May 25, 2010

Dr. Martin

I promise one day to post about something other than my son. But today's not that day. :) I still just can't believe he's here - he's just so sweet and so much fun! I can definitely see where this blog will be the perfect way to journal/scrapbook our lives, so I hope I don't bore you too much. :) I do have some craft posts lined up that I'll try to get to eventually. But for now, I bring you this total cuteness.

These are the scrubs my mom made for him. Yes, they're a little big, but doesn't he look precious?! I love the look he has on his face...he's so serious sometimes.

So we put the scrubs on him in the hospital before they came to get him to circumcise him. Patrick's partner is the one who did his circ, and they are both such kids I'm not sure how they ever get any work done at their clinic. :) Patrick wrote orders (like they were from Manuel) and attached them to his scrubs. They were so funny...things like, "Prop my head on a comfy pillow during the procedure." and "Have the nursery nurses sing lullabies to me to keep me relaxed." They all got a big kick out of it. :)

This little guy really is the best toy I've ever had. :)

On another note, any tips to avoid being peed on every time the diaper comes off? I mean, technically he hasn't hit me (yet), but he has marked his territory nearly everywhere we change his diaper, and more times than not, the pee goes down his back somehow and his outfit has to be changed. I'm assuming the cold sensation of having his diaper off stimulates him which causes him to pee, so I try to uncover him then cover him back up for a few seconds, but that doesn't always work. To make things even more complicated, we're still putting vaseline on b/c of his circ, and he has a bit of a diaper rash, so I feel like it takes 27 minutes to get his diaper changed. (Which it probably does - I'm not super fast at this yet.) Anyway, just thought I'd see if anyone had any tips or tricks that worked for you. Thanks! :)


  1. Great pics. So darn cute. :)

    Have you ever heard of the pepe TP? It is shaped like a TP and rests on the pepe during diaper changes. I've heard it's miraculous. :)

  2. Cute doctor alert!! ;-)
    I found a onesie on Etsy that said "I want to be a doctor like my daddy" and I almost ordered it! I guess I need a baby first, huh??? Ha!

  3. How cute are those little scrubs?!?!? He is a little doll!

  4. that scrubs pic is just great :)

    he'll pee less and less during changes...but at first, no stopping that thing!!

  5. I've always opened up the diaper to let the air in, and then closed it right away. That way, the pee goes right back in the old diaper and hopefully not on you!

  6. I've always opened up the diaper to let the air in, and then closed it right away. That way, the pee goes right back in the old diaper and hopefully not on you!

  7. Your son is ADORABLE!! I just had a baby boy a little over 4 weeks ago and for the first 2 weeks I swear he peed EVERY time I opened the diaper LOL but now it is much better. Still have to be pretty quick though. My son got diaper rash within the 1st week and our pediatrician said to use regular desitin (purple label) and corn starch on top of that and it cleared up within 12 hours. Good luck :) Oh the joys of having boys!

  8. I used a "wee block" for the first few weeks, it's like a little cup shaped sponge that sits on his pee pee. It's machine washable and it really worked well (you can get it at babies r us). Good news is, he only really peed like that for a couple weeks, and he has never peed when I open his diaper since. So, it might be a short lived thing.

    I also put that Butt Paste stuff on him a lot when he was a newborn because he had a little bit of a rash and we haven't had a problem since. I would use it every few diapers in the beginning, and now only at night, sometimes. Wait, isn't your husband a doctor?! He should have all the tips and tricks! LOL

    The circ is kind of a pain, but hopefully you should be through the worst of it now, and in another day or two, you should be able to stop the vaseline. That was a pain.

    Diaper changes used to take forever, he was so tiny and his little legs were so skinny, and I was so gentle and tender. But now, I can change a diaper in probably 10 seconds flat! LOL! It does get easier when they get a little chunk on them, then they don't feel so darn tiny and fragile! :)

    I wish I could be there to hold him so bad!! I miss you and I hope you are doing well! He is so cute, I just love his little chunky cheeks! Enjoy EVERY SECOND!! It's so much fun, even the hard times, and I have definitely had a few of them. But I have always looked back and wished I could have had that day over again, because one hard day is one day I can't get back with my little man. So, I always strive to find the positive, find my patience and strength, and love every single moment.

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  9. In no time you will be the diaper changing houdini! We all get pee'd on alot in the beginning. I like the advise of opening it up and then closing it up...never tried that one.

    I do know that the vaseline that is in the lip stuff is good! The little tubes that squirt it out for your was easier to spread. His circ will be cleared up in no time and that will help with the changing process too.

    He's adorable!

  10. That's so cute!

    There are things you can purchase to cover "it" when you change his diaper, but I promise, it will happen less and less. I thought I needed one of those things, and the next thing I knew, I didn't need one anymore because he quit peeing when we changed his diaper.

  11. Oh my goodness... I have been so terrible with blogging I did not even know you had him. Congrats he is soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I am truly so happy for you guys! God is so Good: )

  12. Soooo cute!!

    As for the peeing my daughters did it more than my don actually. You can't stop it but you can do what someone else suggested and open the diaper and let the air get in then flop it back over them to catch anything. You might have to do it a couple times. Other friends suggested putting a baby cloth automatically over the penis when you open the diaper then go about your business with getting the old one off an then started on the new one. I think I tried it a couple times with my son but for the most part the opening and peeking worked best. They stop eventually :)

    Also while on the topic of diapers, we always...ALWAYS fell for the wake them up and then change them, then nurse them, in the beginning...but my suggestion is unless the diaper is full of poop or too full of pee(which the full diaper of pee at this age is likely rare) then don't change them before you feed them. Because they will most likely poop again during the feeding. Even though we had 3 kids and discovered this with each one, we forgot it all over again each time. So while I remembered I figured I'd pass it along.

    Enjoy him!!

  13. I have been lucky enough to never been peed on-- but we keep a clean diaper underneath Keaton during changes so we can have it ready in case of emergencies!

  14. We had the same problem with Aedan during the first few weeks. We would try letting the air hit it and then cover it back up, but it never failed, as soon as we were mid change or had the clean diaper almost on he would pee.

    Finally we decided to wait him out...we would open the diaper, let the cold air in and then wait for him to go. It was kind of a pain since it made changes longer but its a short phase and was over pretty fast.

  15. He is so adorable! Keep those cute pics coming :)

    As for the other diaper question...frankly, changing boy diapers scares me more than a little.

  16. I love those little scrubs! SO cute! Emmanuel is such a precious little boy! Keep those pictures coming!

  17. The scrubs are just precious on him! Please keep the pictures coming :)

  18. oh my gosh!!!! i missed the post when he arrived!
    he is SOOOOO CUTE!!!! that little face is beyond adorable!!
    i love the pictures!!!
    keep on doing baby posts and bring on the pictures!!
    i love all things baby!!
    SO happy for you pretty momma!!
    congrats on your little man!!

  19. he just could not be any cutier and keep the pictures coming!!

  20. I don't have baby advice because I don;t have a baby, but I've seen people give those Pee Pee Tee-pees as gifts at baby showers before....not sure how well they work though. He is so cute...I love the scrubs! Keep the pics coming...we won't get bored!

  21. Adorable outfit! Too funny! I just put a little wipe or white cloth diaper over Henry when I changed him. Do you know I've never been sprayed? Now, ask my hubs and that's a different story...and I love that it's always him! :0

  22. This is tooooooooo adorable! :) No help on the pee-pee front - we had the same problem but we didn't get shot at!

  23. you should post about him as much as you want! he is precious!

  24. Ok - coming from someone who has bought and tried the Pee-pee Tee Pee: It only works if you have a child that DOES NOT kick or squirm while you are changing him! Mine is a little mover, so it didnt work so great for us.

    Also, we had trouble keeping the pee from leaking down his back and out the diaper too, esp. until he lost his circ ring. Just make sure that little puppy is pointing down towards his legs when you put the diaper on. Worked good for us. I STILL get pee'd on at bath time sometimes, but after about the 1st month, I was pretty good at judging when he was gonna go during a diaper change!

    Good luck, he is a doll! :o)

  25. Those little scrubs are the sweetest thing ever! Love these.

  26. Congratulations on such a darling little boy! The Dr. outfit is so cute :)

    Monique ❀

  27. What a sweetie! Such amazing pictures, I love it!


  28. Congrats! I don't know if I have ever commented before, but he is just beyond precious! We just welcomed our son in March and I can't tell you how many times we have been peed on. We just open his diaper, put a wipe over him and then finish with the diaper change and then I do 1 side of the diaper up, take out the wipe and close the other side up. Every now and then he will pee but the wipe will catch most of it and most importantly, we are spared from a!


  29. little babies could never bore people :)


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