May 27, 2011

Manny's 1st Birthday Party {Part 2}

Thank you SO much for all of the sweet comments and emails on part 1 of Manny's 1st Birthday Party! I'll admit I may have gone a little overboard, but I absolutely love planning parties and didn't realize how out of control it had gotten until I started setting up. Oh well, live and learn! :) Time for more pictures!
I wanted a way to document all of the guests at the party, and when I saw this idea via Young House Love I knew it's exactly what I was looking for!  All you do is take pictures of your guests with a blank piece of paper, then use an editing program (like Photoshop, or even Picnik would work) to add in their names. Then I'll print all of these pictures and put them in a little photo album for Manny so he can learn their faces & names.

We had a lot of fun with it, as well as the mustaches! :)

Sticking that tongue out...he's so goofy.

We tried to get a group shot of most of the kids there, but that was easier said than done. :)
Here are all of the boy cousins on my side of the family....such sweet boys!
And here are all of the kids on my side of the family...such a crazy & fun bunch! They are now "tied" at 5 boys, 5 girls. :)
 And my parents with all of their precious grandkids. :)
Well believe it or not, I still have more pictures - and I'm actually not even posting half of them! I'll post his smash cake and a few other pictures then I'll be done. Promise. Thanks for looking! :)


  1. Such an awesome party! Love the idea with the blank paper for names later.

  2. Omg, the idea of the blank paper pictures is genius! Love it. You did a fabulous job with the party!

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower... Your party looked amazing!! I have a 9 month old baby girl with a birthday approaching as well! (Whew!) And soooo much to plan THANK YOU for all the great ideas and wonderful resources!

  4. UGH! So sickening for how good it all looks! I am oh so totally jealous! Now get to Texas to work on Harper's party! ha! Everything looked so fantastic! Seriously you need to do a cupcake tutorial so I will know how you did the wrappers and toppers. Or again, just come to Texas and do them for me :)

  5. so much fun! great pictures =)

  6. oh my gosh i am totally in LOVE with his party. You did a fantastic job planning it all out!!! soooo cute!

  7. I have loved all the pics!! Such a fun party!

  8. keep the pictures coming! i love looking at all of them! getting some ideas, wink wink! :)

    the blank paper idea is GENIUS!!!!

    p.s. where did you get your dress? i assume it's a dress, ha! love it! of what i can see ;)

  9. Manny is so lucky to have a fun and creative momma like you! Everything is wonderful! I love love love the mustaches!

    It looks like y'all had a blast!

  10. Great idea with the photos of all the guests.

  11. These just keep getting better & better!!! You go girl!!! I'm hiring you for b-day #2 ;)

  12. So many good ideas to little time!

    Well, done, mama!

  13. I think I'm creative...and then I see YOU, Sarah. :) I love every ounce of it!

    Have a blessed holiday weekend with your sweet men. XO!

  14. Every single detail is ridiculously cute!!! Love the color scheme. Love the props. Love the happy faces! Every photo shows pure joy. What a wonderful display of love for mr. Manny!!!!

    P.s. The white paper edited !? Love it! Might have to steal this idea for ava's bash in august!

  15. I love everything!! So cute & creative! Love it all!!!

  16. Love all the pictures. You are so talented and Manny is such a cutie!

  17. So cool!! I went overboard on Ty's 1st birthday too, but then packed up all the stuff and sold it on Craigslist and made most of my money back on the decor stuff!

    They only turn one, once!! :)

  18. what a great idea -- taking photos and then filling the names in via photoshop! And happy birthday Manny!!! :)


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