January 18, 2012

20 Months

Dear Emanuel,

Oh buddy. It's been awhile, huh? I'm a little sad that I totally dropped the ball on the last few monthly letters to you, but I have a hunch you won't mind a bit. Yesterday you turned 20 months old, and I knew it was time for another letter. I'm not sure how often I'll be writing these from now on, simply because...let's face it. Life is so busy. But there are so many things you do that I want to remember, so hopefully I'll find a way to get those documented somehow.

--I took some pictures of you for a 16 month post, but I never got around to actually writing it. When I look back at these pictures now, your transformation into a little boy just blows me away!

--I remember the day I took these pictures you were being so funny. You kept pointing across the street and yammering away. You had one of your rubber duckies and a soccer ball, and wouldn't put those down. You are so funny about always having some kind of object with you. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same thing, though you do have your favorites, such as the horse from your barn set or either of your Curious George stuffed animals. You love to give kisses, especially to George!
--Around 16 months old, you started getting your feelings hurt. If we'd verbally scold you, you'd cry and be sad. It was SO pathetic, and always made it a challenge when it came time to discipline you. Fortunately (I guess?) now you throw fits when you get in trouble, so we don't feel all that bad. You're a strong-willed little guy who seems to carry a lot of my personality traits...which at times, is frightening. :)

We have started seeing a little bit of your temper lately...yes, it is shocking, but you do get worked up from time to time. When you get really frustrated trying to do something you can't, or if we're making you do something you don't want to (like put on a coat), you've started shouting "dadadadada!!!" It seems as though you're using daddy's name as a curse word almost, and daddy doesn't understand what he ever did to deserve this. He said he probably needs to spoil you more, but I don't think that's possible as he's pretty much wrapped around your finger as it is. You guys are the cutest buddies and watching you play together is so sweet. You get sad when he leaves for work and race to the door when he comes home, and I know it certainly makes his day.

--You love trains and cars, and are always on the lookout for them. You say "wheee" when you push your cars around, or sometimes even when we're riding in the car and take off you'll shout it (that's when I know I'm going too fast - thanks Safety Man). You love to say choo-chooooo and push your trains all over the place too. Drawing and coloring are some of your favorite things to do, and I'm sure your Mimi is thrilled to see the chalk in your left hand in these pictures. You seem to switch back and forth on which hand you use, though favor your left hand - same with feeding yourself. I'm curious to see if you'll end up a lefty like your Mimi! You love to play ball and have learned how to make baskets in your little goal. It's the cutest thing ever to see you so proud! You also like to spin in circles until you fall down...silly boy. :)

--You absolutely love to play with your belly button. It definitely has become like a comfort thing for you. If you're sad or tired, you are almost always playing with your belly button. It's kind of cute but also kind of strange. Your daddy says there are worse things you could be playing with though, and I certainly won't argue with that. Let's keep things north of the border, okay buddy?

--I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed, but you are a whiz with electronics. You love playing on our phones and the iPad. It always makes us laugh when you march right over, pick it up, and get your little pointer finger going to unlock the screen. Your favorite game by FAR is Tozzle (a puzzle game), and of course any of the games with animals. You also like to watch YouTube videos. Oh yeah, and tweet links to the videos you're watching. I can't figure out how to unlink my YouTube and Twitter, so I tried to hide the YouTube app in a folder...which, of course, you found. Little stinker.
--You are quite the little chatter box. As your cousin Ellie says, it seems you speak Spanish, though I think your English is starting to improve. You say a lot of basic words and will repeat many things we say to you. You used to say "a-weeeeeeze" for please, then you shortened it to "weeeze", and now it's usually just "wee". You still do a quick swipe across your chest like the sign language for please when you say it. You also sign thank you when you say "dank you" or just "danks". "Woah" and "wow" are other favorite expressions of yours, and you usually use them in the appropriate context so it's pretty funny. You love to make animal sounds, which comes as no surprise given your crazy love for animals.

--And I'm sorry Bub, but I have to include this one. Almost every time you take a bath, you poop in the tub. I don't know what it is - I guess it relaxes you? Pretty gross, but on the bright side? If you're ever constipated, I know I can put you in the bath to take care of it.

You are so much fun buddy, and you make the long days totally worth it. It is challenging but fun to learn and grow together.  You have become my little sidekick and I just love you to pieces. You bring daddy and I more joy than you'll ever know.

I love you baby boy!!




  1. The electronics thing is so funny. I didn't even have a cell phone until I was a freshman in college and now our TODDLERS know how to use them!?! The tech-saavy generation, that's for sure! :)

    He looks so cute in those outfits. And sounds like a typical 20 month old (just like mine, at least!)

  2. Happy 20 months.
    That cartigan is so adorable on him. Love that first picture, he is so cute!

  3. Oh! I love that cardigan. Manny is so handsome. Hays is a south paw... we are hoping that'll pay off in a college baseball career =)

  4. Precious! So happy I found your blog. Looking forward to reading along!


  5. My 4 year old is the exact same way with his belly button and has been for a couple years. I always found it so weird, its sort of nice to know he's not the only one out there like that, haha.

  6. I am dying over his cardigan! Is that one that you got from H&M? He and Cooper are so much alike! Maybe it's the age, but it still makes me laugh.

  7. he cannot get any cuter!! your recaps make me laugh! i'll have to remember the constipation tip. LOLOL :)

  8. He is so stinkin' cute!!!! Makes me miss getting neck sugar from my sons. Enjoy every little minute he will be grown before you know it!!!

  9. love, love, absolutely LOVE that sweater he is wearing! WHERE did that come from?!

  10. What sweetness!! Boys ans electronics....go hand in hand...along with trains, cars and guns.
    Boys..gotta love them:)

  11. How is he already 20 months!!? WOW! It just seems like about a month ago when I started reading your blog and Manny was just a tiny 2 month old baby! His little boy haircut is super cute and that little sweater is to die for on him! Such a little stud! Hope you are feeling well with your pregnancy! Can't wait to see how you set up a room for her! :)

  12. Oh my gosh I LOVE this post! He is doing so many hilarious things I was cracking up! Dadadadada as a curse word??? Ha! And he looks just adorable in that little sweater. Sweet boy.


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