December 24, 2010

Manny the Menace

I've been trying to get pictures of Manny in all of his fun Christmas attire. However, he is pulling up now and SO active that it makes it quite a bit harder to photograph him! He is such a menace these days. I thought I'd share some of the "outtakes" from our recent photo shoots. :)

I wanted to get some pictures of him in his cute reindeer pj's with his buddy Maxx.
But he quickly realized Maxx was there, and wanted to play.
So decided to tackle him. Poor Maxx. Doesn't stand a chance.
This was right after he threw Maxx out of his chair so he could stand there.
You can see Maxx lying on the floor. Poor guy can't catch a break.
Something else funny he's started doing is sticking a toe out of his pj's. If his pj's are the button-up kind, it seems he always manages to find a way to get his big toe out...certainly by morning he has one (or both) out.
Here's another day we were trying to snap a few pictures, but he wasn't interested for long. We got a few good ones, but he was looking at something above me - not sure what? - so I kept trying.
Since he wouldn't sit still, I thought I'd give him Rudolph to hang on to and keep him entertained.
But um, yeah...that didn't really work.
Then he decided to ditch Rudolph and chase down mommy. That's usually what he does right away when I sit down on the floor...and I can't say I really mind. :)
Oh my sweet boy...such a menace but SO much fun! I know the adventures have just begun. :)


  1. I do realize I sound like a broken record but he is just so cute!

  2. So stinkin' CUTE! I really like the pictures with him looking up at you :) And, of course the reindeer pj's are oh, so adorable! Ya'll have a very Merry Christmas with your sweet little guy!

  3. Oh my goodness, if he isn't the cutest thing?!?! Love your pics!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Just last night I was telling my girls about you and your MOST adorable little guy. I had to show them his pictures! He really is precious...I mean just squeezeable! I'll bet you will have such fun at Christmas with him. Wishing you a joyous and blessed Christmas! And please give us more pictures after the holidays! :0)

  5. he is such a pretty boy, and yes, i think it's ok to say pretty (for now) :)

    levi has those same PJs, they are so cute! the toe picture made me laugh! that's funny!

    i hope you family has a merry christmas!

  6. Sounds very familiar ;) Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! May you THREE have a blessed day!!!

  7. I am just cracking up at this post - he is just so much fun!!! Love the little toe peeking out of the pj's - too cute! Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your sweet sweet boy! :)

  8. How sweet! I just love the little reindeer on his cute is that? Merry Christmas to your family, especially your precious lil' man!

  9. Seriously, this is PRECIOUS. He gets cuter with every passing day! Hope your holiday season has been absolutely amaaaazing! Merry Christmas, sweet girl :)

  10. Such a sweet boy...I love that he sticks his toe out...that is totally making me laugh out loud!!!

  11. I could just kick myself for starting to take his monthly pictures in the same chair. when he wasn't mobile, it was fine. however, now monthly pictures are some daredevil act where he tries to kill himself by jumping off the chair. ahh, stress! i never get decent pictures because he is too busy moving around. only one more monthly picture and then next year I think I will move his pictures outside.

    such a fun time though! you would think i would loose some weight from all the moving around.

  12. He is such a doll! These pics are super cute! And I love the toe thing! How on earth does he get it out of his jammies?? :)

  13. He is so cute! I just love his pj's!! My nephew is 18 mos. old & we had SOOOO much fun with him at Christmas!


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