't outrageously expensive.

  16. Great pics. Looks like fun. The one with your husband and Manny on the tire swing? Be still my heart.

  17. The pumpkin patch is my favorite thing to look forward to every year! I look at my little guy and still see the 'baby' in him too. Wish they could stay that way forever!

  18. Looks like a fun time! Sadly, we haven't gotten to the pumpkin patch this fall...looks like we might not make it with the east coast storm too. Thanks for sharing your pics!


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