December 29, 2010

{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Edition

We had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope to post about it soon. Things are still a little busy with the holidays, in addition to the fact that Manny has not one, not two, not even three...but FOUR teeth coming in at once! Makes for a very, ahem, full day. But I hope to get caught up on posting soon. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few of the millions of pictures I've taken recently, along with 2 videos of Manny.

I took these awhile back and used one of them for our Shutterfly Christmas card. Love him in this outfit!
This would be Manny throwing a fit on Christmas Eve. :) We were at my parents' house, and this is the highchair I used as a kid. Daddy wasn't getting him his food fast enough, so he was not happy.
And here is Manny Clause throwing a little fit on Christmas day. Sometimes he crawls off to explore, then gets too tired to crawl back, so decides to "call for assistance."
Watching Frosty the Snowman on Christmas day. That kid loves him some cartoons!
This was Christmas Eve Eve at our house. I got these cute monkey Christmas pj's last Christmas when I was pregnant and they looked HUGE! Of course my boy fits them perfectly now.
This last set of pictures is from a few weeks ago but I had to include them. All he wants to do now is stand! He loves to crawl to the hearth and pull up which makes me a nervous wreck. (We have since purchased a padded protector for the edge.) See that huge tree next to him? He kept picking it up and flailing it around (it's made of straw), nevermind the fact that it's twice his size!
When he's not pulling up on the hearth, he likes to go over and look out the window...he reminds me of a little puppy cute. :)
This first video is from last night. He was playing with his new Leap Frog Activity Table my parents got him for Christmas (which he loves!) and we were being crazy parents. Yes, we are those parents who talk and act silly to entertain their kid. :)

This next video is from about a week ago. It's so fun when I get on the floor with him now because he comes right over. LOVE it. :)


  1. we got that table for christmas, too!!

    and since manny is so ahead of the game with all those teeth, and crawling and such--I think it balances out the fact he's a teeny bit younger than Eme--which means they would be perfect for eachother, right?! ;)

    seriously, though, I Love seeing other babies on video. So fun...

    and really, WHAT PARENT doesnt act a little silly on a video...? I mean, its our right.

  2. Oh how I feel your pain with the teething!!! Cannon did the EXACT SAME THING - got all 4 teeth at once - not fun at all!!! And we had barely just gotten over getting the 2 bottom teeth a day or two earlier - not a fun month! Now he is working on his next 2 bottom teeth - we had a rough night last night :(

    Sounds like a great Christmas - so much fun with kids! And those crying pics are priceless - always fun to look back at those crying fits and remember those days...hehehehe!

  3. Girl! He is adorable! He's doing all the things my almost 10 month old does! It is such a fun and CUTE age. His santa outfit is the best!

  4. ahh, I wish mine was that little again! He isn't much older, but they change from baby to toddler over night. I love, love, love that striped cable knit onesie.

  5. Hmmm...sounds very familiar...

    - 4 top teeth all at once
    - pulls up on EVERYTHING and only wants to stand
    - crazy, silly mama over here...ridiculous ;)

    Happy New Year!!!!

  6. Sarah, how cute!! Love the videos!! Manny is going to be walking in no time! I know y'all had a wonderful Christmas with the best gift ever :D Love Ya!

  7. I literally can.not look at this post. I have not the energy. The cuteness is way too high after the holiday that my energy simply can't take it. The striped, cable-knit, hooded cuteness followed by unhappy-face AND a mini-Santa? If I were a cartoon character, I would be exploding shortly after red steam started billowing from my ears. You should really have some sort of warning on these posts. I mean, what if I was on my phone and saw this post while sitting in traffic? Or worse, walking on the side of the street!? YOu should really think of your readers here, Sarah....we.aren't.strong.enough.

    Really though-he is a DOLL! Such great pics!!

  8. Awww...I love the videos! I love that at the end of the second one he really started cute:)

    I remeber the drooly faces all too well. Cutting teeth is hard work, Hayden got four at a time too...sounds like our boys like to go big!! Why waste time on one tooth at a time?!

    Happy New Year!!

  9. he is such a doll! sweet sweet baby!!

    oh, and i'm so impressed with him standing up and crawling at 7mos. :)


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