November 3, 2010

{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday: A Little Crush!

Yesterday I baby-sat our friend's daughter, Alexis. Manny absolutely looooved her, and we think he might have his first crush. He grinned at her non-stop, and would crack-up even if she was just standing there. Then she started fake sneezing and we learned he seems to think that's hysterical. We also took her to soccer practice, and he just laughed watching her run up and down the was SO cute! Here are a couple of videos of him laughing at her. I can't believe there's already another woman in his life...


  1. Oh that's so funny! William was laughing at Manny laughing!!!

  2. He is so cute and is growing up so fast! Love little crushes :o)

  3. Awe, soo cute! We had the same exersaucer and my kids loved it!!

  4. oh my goodness- there's a little sock monkey on top of his hat??!!!

  5. That is just the sweetest sound - love babies laughing - nothing cuter! And I love the way he looks at her - he is just mesmerized by her!!!

  6. totally cute!! he is a doll baby!

  7. gosh Manny gets cuter by the second!! I just love his little smile!

  8. He is TOO much!! Nothing sweeter than a baby belly laughing!!

  9. How sweet! My nephew LOVES the little girls that live across the street from him. They look to be the same age as your little friend.

  10. He is seriously just too adorable. He has the CUTEST little laugh!!

  11. I just died watching him giggle! He has the cutest little laugh! I have never been able to get Nate to really giggle like that, now I have to try because that was way too cute!

    By the way, with the craziness that my life has been lately, I totally missed being able to donate to Laci. Can I still go back and do that?


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