October 26, 2012

A Day Out with Thomas

A couple of weeks ago we heard that THOMAS was coming to town! Yes, you heard right - THE Thomas the Train. Or actually, as it turns out, they call him Thomas the Tank Engine. Who knew? (Probably most people, but it was news to me.) Needless to say, we knew this was a must considering Manny's current obsession with him. He still loves Curious George, and in a perfect world Curious George would ride around on Thomas. That might be too much excitement for his little toddler heart to handle though.
We didn't make it there until they were about to close. Patrick was on call and when we were about to leave earlier in the day, he got called back to the hospital again. We almost didn't go, but decided to make a quick trip anyway - plus Ashley had made him a shirt just for the occasion and Manny was super excited. So by the time we made it there, it was 4:27 and the last train was at 4:30. Originally we weren't sure if we were going to ride the train, but decided to because A)it was FREEZING and we didn't feel like doing any of the outdoor activities, and the sight of Maeva shivering made me feel guilty and B)this is the last year Manny will get to ride the train for free. The overpriced train ride was nothing special - just a regular train ride (at a snail's pace) but Manny was in awe the whole time.
After the train ride, we took pictures with Thomas and then hightailed it to the car. It had been in the 80's all week and was like 35 that day. I hadn't even bought Manny's winter coat yet (not that he'd wear it anyway - he hates wearing coats). But the look of SHEER JOY on his face when he rounded that corner and came face to face with Thomas? Made it all completely worth it. He still talks about it often, and loves to look at the pictures from it. Maeva's frost bite has since faded, but Manny's memories will last forever.


  1. Looks like y'all had fun despite everything! My little man loves Thomas too so I can imagine Manny's sheer joy. That last picture says it all! Glad Maeva's over the frostbite too!

  2. How Fun! Both of my kids love thomas too!

  3. Oh what a fun experience! So glad ya'll braved the freezing temps to visit with Thomas! Clearly it made your sweet boy's day! And MB's dress is super adorable!

  4. levi would go nutso over this!!! he loves thomas!!!

  5. He is so precious! My little brother used to LOVE Thomas the Train, and now he's 15, so that makes me feel old haha :)

  6. Look at Manny, you're right mommy-so totally worth it!! MB has rolls to keep her warm! Love it.

  7. what an amazing experience! My boys would DIE if they saw Thomas in real life!

  8. I LOVE that last picture of Manny! I wished we had something like that where we lived. I know Bryson would love it. You did good momma!

  9. looks like such a fun time even though it was so cold

  10. Looks like a great time !!! Great photos too !!!

  11. We did that in Chattanooga when Sam was 3 years old. So fun!

  12. "Maeva's frost bite has since faded, but Manny's memories will last forever."

    you are sooo funny! I am glad Manny had a nice time (:


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