January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011 {Part 3}

Well, I'm finally to my last Christmas post for 2011...our little family Christmas at home. After traveling for the holidays, we decided to have our Christmas on Wednesday because Patrick was only working a half day that day.

We got Manny a few fun toys, and for his "big gift" we couldn't decide between a kitchen and a tent. Any time we're somewhere with a kitchen, he loves to play with it. But he also is really into tunnels, exploring, etc., so we thought a tent would be fun. I looked around a lot, and in the end, Patrick's vote won out and we ended up getting a Mickey Mouse play center, which was RIDICULOUSLY HUGE. Not exactly what we had in mind. And oh yeah, part of it is a ball pit. Having already experienced the fun that is having a ball pit in my living room (read: I spent 93% of my time tripping on or picking up balls), I was less than thrilled about this decision. But figuring that he'd absolutely love it, I decided to say oh well and allow this eyesore into my living room. And I say eyesore simply because it took up HALF THE ROOM. Not exactly inconspicuous. But more on that later.

Manny woke up at his usual time of about 8:00, and I had Patrick go in his room and give him his milk in there instead of bringing him out. I wanted Manny to be in a good mood for opening presents, and of course I wanted to be out there to snap some pictures of him coming out, so that's why we did it like that. Manny definitely knew something was up because of this change. Whenever he finished his milk and Patrick was trying to get him to come out of his room, he was a little hesitant and kept clinging to Patrick, but he eventually made his way out. And when he did, he was a little overwhelmed, but also very excited to see everything.
Of course it comes as no surprise that he immediately went for the barn. He absolutely LOVES animals, and this horse has become his best friend. He takes it with him everywhere! (Check out that bedhead by the way...nice. And I'm talking about Manny, not Patrick. Though I'm sure Patrick would be thrilled to know I posted this pic on the world wide webs. Good thing he doesn't read my blog.)
It was hard to get Manny to pay attention to anything but the barn, but we eventually lured him away and he noticed the play tent. He went straight to the ball pit portion of it and started throwing the balls out of it...naturally. (Please note he's still carrying his beloved horse too.)
After that, he made his way to opening a few presents, and playing with some of his other toys. Again, you'll notice the horse nearby in most pictures. I love the picture with his bottom lip pushed out. I do that a lot when I'm thinking or working on something...in fact, I just realized I'm doing it as I type this! But it always makes me laugh to notice him doing it from time to time too.
He loved his rocking monkey. He likes to ride on it and say "Whee!" and "Hoo-hoo-ha-ha!" It's so sweet.
Much to my delight our surprise, Manny never really ended up showing much interest in the play tent. We left it up for almost a week, and he barely went near it at all...other than to throw the balls out of the ball pit. No thanks. SO when I saw this kitchen on sale for $45, we decided to exchange it. And I am so glad we did...he absolutely loves it, and I can walk through my living room again. Win-win!
Well that's it's for our Christmas recaps! It was a crazy busy holiday with loads of fun. I get tired just thinking of doing it with 2 kiddos next year...but I absolutely cannot wait!! :)


  1. Manny is so precious! It looks like you guys had such a nice little family Christmas. We got that same kitchen for my daughter, and I'm so happy with it (and so is she, of course)! I just wish I had gotten the deal that you got on it ;)

  2. What a great Christmas! We got the same tent/tunnel thing for my son and he's insanely crazy about it. I'd like to get him a play kitchen, but he's never played with one, so I don't know if he would like it.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you exchanged it! As someone who has had both the kitchen and the ball bit, I was thinking the whole time, "get the kitchen, get the kitchen!" The ball pit made it about 6 months in our house, and Bug loved it, but I finally got tired of the mess and the eyesore and took it down. Poor BK has never even seen it (and he never will!). Our kitchen, on the other hand, has been enjoyed by both children for many years! Even if we got rid of it tomorrow, it was well worth the price!

  4. Looks like yall had a fun Christmas and Manny is just the cutest thing ever!! I totally hear ya on the tent/ball pit thing. My MIL got my son a ball last year (my suggestion that I quickly learned to regret for the exact same reason) and this year she got both my son and a daughter big pop up tents....2 TENTS! Talk about taking up some major space. I think I am about to take down my son's though - same thing - no interest shown at all....

  5. My MIL got us a play tent and the thing is huge and just takes up way too much space! It is my least favorite thing in our house but we can't get rid of it!


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