March 31, 2011

Embrace the Camera

As  I mentioned yesterday, last week we went to the park with my nieces and nephew. Manny was so chill and actually let me wear him in the k'tan...which he hasn't done in ages! He just cuddled in and it was SO sweet. My sister Jenny took some pictures of us, and I just love them. I cherish these moments that he'll snuggle with me...they are passing by all too quickly.

And of course I have to include a daddy picture...these are always so special to me. :) I took this picture when Patrick got home from work yesterday. Manny always gets SO excited when he sees him walk through the door, and Patrick loves to cover him in kisses and make him squirm. It is so sweet. :)

Stop by Emily's and Embrace the'll be glad you did! :)

March 30, 2011

Project 365: Week 12 {Fun with Cousins}

Wow, what a week it's been! My sister Rachael is a few weeks away from having her baby, so I offered to take her girls for the week so she could get some stuff done. We had SO much fun, and now I'm sad that my house is so quiet...Manny really misses his play buddies too. :) We found out Monday that Manny has another ear infection. We're praying he can recover from this one and stay well...if not, we'll be looking at tubes in the future. So on to the recap of our week!
March 19 - We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe with Jenn, Ashley, and their cute kiddos. Manny was a little overwhelmed by all the action in there, so he cuddled in with it bad that I loved it?! He just doesn't really do that anymore so I soaked it in. :)
March 20 - We had such a fun time at the baby shower!
March 21 - This is the day I picked up my nieces Ellie & Olivia and we headed up to my parent's house in Oklahoma. Olivia was so funny and wanted to wear her sunglasses everywhere we went all week...upside down and all. :)
March 22 - I took the kiddos to have lunch with my nephew Hayden at his school. The girls were in awe at the cafeteria chaos.
March 23 - My best friend Candice was in town visiting her parents so we had some fun hanging out with her and her daughter.
March 24 - We headed back to my house on Thursday. As soon as we walked in the door, the girls ran and jumped in the ball pit. They played in there was quite the hit.
March 25 - On Friday, we went to a bounce house and had so much fun! Manny was brave enough to go down a slide with Ellie. Though it's hard to tell from this picture, he loved it. :) I also need to mention that you'll notice Ellie in her black dress almost every day...she always wanted to wear it, so I just washed it each night. I didn't figure it was worth arguing with a 4-year-old about. :) So don't worry Rach, while she did wear the same thing almost all week, at least it was clean each day - right? :)

Of course I took a ton of photos last week, so I have to share a few more. :) On Tuesday, we were at my parent's and went with them to feed the animals...they have a camel, miniature horses, and donkeys that they use for their outdoor amphitheater. The kids LOVE being up there and playing around!

Ellie stepped on something and hurt her foot...she was not happy about it. I love the expression on her face here!

 The kids had so much fun at the park Wednesday evening. It was a beautiful sunset!

And some more pictures of fun at the Bounce House! Ellie was fearless and wanted to go on all of the big slides. Manny and Olivia loved jumping and playing too.

It was SUCH a fun week...there's nothing like family time! :)

March 25, 2011

DIY Cup Wreath

When I saw this idea from Twig & Thistle via Katie, I thought it was so clever and couldn't wait to try it. It looked simple enough, and actually it was. But believe it or not, you want to know the hardest part? Finding the perfect cups. She used 4 oz. cups for her wreath, so I thought I'd do the same. Except they were impossible to find! And I was looking when we were in Oklahoma City, so it's not like I was limited to no choices like I would be at home.

I am notorious for getting excited about a project and not reading all of the details before starting. In typical Sarah fashion, I just looked at this picture and raced to the closest Wal-Mart to buy cups to make it. To begin with, I tried 9 oz. punch know, like the kind in the party section with paper plates, etc. Turns out they were WAY too big. I mean, unless I wanted a wreath to hang on front of the white house. I guess the larger the cup size, the larger the wreath. And 9 oz. cups? Makes a HUGE wreath, my friends. I so wish I would have taken a picture of it, but A.) I don't think I could have actually fit the wreath in a picture, B.) I quit half way through when realizing there was no way this was going to work out and C.) I couldn't stop laughing at how insanely huge it was. Let's just say I would've had to strap it to the top of my car if I wanted to haul it anywhere. So that was a big fail.

So back I went to look at her tutorial a little closer, and then began the search for 4 oz. cups when I realized that's what she used. But do you know I couldn't find them anywhere? Yes, I could've ordered some online, but that sure wouldn'2011/03/pretty-in-pink-baby-shower.html">baby shower I was planning.
I used about 60-70 cups to make this. As you can see, it's definitely not perfect and each cup is not spaced the same distance apart because I just didn't take the time to be consistent. I still like the way it turned out, but next time I make one I'll probably try to be more methodical.

Here's what you need to make a cup wreath:
-cups (I think 3-4 oz. would be best - I got mine for around $2 at Wal-Mart)
-hot glue gun & glue sticks
-ribbon and/or embellishments to hang with the wreath (optional)

1. To begin, line the inside right side of the cup with hot glue. My cups didn't have any seams, but if yours do, make sure the seam is turned to the back. Take another cup, place it upside down on the table, and stack the first cup on it. She positioned hers about 1 inch apart. As I mentioned, I wasn't very consistent with mine but I just kind of eyeballed it and it seemed to work fine.
2. Place a dab of hot glue on the bottom of another cup, and stack it in the cups you've already put together. Then just repeat until a full circle has formed. For the final cup, you might have to work it a little bit to get the circle to complete. But don't be afraid to try to force the shape of the wreath a little. It might dent the cups a little, but that's where I put my ribbon so it hides the imperfection. :)
And you're done! You can finish it off with a big ribbon to hang it. I also added some wooden pieces to the center just because for the spaces I was planning to use the wreath, I knew it would need something else to look right to me.

Let me know if you have any questions...this was kind of hard for me to explain so I hope it makes sense. And more importantly, if you find 4 oz. cups in a store I'd love to hear where! :)

March 24, 2011

Prehistoric But Not Extinct {40th Birthday Party}

Last week we threw my oldest sister Jenny a surprise party for her 40th birthday! We wanted something different than the traditional "Over the Hill" stuff, so we went with "Prehistoric But Not Extinct" as the theme, and decorated with lots of fun animal prints. She was SO surprised and we had a great time!
Here is another cup wreath I made, this time with plain white plastic cups. I bought the numbers at Hobby Lobby, painted them red, then mod podged scrapbook paper on them. After that dried, I stamped some distress ink on top and added some bling. I've had the distress ink for awhile but this was the first time I used it and I really like it. You can buy it in the scrapbooking section at any craft store. The color I have is called Walnut Stain.

My mom set the food area up and added a bunch of fun animal print decorations.  We put the cupcakes in zebra & leopard print liners from Micheal's, and I made cupcake toppers that said "Happy Birthday Jen!", "Prehistoric but not Extinct", and "40".

I told you I liked to make personalized water bottle labels! Here are the ones I made for her party.
Another fun touch to a party is a simple banner. I made the two below, and they were so easy to make. I plan on doing a tutorial on these soon.

Like I mentioned, Jenny was SO surprised. Here she is right after coming in and seeing us all in the kitchen. It took her awhile to realize what was going on. Then she kept saying if she had known, she would've at least gotten ready. I thought you looked cute though Jen! :)
Of course she had to get lots of Manny time. He was her sidekick for most of the night. :)
I love this picture...Jenny was opening her gifts and Manny wanted to help. And by help, I mean destroy stuff. Doesn't he look like Bam-Bam in this picture?!

We made her a memory book that I completely forgot to take pictures of at the party, so I had her send me a few. Here we are looking at it at the party after we gave it to her.

I bought an 8x8 zebra print album at Hobby Lobby, and cut out "Jen is 40" with my Cricut to put on the front of the album. I designed pages to insert that were framed with animal print also. I did a page for each family member - one side had a picture of us with Jenny, and the other side had a note from each of us about favorite memories, what we admire about her, etc.
I LOVE this picture of Jenny with my parents.
And can you find yours truly here? Don't I just look like a little terror? :)
Here are a few pictures of Manny socializing...cheesing it up with one of Jen's best friends Janee', then hanging with my dad.
And here are all the girls!
We had so much fun and I'm glad we were able to pull of such a fun surprise for you on your big day, Jen! You are an amazing big you so much! :)
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