November 25, 2010


Just a year ago today, we had our Gender Reveal Party before our Thanksgiving dinner and found out that the precious miracle growing in my stomach was a baby boy.
Today, we have SO, SO much to be thankful for. Of course the obvious things of family, health, home, jobs, but this year the most special addition to the list is an active & healthy sweet baby boy, and for that our hearts our filled with thanks.
Wishing you & your family a very blessed Thanksgiving!
Don't you love his precious turkey shirt from SheShe Made?!


  1. So, so sweet, Sarah! I'm so happy you you were all together this Turkey Day. XO!

  2. Happy Thankgsgiving Sarah! That onesie is too cute on your sweet baby boy!

  3. Such adorable pics!!! I LOVE his outfit!

  4. Ohh my, I absolutely love that outfit he is wearing!! You truly do have a lot to be thankful for, congrats on your little man and his first Thanksgiving

  5. That is the cutest outfit! adorable pics!!

  6. Precious shirt Sarah! I am going to have to contact miss Sheshe for some cute items!


  7. Happy happy (late) Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family! We sure are blessed, aren't we? :) Thankful for your sweet "blog friendship". Your blog is such a blessing to me, sweet girl. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

  8. Oh.My.Word!!!! Love that precious onesie on your little man - too cute!!! And those Baby Legs....perfect little turkey day outfit :)

    Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving :)

  9. Great googly moogly! That outfit is just too cute!

  10. Oh.Em.Geee I'm DYING over the 'gobble'!! I wish i'd have known about her stuff before, I really wanted a turkey shirt for Cooper!

  11. ohmygosh i LOVE his outfit!! the baby legs, the onesie.. could he be any cuter?!?

    hope you and your family had the best first thanksgiving with e!!!

  12. LOVE his outfit!! How adorable! You have such a sweet little boy! :)


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