April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a fabulous Easter! The weather was absolutely yucky, and the non-stop rain made it impossible to straighten my naturally frizzy curly hair, so it has a little bit of funkiness going on in these photos. I still can't help but love these pictures of our little family of 3 though! Such a blessing. :)
We went to church with my family, then out to eat. We normally do a big Easter dinner at my parent's house, but decided to go the easy route this year and eat out because we're waiting on my little sister to go into labor - she was due Monday - and in the event she did, we'd be headed to Dallas. (longest sentence ever) She hasn't had the baby yet (whose gender is a SURPRISE!), so it should be any day now! I can't wait. :)

Anyway, here are a few pictures from lunch. I love this picture of Laci & Manny! She loves to take care of him, and already knows how to throw her momma hip out. :)

(clockwise): My brother and his adorable family, my sweet mom & dad, my sister Jenny & her son Hayden, and my mom cuddling with Manny.

Looks like it's about time for someone to get a haircut!!

(clockwise): Gabi & Laci at lunch, Laci holding Manny's hand helping him walk, my cute nephews Zack and Hayden, and my wonderful sisters Jenny & Becky

After lunch, we headed to my brother's house for an indoor Easter egg hunt. They just finished building their gorgeous new home, and I just had to show you the sink in their powder room. My sister-in-law has the best style and I think this is such a statement piece...love it!

Manny was pretty excited, probably just because all of his cousins were. :)

(clockwise): Lani & Laci excited for the egg hunt, Manny trying to escape from Hayden before the egg hunt, Manny & Jax playing ball, my adorable nephew Jax
(clockwise): my sweet niece Lani sharing some of her eggs with Manny, all of the kids before we let them loose for the hunt, Manny dumping out an egg, and him searching for more
I had planned on giving Manny his Easter basket when we got home that evening, but thanks to severe weather we didn't get home until almost 10 pm! A trip that normally takes us about 2 hours 15 minutes ended up taking us nearly 6 hours by the time it was all said and done. We had to stop and hang out in a Wal-Mart for awhile, and when it was safe to get back on the road again we kept running into flooded roads and had to find detours. I was extremely thankful to make it home safely! This bad weather going on around the country right now just breaks my heart.

So since we got home so late, we put Manny to bed, and he got his Easter baskets on Monday morning.

Yes, I said baskets. The kid is spoiled...thanks so much for the adorable sock monkey basket Aunt Sue! It was perfect for him and he loved playing with it and all of the fun stuff in it...you are too sweet. :)

And because I'm that mom, of course I made the boy take some pictures in bunny ears. Or rather, I tried to make him. He was not going for it though. He left them on for one second when I let him play with my lens cap cover, but that's about it. I love the last picture...he looks victorious that he got them off...or perhaps just scared, wondering what his crazy mommy's up to now. :)
Well I know this has been the longest post ever, so if you're still here...thanks for reading! We had such a blessed Easter with our family, and are so thankful for our Savior!

April 27, 2011

{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday: Manny the Entertainer!

We went out to eat with my family last Saturday, and Manny felt the need to put on a show. He loves to wave, point, cheese, squint his eyes, and squeal like a pterodactyl...and this day was no exception. :) My mom took these pictures of him, and I just love them! Have I mentioned this kid is a mess?! He certainly enjoys the spotlight!

April 26, 2011

Manny's 1st Birthday {The Invitations}

Well it doesn't seem possible, but my baby is less than a month away from being one! I mailed his invitations a little early because I know May is such a busy month, and I wanted to give everyone plenty of notice so they could plan accordingly. Well, that and I was just excited to get them out. :)

I've had an idea of what I wanted his picture for the invitation to look like for awhile, and I knew part of it was a colorful highchair. So, I bought this old wooden one for $10 on Craigslist and spray painted it aqua.
I l-o-v-e how it turned out, and it's perfect to use for his party too since he doesn't have an actual highchair (we use a booster on one of our bar stools).

As I mentioned, his party is going to be a vintage sock monkey theme with a red and aqua color palette. I love buntings, so of course had to make one for his invite.
I had pretty much finished the design, but then Katie posted this adorable invite by Sugar Paper that used an actual candle on the invite. I knew I had to put a 1 somewhere just so I could do that!

The envelopes were inspired by that same invitation design by Sugar Paper. I also made some sock monkey stickers to seal the envelope with, but I forgot to take a picture of those.
I will be honest and say other than his invites, I really haven't done anything for his party. I really need to get moving because it will be here before I know it. So exciting! :)

April 25, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Organization

Organization makes my heart skip a beat. And labels? Just make me melt. Yes, I'm a dork. That being said, I still have a long ways to go in organizing my life. Before I was married, I was probably a little OCD. Then I married the World's Most Laid Back Guy EVERRR, and things started changing. I relaxed quite a bit, but still get giddy over a well organized space. I always love seeing what other people do to stay organized, so I thought I'd join in Kelly's Korner to share some of the ways I stay organized.
As I mentioned, I LOVE labels, and label just about anything I can. Having a Cricut feeds my obsession because I can quickly cut out whatever I need. If you don'2010/09/its-pantry-raid.html">pantry is one such space that is labeled. And believe it or not, it helps making my grocery list much quicker! I can see what areas need stuff at a glance. You can read more about my pantry here.
I hate stacks of mail. And it is SO easy to pile up. So, I go through it before I even take it in the house. I immediately throw away the junk and put the bills in an organizer on the counter. The real problem though? Lies with my husband's mail. He gets soooo many journals, packages, and magazines that the clutter is out of control...not to mention the fact that he's a total pack-rat. So our solution is this basket. I put his mail in it, and once it's full (which would be now - ha!) he has to go through it. It works for us...most of the time. :)

Keeping the files on my computer organized is something I have to stay up with or it gets out of control and I can't find anything when I need it. So when I saw this custom desktop background template you can download from the CoffeeShop blog, I immediately made one of my own. I love having the little categories that you can put the appropriate stuff in. Lists and organization like this just seems to make me more productive!
As I just mentioned, I'm a huge list person. My favorite app to help with this is called Awesome Note or ANote. You can make folders for your lists, which of course just makes me giddy! :) Unfortunately I'm desperately in need of a new phone, and this app (along with many others, like Twitter) crash everytime I open them, so I haven't been using it much lately. Can't wait for upgrade time so I can get a phone that actually works!

Manny's closet is another place that I've used a lot of labels. Having all of the bins and size dividers has made things SO easy. Something else I've recently added is a plastic storage tub in the corner. If something doesn't fit, I just go ahead and toss it in there so it'2010/04/nursery-closet.html">here.

I shared how I made this dry-erase calendar here, and I can't say enough how much I love it. It is so handy to see our appointments, birthdays, etc. for the month at a glance. I promise I haven't forgotten about creating a printable version as I mentioned...it's just finding the time to do it. :)

As you can see, I could go on and on about organization stuff, but I will stop for now. Hope some of these tips might help you organize your life a little more! :)

April 23, 2011

Project 365: Week 16

April 16 - Manny loved playing with Ella Reese at Ava's party. She is the sweetest little thing!
April 17 - After church, we went out to eat at Chili's. Manny had some spaghetti and made a HUGE mess. He loved it though!
April 18 - Manny was crawling around playing and I was sitting on the couch. I noticed he stopped moving, and when I got up to look (I couldn't see him around the ottoman) he was laying there with his arm stretched over his head relaxing. It was so sweet, and just unlike him because he's always moving around!
April 19 - I wanted to get a few pictures of Manny outside, but all he wanted to do was pick the grass and eat it. I love his chubby little arms and legs SO much!
April 20 - I mailed my baby's birthday invitations! This is a sneak peek of the envelopes...I'll post the invitations this week. :)
April 21 - Patrick was playing giddy-up horsey with Manny, and he just loved it! He couldn't stop giggling...it was so fun. :)
April 22 - Manny is a pretty good little shopping buddy...as long as we're moving or he has a snack. :) The Snack Trap is amazing and makes it so much easier to give him snacks on the go! I will share about it when I do my monthly must-haves, hopefully this week.

April 22, 2011

Friday Fragments

left image via Pottery Barn, right image via The Steen Style
1. When I saw this beverage tub on The Steen Style, I knew I had to get one! It's only $14 at Dollar General, and doesn't it look a lot like the one from Pottery Barn that is $110?! I think I will really get a lot of use out of it.
2. Thanks to my sweet friend Tiffany, I have an adorable new blog button! It's over to the right if you want to grab it. And if you ever need any blog design stuff, I highly recommend you check out Tiffany's design blog...she's great to work with!

3. I am SO glad that warmer weather is here, but I am not glad that I am pasty white. I know we've talked about self tanners before, but could you share with me your favorites again please? I keep seeing lots of ads for new ones and would like to try something.

4. Have you seen these? I am absolutely obsessed with them. Something about the pretzel bread? Little drops of heaven, I tell you. SO good. I've only had the Grilled Chicken Jalapeno Cheddar Lean Pocket Pretzel Bread, but I l-o-v-e it.
5. And of course, I can't post without sharing a picture of my little peanut. I wanted to take his picture in the weeds flowers, but all he wanted to do was eat them. :) 

That's all for today, my friends. Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter!!! 

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