January 27, 2012

Oh, Baby Sister {An Update}

Well, I think it's safe to say it's long overdue for an update on Baby Sister. I have had good intentions, but clearly that's gotten me nowhere. I am definitely in the honeymoon phase of this pregnancy, and loving every minute of feeling good and being productive (most days). I am lucky that the sickness of the first trimester is behind me and this pregnancy has been enjoyable. 
I've seen all sorts of cute pregnancy documenting ideas on Pinterest, but it's just not realistic to think I'll actually do any of those at this point. Of the ideas I've seen, I thought Manny holding the chalkboard would be the simplest. Ha! That is what I'd like to call a momentary lapse in judgment...oh how naive I can be. As you'll notice, he basically messed with the chalkboard the whole time, then decided to pick it up and run off with it like a thief in the night. For this type of photo shoot to be successful with him, we'd need at least 2 more people there to distract him. So yeah, definitely not happening here anytime soon. 
In the end, we decided a solo picture might be best - though I didn't do a great job of positioning the sign where you can still see my belly. We took these real quick before Patrick left for work yesterday morning, and while they aren't the best pictures - for a 5 minute photo shoot, I can't complain. And now at least we have a few pictures to document my pregnancy (I'm 25 and 5 in these pictures). Better late than never, right?
Actually I do have one other belly shot - this was taken at 20 weeks exactly.
I also realized I never blogged about my "official" ultrasound in which they would confirm gender. When I went in, the ultrasound tech was surprised to see I was by myself as she said normally people bring someone with them to that. Then she said - "Oh wait, are you one of those who cheated and found out early?" So I confessed I did, and she wanted to know what I was having. I wanted to say, "That's for you to tell me!" But instead, I told her that the last tech was fairly certain it was a girl. After taking a look, she said she "thought" it was a girl too. However, she wasn't super convincing. And to make matters worse? Do you see what she wrote on the picture? "LOOKS LIKE A GIRL" Really?! Whatever happened to plain ol' Baby Boy or Baby Girl. So it made me start second guessing, and I asked her and she said she was "fairly certain" it's a girl and would be surprised if it wasn't. So I guess it really is; I just thought it was strange that she said "looks like a girl". I mean come on people, commit already!! But the first tech was certain it's a girl, as well as Patrick, so I guess that's good enough. :)

What else? Ah yes...naming her. No, we haven't decided on a name yet, though I'd say we are really close and have it narrowed down to 3 choices. Patrick is Mr. Laid Back so is in no rush to name her. Doesn't he know there are monogrammed things to be ordered?! Actually now that I say that...I'm realizing maybe that's why he's dragging his feet on settling on a name. He's trying to buy as much time as possible before I start shopping perhaps? :) Actually I have only bought ONE thing for her so far...and it was just a pair of pj's. So I'm not going out of control as he anticipated I would. Honestly though, I think it all boils down to staying so busy, which can be a good thing!

Well hopefully it won't be so long before I update on this precious little girl again. She's really starting to move around a lot (at NIGHT of course!) and I forgot what a precious feeling it is. We are so thankful for an uneventful pregnancy thus far...keep behaving sweet girl! :)


  1. you look fabulous, momma!! you're on the home stretch!!

  2. You look so good! What week did you "cheat" and find out what you were having?

  3. You look wonderful! I love the picture with Manny...so cute!

  4. Loved reading this fun update! You look great and it's fun to live vicariously through you as I sort of miss being pregnant but am NOWHERE near ready for our next one!

  5. Such a sweet update Sarah, isn't it funny how the second baby always gets a little neglected? Poor sweet thing, my little boy hasn't had an update in awhile either, I am long over due for one. Just not enough time in the day...
    We don't have a name either and I laughed at your reason to why you want a name....monogramming!!! I am dying to do the same thing, I have adorable big sister/little brother tops all picked out and ready to go, just need an initial to put on them!!! We are stuck between two names, a Jr. and another family name. I am leaving it up to Jeff because I love both, just want him to decide if he wants a Jr. or not!!!!

    Have a great weekend sweetie, you look beautiful!!!


  6. Sarah, you look beautiful!! I love the shots with Manny, too- perfectly capturing what life is like right now! :) So glad you're feeling great and I have no doubt you'll get all "caught up" on the baby girl shopping!

  7. Oh happy 25 weeks! I love how you incorporated Manny into the pictures - I'm sure he's going to make a GREAT big brother! :)

  8. You look great! I missed the post where you announced the pregnancy but I am sooo happy for you! And Manny is adorable.
    And yes, Mr. Laid Back is probably delaying the naming for financial reasons. My husband would do the same thing. Ha!

  9. You look fantastic! I love that Manny stole your chalkboard. He he.

    Your baby girl is going to be gorgeous!

  10. I love how Manny ran away in the photo session! Totally reminds me of my boy at that age (and still at his age). Can't wait to hear what you name your sweet girl! Love the comments about your hubby dragging his feet. Reminds me a lot of my hubby. And, I think, too, that my hubby was doing it so I wouldn't go crazy shopping either! lol! (I didn't really go crazy either until she got here!)

  11. With all of your projects, I don't know how you do it! Love that yellow striped sweater. You look darling.

  12. You look so cute! I will say, I think it is more fun to shop the older the little girls get. I know that sounds crazy since little tiny things are so darn cute, but I love shopping for toddler frills! Glad you are doing well and so is baby girl!!!


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