May 24, 2010

1 Week!

I cannot believe it's already been one week since my little man came into the world. I will never forget hearing his first cry...absolute music to my ears. :) I definitely understand why people say to enjoy everyday because the time definitely passes too fast!

We got to come home around 11 Thursday night. We weren't supposed to be released until Friday am but we were doing good so begged our way out. :)

It has been so nice to be at home...kinda makes this all a little more real - we actually get to keep this cutie!! :) We've had lots of company which has been so fun. On Saturday all of the nieces and nephews on my side came over. Here they are with my parents...aren't they such cute kids?!
Here we are on our first walk:
And could he possibly already be tired of listening to me talk?!
The fun's only just begun, Bub. It's only just begun. :)

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  1. Love the homemade shirt!!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness he is just adorable! And he already got to wear the shirt you made for him, it looks great!!

  3. Sweet baby boy! Congrats!! Glad ya'll are doing so well!

  4. Presh! And it sounds like you are having a ball!

  5. He is so precious!!! So glad everything is going well. Enjoy your wonderful blessings!

  6. Oh my goodness, he is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on such a handsome boy. Y'all have truly been in my prayers, and what a blessing and ministry you are!

  7. oh he is so precious and handsome!!

  8. Awww - he's wearing the stencil shirt you made him!! He is cute as a button!!!

  9. He's so precious! Hope you are all adjusting well to home life. :)

  10. Oh sweetie,he is just perfect in every way! I am so very happy for you. Enjoy each day of motherly bliss and keep sharing!

  11. Thank you Jesus for such a precious blessing! Congrats Sarah!

  12. he is SO sweet!

    I had my son 3 years ago on May 31st. My saving grace was a daily walk around the neighborhood! I would play music on my phone so the both of us could enjoy and just walk and walk. Sometimes it would be over an hour that we would walk. I cherished those walks...we both needed it!

    So happy for you...he's perfect...

  13. He is ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations Mom!

  14. He is so beautiful, congratulations!

  15. What a beautiful and precious little boy! So happy for you both and glad everything went well at the hospital. Our boys came on the same day just a few hours a part! How awesome is that!? Rejoicing with you and your husband on the joy of your little miracle!

  16. Love that first pic in his cute shirt!! He is just adorable and I'm glad y'all are doing well and getting adjusted at home!

  17. He is so beautiful, so happy for you!!

  18. He's adorable!! Yay yay yay! So happy for you guys!

  19. Haven't done a good job keeping up with blogs lately, but I did want to check in and say "Congratulations!!" He's beautiful!
    We're expecting our little girl in 2 weeks - funny how our stories parallel a bit...
    Enjoy that precious little one!



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